Friday, August 24, 2007


Barack and Jon were great together on The Daily Show last night. I like them both individually and together there was a visible comfortability factor. Before Barack came on the set, Jon said he is still working on getting Hillary Clinton to come on the show. That will be an interesting comparison to Barack's way in handling what others would have stiffened over with Jon's jabs and stuff in the news the last few days.

What a breath of fresh air. Will it happen? And who would be his choice for VP? Hmmm...

See Barack Obama on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night at this link:


I don’t like those debate things that much. The YouTube one was interesting. And I liked the AFL-CIO one. Sort of. I have come to be intolerant of being “sold” things. Commercials that are hard-sell turn me off. Campaign messages that are contrived and try so hard to sell me a President with clips are a turn-off too. But I like the way Barack is smooth. It’s a classy smooth that I can actually enjoy. And I like that he thinks. Thinks! Imagine a President who can think and has a moral compass.

My visceral reaction to Mr. Bush is repulsive and depressing. I want a President who thinks. In a way, with the multiple messes that George has us in, I can’t fathom anyone wanting to become President and step into The Mess.

I just wish that we would have 90% of the voting population actually show up and vote.

Barack in

I caught part of the CNN specials, God's Warriors:


Tonight’s Christianity segment was the most interesting to me, but I had a Darfur Lobbying Conference Call and missed an hour of it. Karl Rove used the Religious fundamentalists in both of the Bush runs for President. They are mobilized and energized. And as the moderate tonight said, the moderates are …well, moderate. Which means in the end that they aren’t so energized to become involved like the more dogmatic do when it comes to voting and going after politicians for their focused agendas of homosexuality, abortion and no sex unless it’s married sex.

I just would like to pose one question: Why is it that abortion is such a lightening rod moral issue for the fired up fundamentalists and yet genocide gets no mentions by them? I attended a Wednesday night church service in my childhood congregation this past summer when I was in Indiana to attend my dad’s funeral. And the subject was the Christian’s role in politics. It was a Bible study class, actually, not the Wednesday night testimony nights that I remembered from childhood. Those were interesting meetings. When asked for an issue that the government is wrong about, I mentioned the Patriot Act and another lady very intensely attacked the subject of abortion. Later I mentioned the Darfur genocide. The only one there who seemed to respond like he/she knew of the genocide was the minister. Well, praise the Lord for that anyway.

It seems that the most intense fundamentalist Christians have issues that they want to politicize, abortion, homosexuality, one man + one woman = marriage, no sex until marriage, no stem cell research… but no talk about poverty, children going hungry in the so-called richest country in the world, genocide, forced child labor or soldiers, slavery today, justice……

Having been raised in the fundamentalist Christian mentality I do have a perspective on it. But the subjects that I think are vital include those I listed just above. Not the homosexuality, etc list.

As a couple of the Jon Stewart audience members called out tonight:



Help Us Stop and Prevent Genocide





…we can only kill and discard someone once we have convinced ourselves they are not worthy of our caring… from The Face Collector by Dr. Mitch Abblett


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At August 25, 2007 at 12:28:00 AM EDT , Blogger D-Man said...

Ah, compassion... An amazing little concept that is abhorrently absent from so many houses of worship...


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