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Seven Candidates in 30 Seconds Spurts

Keith Olbermann of MSNBC moderated the Democratic AFL-CIO Presidential Forum in Chicago tonight.

Keith Olbermann's moderating was outstanding. Okay, so I like Keith O anyway. But he did a fantastic job! He included everyone – all candidates on the stage running for a Democratic President (Mike Gravel was missing in action). Keith bowed to the audience’s enthusiasm. We need “audience” enthusiasm. Instead of trying to restrain it – it should not only be allowed but encouraged. Let’s get juiced. Let’s say we won’t be ignored. Our ire needs to work for us, America.

I have been for Barack Obama. But I would take any of these candidates over anything else on the Republican list. The man in the audience on crutches tonight who was breaking down because he couldn't pay for his wife's health care brought tears to my eyes. I refer to him as "Mr. America".

I am so tired of the lies and the deceit from the George W Bush administration. And I am so beside myself with not being told the truth by my government. Running this country and being the symbolic leader of the world is way beyond the capacity and integrity of President Bush. (And it is our government that has made it legal for these corporations to strip Americans of their due pensions. The corporations have paid lobbyists protecting them in our government. I'm going to have to read the constitution and see where lobbyists are mentioned as a part of our country's constitutional rights based for "we the people's interests.)

I'd like to be able to hear my President speak and not cringe. I can't do that with George W Bush.

Ban corporate lobbyists.
Join the global perspective with national integrity.
Get some backbone and deal with the boring but vital issues facing us, such as education, health care for all, infrastructure, and open and accessible government that has been buried by the Bush administration.
Pay our financial debt to
China and own our own government and foreign policy by doing so.
Katrina defined George Bush's compassion or lack of it.

George doesn't "get IT".

Impeach Alberto. Impeach Bush. Impeach Cheney.

Karl Rove has got to get his due.

For me, Barack didn’t answer questions directly and that bothers me. Dennis Kucinich is a breath of fresh air to me. He says what he actually thinks without the political halo around him. I liked Joe Biden’s fire, intensity and comfortability factor. I have liked Bill Richardson in past settings especially because he spoke of the arts and their place in our American life. When is the last time we heard a President who mentioned the arts? Jackie Kennedy is the last person in the White House who elevated the position of the arts on the national radar. And Bill Richardson was the only one who spoke about the Darfur genocide tonight. And “I’m your girl” Hillary Clinton did well in tonight’s answering. I like Hillary. But I haven’t been for her as President because I feel she has baggage that could hurt the country’s successful impetus and that baggage is Bill Clinton. Sure I voted for Bill Clinton twice and I think Hillary is smart, very smart. And highly capable. I did like her answer about Katrina - that she would first put someone in charge who cared about the victims of Katrina.

John Edwards had some good moments. I just can’t remember what they were other than…he was the first to speak after the man’s question about needed help to pay for his wife’s health care after 34 years working for LTV Steel who legally filed bankruptcy -meaning he lost one-third of his pension and his health care. “Mr. America” asked “What’s wrong with America and what will you do to change it?”

Chris Dodd was there. He asked the audience to clap for the troops in Iraq. He was asked why a member of the National Guard had to buy part of her own uniform while she served in Iraq. Yeah, President Bush, why is that?

It’s time for us to own our lives. It's time for us to address issues that aren’t fun to think about, but needed to resolve and in turn take our government back. It is our government. It doesn’t belong to corporate business and corporate lobbyists and yet that is exactly who our government has been bowing to and working for. It’s time America. It’s way past time to stop being obsessed over celebrities, fake reality shows and ignoring the fact that we as a nation are deeply in debt to a country that violates human rights issues historically – China. John Edwards is the only one that brought up this fact tonight. And it is time to stop human rights abuses sanctioned by our own government.

I don’t want to be a politician, but I want those who represent me in Washington, D.C. to live up to the values of our stated creed…that all of us are equal. That all of us have rights and we demand that truth be told and truth leads our path as a nation of “We the People”.

Just a mention about the political pundits after these things: I sometimes wonder how it can be I have such a different view than these “guys” (where were the female pundits after the forum, yeah they had one just before the forum, but afterwards it was only the males talking) who talk following the “show”. None of them thought Barack fell short tonight in this setting as I did. I’m still for him and plan to vote for him when I get the opportunity, but watching these TV shows of the candidates has opened my options.


George Bush and John Kerry Compared

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At August 10, 2007 at 7:30:00 PM EDT , Blogger D-Man said...

I like what Bill Richardson has to say. I wish he had more of a chance to win.

Keith O is great. He has had some very righteous rants against old GW. He always says what everyone else seems to timid to say.

At August 10, 2007 at 8:59:00 PM EDT , Blogger ilovemylife said...


About Bill Richardson...yeah, it's a puzzle who rises from the mist and who doesn't. Tonight I saw Richardson's response to Melissa Ethridge's question about whether Richardson believes - if being gay is a choice or not. He fumbled.

We need more Keith O types - those who have intelligent thinking and not afraid to speak from that position.


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