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I was raised to be a diehard conservative, Republican and fundamentalist type of Christian. I am none of those things. I am still stunned when I witness one of these descriptive characters on television. And I not only am thoroughly puzzled by what to me is a lack of critical thinking and reasonable weighing of truth on their part, but it comes with a physical reaction to their noticeably pigheaded view of truth. Sure, I feel my perception of the truth is the real truth, but I can make room for an opposing view if it is not presented in a demeaning and demoralizing manner. *Enter Melanie Morgan for the first time on my radar - on Chris Matthews’ Hardball tonight.

So off I went online to find out about her background. And I came up with the following from http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/1999/10/22/48hours/main67667.shtml

(CBS) Despite all the problems gambling was causing her, Melanie Morgan refused to quit.

Finally, her husband got fed up and left her; he threatened to take their baby, CJ, away from her forever.

Morgan decided to get help. "I knew I was so far out of control that I had to do something."

She made an appointment with a therapist, who told her that she needed immediate help.

…...As she waited, Morgan realized that if she stayed on this path, she would probably end up killing herself. (Problem gamblers have a higher rate of suicide than drug addicts or alcoholics.)

She fled the bank and went to the hospital. There she met Dr. Robert Hunter, a clinical psychologist who runs one of the country's best known rehab centers for compulsive gamblers.

Morgan clearly had a problem, Hunter says. She was a classic "action gambler." She craved excitement, action, noise and liked being the center of attention…

Okay, this little bit made sense and shed light on her treatment of another woman, who although she disagreed with Morgan, she was classy and never stooped to Morgan’s level of total lack of civility. She proved that she “craved excitement, action, noise and liked being the center of attention”. She perhaps just replaced her gambling actions’ fixes with this crap behavior that I saw her shoot like a weapon toward another woman. This wasn’t “hardball” it was that cheap wrestling type theatre you see on TV, but just throw in some verbal mud-slinging.

So this is the type of human being that George W Bush and The Dick Cheney have speaking up for them. That speaks volumes. Just what I wouldn’t want sticking up for me. Maybe, Melanie Morgan could get the Press Secretary job after Tony Snow leaves the job before the jig is up.

Another one is Tucker Carlson.


If Satan was a Republican, I feel these types would defend him to the hilt. Truth doesn’t have a thing to do with their position. Staking out their territory appears to be the goal. It's a position that needs nothing more than having strong feelings for the position. Reasonableness takes a back seat to shooting off their mouths. Civil exchanges are foreign to them. Insulting is in the bag of their behavioral weaponry. Considering that someone who doesn’t think like they do might have a point or have a right to being treated with respect is out of range for them.

Bush makes no sense to me. But some stand by him no matter what he does, says or lies about. The things that bothered them about President Clinton were things like oral stimulation of the penis and his affairs with women other than his wife. Clinton betrayed his wife. Bush has betrayed the country. But that’s just my opinion.

How many movies will be done on this administration? Here are some title ideas …
The Bush Push to the White House
The Body Politic - The Karl Rove Story (authored by somebody other than The Rover himself)
The Dick
The Alberto Flamingo Dance
The Bush Press Secretaries Took IT Standing Up
Oh Laura, Poor Laura
Barney, Laura and George Live in Mexico Now
You Break It You Own IT - Colin Powell's Got a Line
Harriet Miers Lame Story
How to Succeed For Business and Fail as Leader of the Free World
All Of George's Nominees
Katrina and George
Why Pull Out When We Can Just Languish
Oh, Condoleezza, Puhleeza

When I hear people talk about the lack of qualifications or experience of any of the Democratic Presidential candidates, I think of GW Bush. This man in a suit has proved again and again "The Peter Principle". Again, just my opinion. And said with all due respect to him.



If you want to see Melanie Morgan in action, here it is thanks to POLExpediters.


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At August 25, 2007 at 2:01:00 AM EDT , Blogger D-Man said...

You're gonna look great in a burka? What the hell was that?! How dare she!


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