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It was a day in late October in the year of 1995. I met Mrs.D's second grade class in the hall as I did every class in order to do the symbolic hand-off of who's in charge for the up-coming music class. Mrs. D said "We have a new boy and he's from Boy's Town and . . ." Jon was born in August in the year of 1987. I became Jon's mentor in school and became friends with his foster family.

While lost on the way home from a church Halloween roller skating party, this song played on the car radio. The line in the song that says "just give me something that I can hold on to..." caught Jonathan's ear.

In the spring, Jon began piano lessons with me and he was allowed to do things outside of school with DCYF (Department of Children, Youth and Families) authorization. The next school year Jon was to get his "forever family" and left our school and community in the fall to live with his new family. I cried in my walk-in closet many times after Jon left.

This song "In This Life" meant a lot to me during this time. The video makes no sense for my purpose here, but the words do.

"Let the world stop turning.
Let the sun stop burning.
Let them tell me love's not worth going through.
If it all falls apart,
I will know deep in my heart
the only dream that mattered had come true:
In this life I was loved by you."

Early next spring, on March 7, 1997, I received a call from Jon's case worker that he was coming back to our school system and would be living with the same foster family that he had left before the adoption placement. On Christmas Day in 1997 at 4:00 p.m., Jon came to live with his new "forever family". On March 8, 1999 Jon was legally adopted. Today, March 8, Jon has been my son for eight years.

Jon is my only. I chose not to have children when I was very young because I didn't want to bring children into this problem-filled world. The journey with Jon has been touching, raw, painful, extremely tough and rewarding. I can with all honesty and sincerity say that he enriches my life. I know his journey will hold many levels of discovery. . . his life has so many layers. I am pleased and proud to be his mother. As a freshman at Northeastern University's Engineering School he received all A's except for one A- first semester. Jon is a hard-working and honest student.

This picture was taken at Spain tonight.

Tonight, I took Jon to my favorite restaurant, Spain, in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The conversation included his courses, his girl friend, a possible trip to Europe with her, his co-op/intern semester next spring, summer job plans, movies, where he stands on his beliefs, politics, homosexuality and what he thinks of my beliefs. In the end, we pretty much stand together on the issues.

Being a kid today is full of pitfalls. And for those kids that have parents who fall completely short of their responsibilities as parents, life is so demanding of resilience. I knew when I met Jon that if any kid could make it against all of the odds that were stacked against him - Jon could.

And he continues to prove that right. I am so grateful to be a part of his life and play my part for his goodness and for my growth.

I love my life. It hasn't been a life at the beach with Jon, but now I can and will say, it has proven that my strong sense of natural connection with Jon in the beginning was right and still holds true. I listened to my heart in 1995 and now in 2007, I am all the more richer in my heart.


Dedicated to my son

A-ah...let's hear Amanda Marshall in another version of
"I Believe in You"


More than 100,000 children in the United States are in foster care waiting for permanent families.

Hundreds of thousands of children around the world are living in orphanages

or substitute care and need homes.

Are you ready to parent?


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At March 10, 2007 at 3:04:00 AM EST , Blogger Kong said...

You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful son, ilovemylife!

And the fact that he has the same ideals as you and shares the same passion, makes you a great mother indeed. :)


At March 14, 2007 at 8:10:00 PM EDT , Blogger ilovemylife said...

Hello KC,

Thank you for your kindness.

Yes, this is a destiny that I would have never imagined for my path - but with an openness to life and what it presents - you find yourself in a whole other chapter of your life that brings a whole mix of emotions and struggles.

As I say, I am all the more richer for this unexpected "calling" to step up and take it for all that it can be.

Living "closed up" never was something that was even a close call for me.

Living bold, out loud and with as much integrity as I humanly can - it's been a great life.

It just gets better and better.

I love life with a passion.

"See" you later.



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