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Roland Garros - The French Open - 2010

Rafa's Round 2 match was canceled Wednesday due to backed up rain-delayed matches.
I think they could have known this when they made the schedule out Wednesday night and placed his match the last one on Court Chatrier

Round 2
Rafa Nadal versus Horacio Zeballos
Friday, May 28, 2010
1st match on Court Chatrier
The first match begins 5:00 a.m. USA EDT

The Tennis Channel website has a free download
in order to view live matches on their website:

French Open Streaming

and their are archived matches there also.

Some examples:

[2]Rafael Nadal (ESP) vs. Gianni Mina (FRA)

[13]Gael Monfils (FRA) vs. Fabio Fognini (ITA)

Highlights, Interviews and Bagchecks at
Check out Rafa's Bagcheck - he's adorable

Possible online viewing (for free)



Fan Support Sites ~ Great sources of information

vamos brigade

Rafa's Babolat-sponsored forum

Roland Garros.
Scores and Schedule
tv schedule

USA coverage
NBC - Ugh!
ESPN - Ugh!
Tennis Channel - Very thankful I have The Tennis Channel this year!
TV5 - I don't know this channel


The Power of Nadal - Video


Uploaded by feistylilfairy


Round 2
Rafa Nadal versus Horacio Zeballos
Thursday, May 27, 2010
5th match on Court Chatrier
The first match begins 5:00 a.m. USA EDT

The match order on Court Chatrier:

Jelena Jankovic versus Kaia Kanepi (2 to 3 sets)
Fabio Fognini versus Gael Monfils
To Finish 2-6, 4-6, 7-5, 6-4, 5-5
Klara Zakopalova versus Justine Henin (2 to 3 sets)
Fernando Verdasco versus Florent Serra (3 to 5 sets)
Horacio Zeballos versus Rafael Nadal (3 to 5 sets)

Scores and Schedule

Rafa's interview May 25, 2010

Rafa's blog post #2
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I played terrible, but it doesn't worry me at all

Hi Everyone,

Let me start by saying that I played really bad today. Having said that, I always had a so, so start here in Roland Garros and 4 times went well in the end... It is funny but I have been practicing really great these days, I have been playing well at the previous events and I am felling great. Then I stepped out on the court, first round and... I played terrible. I really don't know the reason. I have been asked if that worries me and i have to say that it really doesn't... for the moment. I hope that on Thursday things will be better. I was really angry for my game today.

I also would like to say that some people, specially media, asked me about being put to play on the second court. To be honest I think it is normal I played there my first match. It was not against me, I know that. It is normal that if I am playing with a young player like Gianni, they put us on that court. The pressure for him was less and it is a good way to protect him and get him better from the start. No worries as they say in Australia... (I learned that!).

Ok, speak to you tomorrow. Thanks again.


If you have a question e-mail rafa@timesonline.co.uk

Rafa answers fans' questions

What song will you pick for karaoke this year?

What one song would you like to sing in the Karaoke Booth at Roland Garros this year?
Dustin, USA

Rafa: I am thinking about it. If Marc Lopez does it with me, I'll do it. otherwise I'll simply introduce Novak singing Gypsy...

I'm learning to drive at the moment, although I don't think I'll have an Aston Martin when I pass! How old were you when you started having lessons, and did you pass first time?

Rafa: I didn't learn with an Aston Martin either. It was a Kia which, by the way, I still have and use... I started later than normal, the contrary to my tennis...

In one week from today I will have surgery on my knee. Do you have some good advice for me on what to do to recover quickly so that I will be able to return to the tennis courts as soon as possible? I miss playing tennis so much. Thanks!
Anna (Netherlands)

Rafa: You should definitely listen to what you doctor say and not my case. You should take care of your self before running again with a racquet in your hands... Try to avoid injuries that wil come back!

Do you eat more and different food before a five-set match and how long before the match do you have a meal? Isn't it difficult sometimes to judge correctly when the match before yours is much longer or shorter than expected?
Cheryl Klopper

Rafa: No, not really. I eat the normal food. Otherwise it would be too heavy. To answer your second part of the question, yes, sometimes it is difficult if there is not a fixed time.

I love watching you play tennis and particularly love it when you are pumped up. My question is when you watch your games back and see your amazing 'vamos' and fist-pumping gestures do you ever laugh at yourself, or what do you think? Good luck for the tournament!
Sharon Davies

Rafa: Many thanks. Sometimes I have to admit I do... Funny. But I know the moment and know that that really helps me.

It's great to see you back at your best! As I know you're an avid Real Madrid fan, what do you think of Jose Mourinho's move to Real Madrid? Do you think he can bring Real the same success Barca has had in La Liga and the Champions League over the past few years? Also, what do you think of Spain's chances at the World Cup?
Joanna, Sydney

Rafa: Many thanks. I better keep my thoughts for myself. I just hope that Real wins next year... and regarding Spain, I truly think we have some good chances but we will see. I'll tell you more during Wimbledon and how things go.

I know you're a big Phantom fan so was wondering whether you've seen the new sequel, Love Never Dies, yet. If not, do you plan to when you're next in London? Cant wait to see you at Queens and Wimbledon you are awesome.

Rafa: No, I haven't. But thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll come during Queen's.

If you were to play mixed doubles, which WTA player would you like to play with?

Rafa: I really don't have time so I don't think about it. Sorry...

Hi Rafa, I'm watching the 2006 French Open men's final between you and Roger right now and I was wondering if you ever watch old matches for motivation or to see if you should change anything about your game? Thanks!
Lisa, USA

Rafa: Yes I do. Not for motivation but to see the tactics and remember things. Clearly I will try to adapt and change what needed if possible.

Rafa's blog post #3
Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello everyone,

I am writing this blog tonight a bit later than in the past days. I started the week by writing before going to dinner and that way I could tell you fresh stories just coming from the site. Tonight we had scheduled to go out to dinner at 9.30 pm. As a matter of fact we were all downstairs at that time to go for dinner but at the lobby we stayed watching the final moments of the Monfils v Fognini match. It took so long, they played almost until 10pm, could see anything and on top of that it was very exciting to watch.

Today we had the first rain of the tournament. Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow since I am scheduled to play fourth match on centre. This time is not the best of times. I know that someone has to play fourth and I am not complaining.

I am simply saying that it is not the most convenient time. For me or for any of the players. The reason is that if it rains during the day and the previous matches are long then we could risk of not playing tomorrow. If that's the case then the winner of my match would play two days in a row and that during a Grand Slam is not the most convenient thing since the matches are best of five sets and that day of rest is really important. Just wanted to explain it to you.

Thanks all for being there.


Rafa answers fans' questions

Does your family still play practical jokes on you, like when you were a kid and you thought you were invisible?
Atch, Thailand

Rafa: I think I am a bit older and more difficult to do these kind of things. I would say it is me now doing it..

The weather has turned to rain this afternoon. How much of a difference do the heavier conditions make to the courts and what do you change to your game plan?

Rafa: In my case I didn't have to play today so it was OK. It did affect my practice since it rained during the 2 hours I was supposed to practice, I believe it is not going to rain tomorrow afternoon so it really won't affect me. But clearly the courts become heavier and slower if it rains. The sun makes them faster and the balls too.

Hi Rafa, does it make you more nervous when stars like Ronaldo, Raoul and Zidane turn up to watch you play? Good luck, Rafa - you can do it!
Love Sam

Rafa: Not really. Probably more when I meet them... :-)

Hello Rafa! We all know you are a huge fan and a great advocate of the Davis Cup, having served Spain so well. However, do you think that a "World Cup" for tennis could work?

Rafa: It is too early to talk about these things. I have heard this idea before.

In the past, I read that you watched series of Lost or Prison Break. What are you currently watching at the moment?
Kim, London

Rafa: I am watching the movie Moby Dick, a classic.

We heard Jake Gyllenhaall, the actor who plays the Prince of Persia in his new movie, said he was inspired by you (physically) while creating the character. What do you think about it? Did you ever play the original video game? Many thanks and best of luck!
Upoma & Paroma, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rafa: Nope, Never played it. I think someone told me about this or read about it. I am thankful to what he said, hopefully we can meet one day and I can thank him personally.

Not long ago, they used to say that the surface of Monte Carlo was quite similar than Roland Garros. Looking at the aces in Roland Garros compared with Monte Carlo, I wonder if that's true. More importantly, there are rumours doing the rounds that they're gradually making the Roland Garros surface faster with a thinner layer of clay so that it almost plays like a hardcourt surface. Since I have no way of having this confirmed, may I ask your expert opinion on that: Is it true?

Rafa: The conditions in Monte Carlo are the most similar to the ones in Roland Garros. The courts here are really good and I don't see much of a change with previous years to be honest.

Have you had any time to ride your Harley motorcycle back home in between tournaments this year? Amanda, USA

Rafa: Yes, a bit. But I am not a good driver... So i am safer with a car in my hands...

Round 1
Rafa defeated Gianni Mina
6-2, 6-2, 6-2
Gianni looks like he will be someone to watch
Some great moments evident in his match with Rafa
29 Pictures of Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal of Spain serves during the men's singles first round match between Rafael Nadal of Spain and Gianni Mina of France on day three of the French Open at Roland Garros on May 25, 2010 in Paris, France. Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images Europe

Highlights Video of Rafa Round 1

Possible online viewing (for free)



Fan Support Sites ~ Great sources of information

vamos brigade

Rafa's Babolat-sponsored forum

Roland Garros.
Scores and Schedule
tv schedule

USA coverage
NBC - Ugh!
ESPN - Ugh!
Tennis Channel - Very thankful I have The Tennis Channel this year!
TV5 - I don't know this channel



Rafael Nadal from the US Open - Times Online - WBLG: Rafa is back and ready to answer your questions

The world No 2 is back to his best and ready to claim another grand-slam title in Paris. He will be blogging and taking your questions during the tournament, so if you have a question e-mail rafa@timesonline.co.uk

Rafa's blog post #1

Sometimes I will post Rafa's blog ~ here is the first post with questions below.

I'm back and it's great to be here

May 24, 2010

Hello everyone,

I am back here, blogging to you all and also back in Paris, in Roland Garros. Very exciting for me. I would say more Roland Garros than blogging but you know... You have to understand that I am a tennis player, not a writer! So I feel I have to continue this sort of tradition. I have been doing this since the first year I played in Roland Garros and I suppose it is something now part of my tournament, part of my tournaments in Roland Garros and I also know the feed back is positive so happy to be back.

I am actually doing this before going to dinner. Normally I always do this after I come from dinner, before I go to the massage table and work with my physio, Rafael Maymo, on whatever needs to be done. But today, since it is the first one and I am about to go out, thought we should do it before.

I am feeling great, I am feeling really good and I am really looking forward to this year's tournament. I arrived in Paris on Thursday and have been practicing as well as doing off court activities since I got here. A perfect balance of things to make the days go fast and get ready for the tournament.

See you these days and thanks for being there.


Fans ask Rafa questions and he answers:

I am wondering how it was to make a music video with Shakira? Would you consider doing more videos?
Elainaa B

Rafa: It was long, very long. I started at 8am, leaving the hotel, and finished the recording at 3am! I think it was a great experience and I thank Shakira for giving me this opportunity. I am not sure I will do a music video again, but as I always say, you never know.

How do you expect the tennis fans of Paris will receive you this year?
Luis Muniz

Rafa: I am always happy to be here. I was always treated very well so I expect - as a matter of fact I can say it is this way - I am being treated very well.

If you had to spend 24 hours locked in a room with one other member of the top five, who would it be and why?
Fay Holland

Rafa: We already meet for many hours with the player council members, including three of the top ten players in it... I think it is already enough.

Would you like to be Spain's Davis Cup captain in the future? You seem to be good at motivating your-team mates.
Jan, Surrey

Rafa: I suppose so, but it is something I haven't thought about. I think more now about playing...

What is your expectation for Roland Garros ?
Evanise, Brazil

Rafa: I am here to try to win although we know it is difficult.

If you played soccer for a living, what position would you want to play?

Rafa: Forward for sure. That's also where I used to play when I was very young.

During Australia Open this year when you were blogging to your fans, you answered my question about whether or not you would attend Serbia Open. At the end you said "Hvala" (which means thank you in Serbian). I was wondering who taught you that and do you know any more words in Serbian?
Marina, California

Rafa: No, that's all I know. I think it was Benito who taught me that. He also works with Novak so he knows a few words.

Do you think Spain will ever host a grand-slam tournament? Or do you think four slams a year is enough for the players?
Lisa Grebe, Pennsylvania, USA

Rafa: I have no idea. It would be great, that's for sure.

I recently spent my birthday watching you win in Rome. What are your plans for 3 June?

Rafa: I hope I am still here in Roland Garros and if so I am sure we will go out for a special dinner

How long has Rafa Maymo been your physio for? How did you meet him?

Rafa: More than three years now. In September it will be four! I met him in Manacor, my home town and also his.

UPDATE, includes time of match
Round 1

Rafael Nadal versus Gianni Mina (Wildcard)
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Third Match on Court Suzanne Lenglen
The first match begins 5:00 a.m. USA EDT
There is one men's and one women's match prior to Rafa's Tuesday match on May 25
Men's matches can be 3 to 5 sets
Women's matches can be 2 to 3 sets

Rafael Nadal pictured with the kids in Paris

Pictures of Rafa golfing


Uploaded by Patxy270180
Watch on a huge screen

Watch a great Rafa Roland Garros Video

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