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If you come here periodically, you know I don't just write about

genocide, although it is the most important issue that I do write of. Or Native Americans, which is also a vitally important issue to me personally on moral and justice grounds. Or politics, President Obama. Or social justice and important issues of our country and world are other subjects I include frequently. Some examples:

When Wrong Is Taken As Right

Ignorance is not bliss. It is just ignorance. And it can be deadly. Just ask the people in this story.

This Is Governmentally Sanctioned Crime

On Election Day (Did you hear the Announcement?) Leasing Utah Wilderness for Oil and Gas Extraction

And I don't only write about personal things, which I also do. Or write of Rafael Nadal. Rafa is playing tennis in France currently. I missed the match. Here is the bare bones information...

Round 2 Rafael Nadal defeated Nicolas Almagro 3-6, 7-6(2), 7-5.

Round 3

Rafa vs Tommey Robredo

November 12, 2009, Thursday on Court Central

The match is scheduled to start not before 7:30 p.m. local time
1:30 p.m. USA EST

In Doubles
Rafa and Juan Monaco lost 6-4, 5-7, 13-15 to Christopher Kas and Philipp Kohlschreiber in the first round.


Official Site

Watch it Live for a Fee

or Heath Ledger... another recurring theme on this blog.

My life is varied and so is my internet home. This blog.

This post is the satisfaction of including Heath Ledger.

Okay, I know he is not mortally with us, but he personally was never mortally in my life. So, for me he is as alive as ever in my experience. However, it definitely saddens me that he isn't still making his beloved movies and directing his first.

I include my latest video with Heath starring in it and also someone I now consider my friend although we only met on youtube has a couple I include below.

Posted this in the wee hours this morning...

Heath Ledger ~ Fever ~ Sung by Bobby "Blue" Bland

Okay this isn't perfect. I wish the effects at the end when they are fighting, then holding and rocking one another had turned out better. But it was fun to make and is at least acceptable. I am still on a learning curve.
Uploaded by me, ilovemylifesblog
Channel Icon

True Confessions
Monday night this week, I woke up after going to bed very late only after a couple hours of sleep - I had been working on the above video and went to bed with it unfinished. The dream that I was having was the reason I awoke. I can't admit here what I was dreaming. I will say only that Heath was in the dream. I haven't remembered dreaming for a very long time. And this one "knocks the socks off me" - an expression. Here is the definiton that I just retrieved from googling ~ knock the - or one's - socks off: to have an overwhelming effect. (My bolding and italics.) At first, going back to sleep seemed the thing to do, but in short time, I realized I didn't want this dream to end and I wanted to be conscious of what was happening, so do I have to say, I stayed awake until I was satisfied with the ending? A little willful imagination was deemed happily acceptable by me. I felt good the whole next day even though tired, I felt ebullient (again a little google defintion for you: overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited)
. And the next night - last night - stayed up all night long to again work on the video. Had some iMovie issues that kept me having to do it over. And tonight I told myself to go to bed very early. Well here it is 8:30 p.m. and I am still at this computer speaking to no one in particular.

I seem to have many readers who just come here, but leave no interactions. I don't get that, but certain things just have to be surrendered to.

I felt I had to blog about Darfur, which I did just before beginning this post. So, soon I have to discipline myself and get me back to that bed where I dreamed of Heath.

Text from my Youtube sidebar:
Some just are born with something special and that quality doesn't go unnoticed by many. Heath presented us with something special to savor. One of the things enjoyed here is his special sex appeal. Those who have it, underwhelm us with their outward awareness that would show they know they have it. It is part of the charm and what makes them so undeniably a magnet for our hearts.

I don't smoke and don't encourage it, although it may appear that I do in this video I put together. It is simply that Heath smoked in "I'm Not There" quite a bit and at the same time he was delivering the "Fever".

"I'm Not There" cast

Pictures of Heath arriving during day 7 of the 64th Venice Film Festival on September 4, 2007 in Venice, Italy. Where one of three of his films opening there was I'm Not There These photos are at Zimbio, which always gives the photographers credit.

I have been to Venice, so I at least can feel close to Heath in that I have sat in these boats for many rides as Heath does in these pictures.

and at

Help us get "The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus" in our local theatres in the USA. It is our last chance to see Heath on screen in a new film. Don't let us be left out. Go to this link to the-imaginarium-of-doctor-parnassus to Demand It.

And now for someone's videos who are always exceptionally good. She's got the talent!

Heath Ledger - I Did It My Way by Revolution Renaissance. The name of the album is New Era.
Uploaded by jopicca


Pictures of Heath Ledger with his daughter Matilda. The song is Happy Everafter in Your Eyes by Ben Harper, which was the result of Heath's request to have a song written for his new baby daughter.
Uploaded by jopicca

Johanna's Channel ~ jopicca

My Channel ~ ilovemylifesblog

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At November 11, 2009 at 10:56:00 PM EST , Blogger johanna.gareis said...

Hi Sandra!
You do a lot of great and important work here on your blog, I appreciate that very much. And you always gives an insight into your life and your thoughts, thank you for that all.
For me it is very interesting and also surprising and often very moving, to have the same thoughts and feelings as you. And to have some common interests.
And you always have some surprises, like your new video. I’ve watched it several times and enjoyed it, there is something special about it. May be, it is something of the feeling therein, that your dream left behind.
And I want to thank you again for embedding my videos here on your blog. I’m so happy you like it.
See you!
All the best,

At November 12, 2009 at 6:30:00 PM EST , Blogger ilovemylife said...


In this time of computers, where we can connect with those around the world who have access to the internet, I often find myself in awe of what is possible…what we can do, who and what we can learn about – all while sitting in a chair in our rooms. And the “meeting” of new acquaintances…like you. To think we “met” on youtube, you from Germany, me from Rhode Island and all via our admiration and attraction to Heath from Perth, Australia. It really is something that boggles my mind. Just really cool.

From the forum, that I first became active on for Rafa Nadal, a person from England who lives on Mallorca came to visit me and we shared conversation and dinner in my home here.

Activism has been able to connect people from around the world for the cause of stopping and preventing genocide. We have national conference calls and live feeds from Darfuri refugee camps. This week we had a live feed from the U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan for those of us who are activists.

I feel you are my newest friend. Although, some gnawing feeling is inside that I share too personally here in cyberspace, I also feel we are here to live out loud.

I am happy you express yourself about sharing some same thoughts and feelings. Life can be so much more enriching when we touch one another’s spirits and souls. Why save what is best and not share it?

I love your talent that shows up in your videos of Heath. So, I am simply sharing what I have found with others, when I put your videos here on my blog. Of course, I am happy that you are happy.

Did I surprise you with my Fever video? Did I bare something about myself, there? :) Yes, that was the most surprising dream to me and I am still somewhat “floored” about it. Something is still “kicking” inside me…apparently some things don’t age.


At November 13, 2009 at 4:53:00 PM EST , Blogger johanna.gareis said...

what should I say much more? These are exactly my thoughts about the internet. We can share so much together. And the friendship resulting from that. Often you speak out, what I'm thinking.
And I guess for so many other people it is the same. But yes, you are right, I sometimes have this thought we share here too personally things. But we all are only humans sharing our thoughts and feelings, so what should be so wrong about that. When we are honest, we can speak it out loud. So I think that is ok.

Oh, I'm waiting for your new video!!!

And to your "FEVER" video: Some things don't age, you are so right! Enjoy it! So I do :)...


At November 16, 2009 at 8:09:00 PM EST , Anonymous rakeback said...

Heath's role in The Dark Knight was perhaps the greatest acting performance Ive ever seen. Heath was such a talented actor, and its sad that he was taken so soon!

At November 16, 2009 at 10:15:00 PM EST , Blogger ilovemylife said...

Welcome, Rakeback.

Yes, it has taken me awhile to take in The Dark Knight. Heath didn't ever do a bad job acting - he let each role take him over. Heath was in a class of his own in the acting world.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.



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