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What good is humanity if we don’t practice it?

I think of things that others don’t seem to be interested in. I get that feeling, anyway. Like what’s really important in life? What will matter to me in the end? Why do we claim peace is so important and yet we really don’t act like it is. I mean we have a War College where I live. Our national defense is all about the military and killing “over there” so we don’t have it going on here, the Bush administration claims. ...Which bothers me because it presumes that the people “over there” are less important than we are. When I was in college, until President Richard Nixon took it away, I had a loan for College called a National Defense Student Loan. That to me would be real defense – educating our young adults. Real defense would be having a national health care program for all citizens. Real defense would be a strong country which embraced our humanity by supporting the arts with a national budget to do so. Real defense would be actually caring about the babies born in this country. Real defense would be having a national foster care program that had a sufficient budget to do right by our children that had the audacity to be born into a family-less existence. …National foster care, so that the birth parents couldn’t avoid a state’s mandate by moving across the line.

The Things We Can Measure in Life
I had the thought that I wanted to say that the important things in life are the things that we do the least with and about. That the things that we measure in life versus those things that we can’t or don’t measure have an important difference that cries out metaphorically for our scrutiny. Then I went on basically about War versus Peace. War is where we put our money, lives and resourcefulness and working toward Peace gets barely a footnote of attention. The thing is we can measure how many bodies are dead, but we can’t measure how many hearts and human spirits have been lifted in a day. We can “measure” who is better at tennis, football, boxing, any sport. We can count money, so we know who is rich and who is poor. We can measure bigger and taller as if that makes something better merely by size. We can measure or judge who is pretty. We measure beauty by youthful looks. We can measure how much someone weighs. We measure success by the car that someone drives or the things they buy. We can measure the size of a penis. We can measure how many days we have lived. But in the end, what we can’t count or measure are the things of real human importance. Peace of mind, empathy, kind words, thoughts worthy of our goodness, how we made someone feel, joy, effort to mend a broken spirit, resilience when life has been desolate such as during genocide, how to convince a nation to be honest with its own mistakes and faults. We can’t measure the degree of how racist someone is.

Truth. Justice. Freedom. How much injustice does it take to rob someone of their sense of living in a just situation? How much truth does it take to diffuse lies that have been dished out during someone’s whole life? How many freedoms can be taken away before freedom itself is compromised so much that it can be said that freedom is an illusion or nonexistent? How much joy do you need? How much pain can someone take before he or she breaks? Can you measure these things? I don’t believe you can. And yet to me they are the things worth my time, attention and effort to address in life. Nothing that I can count or measure will comfort me if I should linger waiting for death to suck the breath from my mortal body. But these things can.

How Many Genocides Does It Take
It just seems to me that we have messed up this whole thing called life.

How many genocides does it take to get it right…To be willing to spend the political will to end genocide?



Protect Against Genocide by Aegis Trust

Does one racist remark make you a racist? How many sharp, deliberately hurtful words does it take from a mother or father, how much narcissistic behavior will a mother or father act out to her or his children before it occurs to her or him that maybe she or he has the problem that she or he is reassigning to her or his children’s responsibility? (Okay, sorry for all the she/he inclusions.) How many killings and maimed bodies does it take before the war is deemed over? How many wars can we count? How many wars have brought a period of long, enduring peace or freedom?

We can count our money, our debt. We can count our weapons of war. We can count the burials. We could count the mentally ill soldiers that come back from wars if we wanted to. We can count our children. But can we count or measure our happiness? Can we count the cost of war in regards to the deaths of hopes, dreams and possibilities? The price of peace is not war. The price of peace is obviously harder than going to war. It’s easy to go to war. It’s not so easy to go to peace.

I’m happy. I’ve never known happiness, contentment, excitement or understanding of my family with my eyes and heart so free to see as I am at the present time in my life. Yes, I’m thoroughly disappointed in some things. I am disappointed that my mother has chosen to live her life in a pretend and phony way. I am disappointed that my family is broken and there is little reason to think that it will change. But I am comfortable with my acceptance of the way it is. I know who I am and I really like who I am. I am blessed with the passions that I have been given. I love life in a vibrant way while being creative and excited with my activities. I can’t change my mother. I can’t make others be happy.

I am personally happy and at the same time I am thoroughly upset with my country…President Bush and his unwillingness to see truth even when it is directly facing him. I am thoroughly disappointed with a country that is divided on what is truly important and what we have in common with not only one another, but the rest of the planet’s people. I don’t like the phrase “God Bless America” because I think that is too small of an idea. I prefer God Bless the Human Race. God Bless All Things. Who are we that we go around only asking God to Bless US? Pretty self-important and in denial over that fact that we aren’t “all that”. It bothers me that “We the People” have given over our responsibilities as keepers of our constitutional rights to unbalanced and heartless elected politicians and to the paid lobbyists who operate in Washington, D.C. without the bright light of the press breathing down their necks. Apathy bothers me. But, I can do what I can do. And I do.

The following song’s lyrics came to mind as I was writing:

Rolling Home

Lyrics by Eric Andersen

Truth, with all it’s far out schemes,

Lets time decide what it should mean;

It’s not the time but just the dreams that die.

And sometimes when the room is still,

Time with so much truth to kill,

Leaves you by the window sill so tied

Without a wing, to take you high,

Without a clue to tell you why.

Now, I just want to keep my name, not bother anybody’s game

Without ideas of gold or fame or insane heights.

I don’t want a lot of money, I don’t want a playboy bunny,

Just a love to call me honey late at night,

In my arms, by my side, in my arms late at night.

Well, I see the ones who crawl like moles

Who for a front would trade their souls,

A broken mirror’s the only hole for them;

And for you who’d exchange yourselves,

Just to be somebody else,

Pretending things you never felt or meant;

Hey, you don’t live what you defend,

You can’t give so you just bend.

Now if you care what people think,

Like they supplied some missing link;

They’ll just stand back and watch you sink so slow.

They’ll never help you to decide,

They’ll only take you for a ride,

After which they’ll try and hide the fact that they don’t know

What you should do, where you should go,

There’s nothing big I want to prove,

No mountains that I need to move,

Or even claim what’s right or true for you.

My sights, my songs are slightly charred,

You might think they miss their mark,

But things are only what they are and nothing new

But for me, I think they’ll do,

Well, I can see a king and queen, a beggar falling at my feet;

They all must see the same sad dreams at night;

Futility and senseless war, pit the rich against the poor,

While cause is buried long before the fight

For what was wrong, for what was right,

It’s just the strong, who ever says what’s right.


But I don’t know, I ain’t been told,

Ev’rybody wants a hand to hold.

They’re so afraid of being old,

So scared of dying, so unknown

And so alone, rollin’ home.

The Great Mandala

Sung by Peter Yarrow and Richie Havens

Thanks to prisha91755


We say we want peace. We have never really given peace a chance. Peace surely requires and deserves more complex work than war. And we can’t really believe that it’s peace that war renders. Peace is harder than war. And it requires more ability and will than our so-called free nations have illustrated during the race to be human. We get what we work on. I’ll be bold and say that we work at war much harder than we work toward a peaceful planet.




Truth is truth and it never dies.







THEN It is Our Torch to Carry


The President's Comment Phone Line is open Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
202 - 456 - 1111

email: president@whitehouse.gov


Call your US Senators & Representatives at

1 - 800 - GENOCIDE


Genocide flourishes when there is no accountability.



We each have a voice.

We each have a presence.

We have been called to be human
 in the most basic way
 on this subject.  
 Where there is a will - there is always a way.  
And where there is no will - there is no way. 

Let us not be silent.

Silence is necessary for genocide to go on.  
Our collective silence is a weapon used by the genocidaires.  
Silence kills.  
And we are responsible for our personal silence.

If Peace never begins, Genocide will never end.

Where does Peace begin?

One World.

One humanity.

One Human Race.




Join a Darfur Event.

Events will be starting on August 8, 2007,

which can be found at the SaveDarfur or Dream for Darfur Website




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