Saturday, February 3, 2007

George Bush VS. The World . . . . . . . .Who's Right, Mr. Wrong?

. . . . I'm "Not Ready to Make Nice" either.

George Bush's Attitude:

Why Save the Planet, When We Can Make Money?

"Global climate change is 'very likely' to have a human cause"


Friday night, I watched the BBC News on my local PBS which included the report on the climate paper out Friday, February 2nd. The “EU (European Union) said it was the starkest warning yet, while the UK (United Kingdom) said climate change threatened world peace and prosperity” (from the website, news.bbc.co.uk). When television’s BBC World’s Alastair Yates was questioning someone (that I can’t give you the name of because I was doing the dreaded house work stuff at the time and didn’t note it), he asked if it is important that the U.S. join the other countries around the world with this issue. The answer was stunning. Basically, the man said, it isn’t that Americans aren’t doing anything. They are, he said. He named the states of California and New York, said that 100 mayors are jointly, businesses and some American people are doing affirmative efforts to help in this problem, just that President Bush and the United States administration aren’t doing anything. He went on to volunteer that we only have President Bush two more years and that then things could change. Imagine – the whole world, like me, is trying to wait out this leaderless leader. I grit my teeth.

What a fool. And to think he said that God had told him that he wanted him to be President. Remember that?! If this was the case, God doesn’t have good judgment and her/his sense of humor is askew. Surely, George got his wires crossed on this communication.

From the BBC website: “The report, by more than 2,000 top scientists, says world temperatures could increase by 3C by 2100. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) also projected that sea levels were most likely to rise by 28-43cm, and said global warming was likely to influence the intensity of tropical storms. The findings are the first of four IPCC reports to be published this year.

EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said he was now deeply concerned by the accelerating pace of climate change. ‘It is now more urgent than ever that the international community gets down to serious negotiations on a comprehensive new worldwide agreement to stop global warming,’ he said.

UK Environment Secretary David Milliband said that international political commitment, which had so far been lacking, was now needed.

South Africa's Environmental Affairs Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk said failure to act would be 'indefensible'.

And officials from Indonesia and the Maldives said they feared for the future of their countries, both threatened by rising sea levels.

US Energy Secretary Sam Bodman said he accepted the conclusions of the scientists. ‘We're very pleased with it. We're embracing it. We agree with it,’ he said. ‘Human activity is contributing to changes in our Earth's climate and that issue is no longer up for debate.’ But he said that a unilateral US programme to cut emissions might damage the US economy and send business overseas.

The US contributes around one-quarter of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.”

The link to the report: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/6326667.stm

Hey, Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines, I’m “Not Ready to Make Nice” either. I am not a country music fan and I never had any of the Dixie Chicks’ cds, but I have been interested in them ever since many of their “original fans” jumped ship, when Natalie used her freedom to speak at a time that apparently it was unpatriotic to practice her constitutional right. Check out: http://www.dixiechicks.com/

Speaking for myself, President Bush is an embarrassment.

Website links about our planet’s climate:

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