Saturday, January 27, 2007

Matthew Rhys is More Than Kevin Walker

Matthew Rhys Evans' acting career is varied and colorful. He's bold, has great comedic timing and will surprise us, Americans, with his many voices.

I am fascinated with the talent of Matthew Rhys. In April 2000, there was this article in Elle magazine of Matthew and his flatmate, Ioan Gruffudd, whom he has known since childhood. I have the four pages here of the article, but the web address is http://melissaroo.tripod.com/elle/elle.html

Here is something special, a movie clip from "Very Annie-Mary". See if you recognize the other BROTHERS AND SISTERS regular in this clip. Matthew Rhys teamed with pal Ioan Gruffudd to play a gay couple called Hob and Nob in the comedy "Very Annie-Mary".

Check out My Blog at tvguide.com as ilovemylife. Especially, the post "BROTHERS AND SISTERS Finds The Great Divide in the USA" posted January 25, 2007. There you will find links to hear Matthew Rhys speak in different styles. The one I find the most intriguing is the one in his native language of Welsh. You won't understand a word of it (unless you speak Welsh), but still, it is delightful and will pull you in to his world.
This man overflows with talent. We are blessed to see him as the beloved Kevin. But he is so much more than Kevin.
I hope you enjoyed this. I did.

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