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Well, I stayed up all night long...still up and it is 9:30 a.m. After I post this, I will think about some sleep, although there is new snow to shovel. I am hoping I can get by without shoveling it...maybe, it will melt. In a couple of days. More is on the way supposedly today and Saturday. And yes, I took pictures and movies of it. It is just beautiful!

I didn't even get to practice yesterday and that is a must. Oh....ooops...on that one. I have been just loving it. I don't know why I waited until my hands and fingers are almost beyond playing the keyboard to get serious with the performing. But I practice and just put up with the pain. The hands are going to hurt anyway. So, up and onward.

I have been working on a Darfur video for a couple of weeks, but it was just overwhelming with so much video that I had to transfer from MODs to MOVs, trying to find it all - it's in three different locations....the photos, the different rallies, petition deliveries, lobbying meetings with Senators Jack Reed, Sheldon Whitehouse and Representative Patrick Kennedy and on and on. I think I had started 3 or 4 different iMovie projects and hoped to combine them, but that didn't really happen.

But the creative process still grows up out of all that. I ended up not using any of the MODs that I transferred to MOVs, well a little of the New Hampshire Primary Night Party in Nashua, January 8, 2008 and some of the waves at Ruggles in Newport, that are just gorgeous...I love to use the wave stuff and it fit the Bridge Over Troubled Water music theme. Another video, though, and all that work will pay off, as the videos are a little more ready to use. If I can just find them, when I need them!



I know, a long title.
It is always better to double click the video and go to Youtube to view it in a bigger screen, because I don't know how to manipulate this blog's design to receive the large dimensions without putting the sidebar at the bottom of all the posts.
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Although, this is up at youtube and facebook....it isn't as good as I wanted...but sometimes I just can't stand it anymore and I have to just put something together. It isn't as focused, as I would have wanted, making a better presentation and a tighter video (meaning shorter), but I decided I was going to stay up until it was on youtube on the first of January 2010. I could have made two or maybe even three out of this 10 minute video, today. I know no one will want to watch a 10 minute video on Darfur and genocide. But then, people don't really want to watch a 3 minute video on Darfur and genocide. I mean, Heath Ledger tribute videos, yes, but genocide doesn't bring in the viewers. So why did I do it? Well, I'm too tired to think about how to explain it. I just had to do it. One of those things about me. I get to one or two places in it, while I'm watching it and it makes me feel so much. I start to cry.



Facebook version - much better to view it at facebook

I have had this happen before and it happened on this video...the visual has more clarity at facebook, but facebook delays the audio by two seconds, which throws off the timing of Barack Obama's lips and the timing of certain photos showing up with the places in the song, Bridge Over Troubled Water that I coordinated it with..but no one will probably notice that last thing, except me. But when you work on it to be a certain way, it is disappointing. Especially after the computer crashed many times, as I was working on it without having saved changes that I had done. So, you have to try to duplicate what you just spent over an hour on. But, it never is the same...some things worse, some things better. Just so frustrating, just to use a single word to express minimal actual feelings when this happens.

Here is what happens everytime I google for recent news regarding Darfur...the posts are always 3 or 4 years old. Tells me that we are not getting enough reporting. Ridiculous. I get daily emails with news, so there is something being reported, but googling it never brings up fresh news. Here is a great place: while we waitsudan

He is who helped me with the video and the 4 points of what Darfuris need NOW and the Arabic translations of Darfui sayings for this video.

Thanks to Mohamed Suleiman.

My text at Youtube with this video

“NEVER AGAIN” just doesn’t mean a thing.

Genocide in our time is
worthy of being noticed,
worthy of being reported by our media,
worthy of having the leaders
of free nations use their political will
to end the Darfur genocide

and put some meaning to the wor...ds

“Never Again”

. . . words we love to use
at the languishing end of each genocide
that this planet has hosted.

Europeans can go to:
aegis trust Sudan-Darfur

Send me an email, if you know of a website for your country.

Southern Sudan:
help sudan international

Contact Information for USA citizens
President Obama email form:
or better yet call
which will give you talking points
before connecting you to your
President, Senators, or Representative

More ways to contact the President:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Please include your e-mail address
Phone Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461


Speak Up
You Have A Voice

stand now

save darfur

while we waitsudan

Light a Candle for Darfur
The candle will stay lit for only 48 yours. Please, light a candle daily - don’t let the light go out. The group is Darfr because only 5 letters are allowed.

Dear President Obama - My first letter sent March 12, 2009

Click this post title to go to Barack Obama speak about Darfur...we are still waiting for him to be engaged just a little, as he purports in this video that he will.

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