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Things that last forever.

Ugly words.

Beautiful words.

Ugly deeds.

Beautiful deeds.


Some people die, but we just can't believe it.


A Knight's Tale Premiere
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Heath touched us and moves us still
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Heath at Lords of Dogtown premiere in Los Angeles

Below is taken from Planet Heath Ledger forum

A comment by one of the members:

I just trotted over to the candle site to light today's candle and as I was writing a message I started crying and sobbing. How could he just stop like that? How could someone so full of life and generosity and wisdom and sweetness just cease to be? I don't cry as much as I used to, but when I do it's still with the same sad puzzlement and loss.

If I were elsewhere I'd apologise for the sudden little outburst but I know everyone here will understand.

My response

Ahh, hugsx M......I want to thank you for letting me know what your signature is about. I have been lighting candles for several things and people. And my first candle that I lit for Heath has burned out, so I just followed your lead and lit another for him just now.

Today, I had my 19 year old neighbor girl help me out and she ended up staying the entire afternoon with me at the coffee house where I was singing...when we returned home her family wasn't home and so I brought her back to the house and we shared a pizza and I introduced her to Heath....first on some of my youtube tributes and then I put in the Sweet Bridget episode of Roar. At first sight of Heath on the tv screen, she said "he is cute! - the one behind." I said, yes he is....then she had to listen to me talk about Heath. Explaining he is gone...what happened...that he is the same one I had just showed her on my The Four Feathers youtube tribute and Ten Things I Hate About You . I told her "Maybe, you would like to go to the movie Dr Parnassus with me". She agreed. She loved Sweet Bridget.

When we had walked in the door this evening, I played back a message on my answer machine - so she and I listened together. It was Richard from Avon Cinema, which I had called a couple of weeks ago now to inquire when exactly The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasssus was coming to Providence, Rhode Island. He called to tell me....it is tentatively scheduled to open January 8, 2010, but told me to "call that week or day of - to see if it does show up".

Just a Heath experience....that I shared with someone who never knew of him...and now she does. I even took her over to the candle page for Darfur I had created....she loved it there.

So, we pass on who we are and share the things and lovely people who touch us. In that way it is a beautiful world.

I just love sharing. And hope you understand the joy that it brings to me to share about Heath, whether it be with Krista, my young neighbor girl, or you at the forum or on my blog, where I so often do.

The following is from we are the masses
Making "King Rat" by Daniel Auber

"When Heath asked me to collaborate on this video I found it more than just a good cause, I was incredibly happy to have that first experience of he and I sitting by a desk and giving life to something together....

...My favourite memory on this video is very far from its shocking and distinctive taste. It's quite cheesy, actually: whilst we spent long days working on the animatic, listening endlessly to interrupted bits of Isaac's haunting and cavernous voice, there was another song being played constantly coming from outside the window.

It wasn't annoying us because its paradisiac nature was having a complementary effect on us. It was Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Every time I randomly hear that song, I think of how lucky I was to be over there for a few wonderful weeks."


Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole 'IZ' Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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You may know about the lovely threads at Shekar Kapur's blog about Heath...
The Four Feathers Heath_ledger
The Four Feathers

This is a comment I left there a while back:

Some are born with a gift to shine a light for the rest of us to touch, connect to and receive their radiant beauty. Heath was one.

I love The Four Feathers...I just discovered it recently. I am moved by it and specially so by Heath in it.

"...And these for whom life has no repose, live at times in their rare moments of happiness with such strength and indescribable beauty, the spray of their moment's happiness is flung so high and dazzingly over the wide sea of suffering, that the light of it, spreading its radiance, touches others too with its enchantment..." Hemann Hesse STEPPENWOLF I love this quote and use it as a tribute to those like Heath who transcend the average and lift us up where our souls belong.

Some can move us for all time in just moments. Heath is one. In vital ways, he remains with us. A gift from Life and for our souls. Enriched by seeing in him, our own selves. We are all just a part of the whole of Life. Something about what Heath was able to present turned on a vibrancy in our own inner glow and light. He makes me feel more alive still. Sadness is there, too. But death doesn't end our feelings or relationships with those whose mortal bodies no longer inhale and exhale.

We are blessed by having lived when Heath was here.

Thank you, Shekhar for bringing us The Four Feathers. It stays with me. And in this transient world, that is an act of grace. I am grateful for the arts. For in them we humans can radiate and share our best selves.

It is lovely to share here and read the hearts speaking by all who have taken the time to write.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As you can see, feelings run deep for Heath and how he touches me.

We are given love to give it.

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