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Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams Walking on Water

From 28 year old Spaniard elimparciales

Miami, Florida – 25th March 2008 – To mark the forthcoming Sony Ericsson Open, which starts tomorrow, the tournament celebrated by hosting the world’s first ever game of tennis on water.

Two of the World's leading tennis players, Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal, took to a custom-made court to try their luck on a more challenging surface than usual, completing a seemingly impossible task more befitting a miracle than to a modern day tennis tournament.

The revolutionary game took place at the top of the new Gansevoort South Hotel as it officially opened its doors for the first time. The water-covered court was constructed in the 110ft swimming pool set in the Gansevoort's exclusive 22,000sqft rooftop retreat overlooking Miami's South Beach.

The court took seven days to build as a specialist underwater team constructed two invisible platforms at either end of the pool for the players to stand and play using a combination of bespoke acrylic sheets and supporting acrylic tubes that were bonded together. The pool was then filled with water before adding the finishing touches of a net and Sony Ericsson Open ball girls and boys.

The Sony Ericsson Open is the World's fifth largest tournament and the only 12-day tennis event on the ATP and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour calendars. The event, which takes place from 26th March – 6th April features all of the world's top-ranked men and women players.

Defending Sony Ericsson Open Champion, Serena Williams, commented: 'It was a once in a lifetime chance to play tennis on water and it was great to be involved in a true world first. Playing against Rafa was a new challenge, but I think the surface helped to level the playing field - particularly as he volunteered to play at the deep end!'

Rafael Nadal commented: ‘I love playing on all surfaces, but this was different and playing against Serena made it even more special. Playing a game on water was a first for me, and I also liked the setting here in Miami overlooking the ocean since I love the sea."

Dee Dutta, Corporate Vice President and Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications added: 'We've pioneered a few World firsts - Night Tennis at the Sony Ericsson Open last year, tennis on a football pitch at Real Madrid CF at the Sony Ericsson Championships, and now a game of tennis on water. With this amazing game we hope we have created excitement around the world ahead of the Sony Ericsson Open.' Source: Sony Ericsson Open

Translation below:
En una curiosa (y llamativa) estratégia de publicidad, los organizadores del torneo Sony Ericcson de Miami se aventaron la puntada de realizar un partidito entre los tenistas Rafael Nadal y Serena Williams ¡sobre el agua!

El encuentro se llevo a cabo sobre el lujoso Gansevoort South situado en South Beach. La cancha se instaló sobre una alberca de 10.22 metros de longitud. Un grupo de buzos tardaron 5 días en construir dos plataformas invisibles en cada extremo para que diera la impresión de que los jugadores flotaban sobre el agua.

No cabe duda que es algo bastante curioso a pesar de que en realidad la pelota no podía botar.

Fuente: Periódico Record.

Translated by Google:
Sony Ericcson Miami "aventaron the stitch for a partidito" (I don't know what that means) among tennis players Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams on water!
The meeting was held on the luxurious Gansevoort South located in South Beach. The stadium was installed on a pool of 10.22 metres in length. A group of divers took 5 days to build two platforms invisible at each end to give the impression that the players were floating on the water. There is no doubt that this is something quite curious although in reality the ball could not cure. Source: Newspaper Record. My source: elblogdeherodes


Translation below:
Nadal y Serena Williams disputan un partido de tenis sobre el agua

  • Iniciativa llevada a cabo por Sony Ericsson.
  • Ambos se relajaron antes del comienzo del torneo de Miami.

Rafa Nadal y Serena Williams han disputado un pequeño partido sobre el agua en vísperas del inicio del torneo de Miami.

Este revolucionario partido tuvo lugar en el ático del Hotel Gansevoort de Miami, que abrió sus puertas por primera vez, y corresponde a una de las iniciativas que lleva a cabo Sony Ericsson en el circuito.

Aunque a priori parece imposible jugar sobre esa superficie, el juego tuvo lugar en una piscina construida para la ocasión reforzada por plataformas acrílicas que permitieron a los tenistas jugar al tenis sobre el agua.

Nadal afirmó que "he jugado en todas las superficies, pero ésta era diferente. Y jugar contra Serena lo hizo más especial. Era la primera vez que jugaba sobre el agua y me gustó la idea, me gusta mucho el mar".

Por su parte, Serena Williams comentó que "nunca pensé que se podría jugar al tenis sobre el agua y me alegro de haber sido la primera en probarlo. Jugar contra Rafa era un nuevo desafío".

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Translated by Google: Rafa Nadal and Serena Williams have disputed a small party on the water on the eve of the start of the tournament in Miami. This revolutionary party took place on the roof of the Hotel Gansevoort in Miami, which opened its doors for the first time, and corresponds to one of the initiatives undertaken by Sony Ericsson in the circuit. Although it seems impossible to play on this surface, the game was held in a pool built for the occasion reinforced acrylic platforms that allowed the players to play tennis on water.

Nadal and Serena Williams compete for a game of tennis on water

* Initiative conducted by Sony Ericsson.
* Both were relaxed before the start of the tournament in Miami.

Nadal said: "I have played on all surfaces, but this was different. AND play against Serena did more special. Was the first time that I played on the water and I liked the idea, I like the sea."

For its part, Serena Williams said, "I never thought we could play tennis on the water and I am glad to have been the first to try it out. Playing against Rafa was a new challenge."

Source: 20minutes.es

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At March 26, 2008 at 10:31:00 PM EDT , Blogger dancastell89 said...

"aventaron the stitch for a partidito"

it should be something like a slang expression of the spanish language, but exclusive from the one that is spoken in Spain. I live in Colombia, and for the context I can suppose that it should mean that the people from Sony Ericsson Miami finally could organize something that looks unbelievable, strange and unique, and that was once considered eccentric and maybe impossible. Probably someone from Spain can explain it better.

At March 26, 2008 at 10:49:00 PM EDT , Blogger ilovemylife said...

Thank you!

Google is nice to have, but it is better to have a human being translate.

I am guessing you are a Rafa fan(?)

At March 27, 2008 at 10:38:00 PM EDT , Blogger dancastell89 said...

mmmmm no I'm not Rafa hehe, I'm Daniel

your blog is new to me, you seem to be Really in love with Nadal haha

i've heard from women that he's cute, you would know.

bye then


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