Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The movie Amazing Grace is the first film I have seen with Ioan Gruffudd in it. I first became introduced to Ioan Gruffudd through my interest in Matthew Rhys, who plays Kevin Walker on my favorite TV show, Brothers and Sisters. Ioan and Matthew both grew up in the capital of Wales, Cardiff and knew each other in childhood. They both attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, as well as owning a home together at one time for ten years.

Currently, Ioan is starring as William Wilberforce in the inspirational film, Amazing Grace. April 6, he can be seen in the movie, The TV Set.

Here are select photos which were downloaded from www.ioanonline.com which is great source for Ioan Gruffudd admirers.

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At March 28, 2007 at 3:52:00 AM EDT , Blogger ilovemylife said...

Help. I am confused. When I enter my blog here via Internet Explorer - all of my pictures show up that I loaded. However, when I enter my blog here via Firefox, several of the pictures are missing.

I couldn't get Internet Explorer to post this entry once I had it ready, so I had to abandon the post (but first I copied and was able to paste it to use later) and load everything for this entry via Firefox.

What I don't understand is the two different postings for the same post simply by using the different browser.

Sometimes, there seems to be no rhyme, nor reason with postings and what turns up. When I use Explorer I get French at the top where I sign in and when I use Firefox I get English in the same area.

Things change for no reason, sometimes, and I just wait and hope for things to return to "normal". For example - my being able to edit is "all messed up" and has been for two or three weeks. It is frustating and is annoying because editing is a nightmare. The fact that two posts never had a place for "comments" miraculously corrected itself.

Does anyone know who I can ask to try to get answers? Any suggestions would render me grateful.



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