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Torture Video from Darfur

Uploaded by SalemNews

SalemNews May 26, 2010This video smuggled out of Umsauna, South Darfur, shows government soldiers (Government of Sudan) beating and torturing innocent civilians, asking them where JEM leaders are located.

After two days of a deadly battle, fighters from the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) managed to claim Umsauna back from the GOS, 5 days ago - the town is now in their full control.



Shocking Torture Video from Darfur

(UMSAUNA, South Darfur / PORTLAND, Oregon)

This video smuggled out of Umsauna, South Darfur, shows government soldiers (GoS) beating and torturing innocent civilians, asking them where JEM leaders are located.

After two days of a deadly battle, fighters from the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) managed to claim Umsauna back from the GOS, 5 days ago - the town is now in their full control.

On-ground sources confirmed earlier today, that the GOS 106th infantry battalion lined more than 87 vehicles and are ready roll into Umsauna tonight.

Darfur has seen a massive increase in violence.

Radio Dabanga has reported several arrests of citizens in Nyala on suspicion of belonging to rebel parties specifically JEM.

The targeted violence has many innocent families fleeing into neighboring displaced/refugee camps. These camps are already suffering extreme shortages of water and food.

A leader of the displaced people in Kalma camp in South Darfur revealed that 480 families had fled to the camp in the wake of fighting between government forces and the Justice and Equality Movement in areas of Sharq Jebel Marra, Shangil Tobayi and parts of south the railway.

The camp leader, Hussein Abu Alsharati, said that these families are living in extremely difficult conditions. He said that no one has offered to help them.

480 more families flee to Darfur's huge Kalma camp - Radio Dabanga


My letter to President Obama tonight via

You can send your message: www.whitehouse.gov/contact

May 27, 2010

Dear President Obama,

I write to you about two important issues to me personally and globally.

The oil disaster should NOT be in the hands of BP. It is unbelievable that the government did not take this problem-solving away from BP and simply make them accountable in every way, financially, legally and criminally. As much as I supported you, Mr. Obama, for President, I am that disappointed in your handling of this crisis that has been going on for five weeks.

BP and lack of proper oversight by our government agencies allowed the present disaster in the gulf and yet you have let BP be in charge of the unending oil gushing into our planet’s waters. Rep. Charlie Melancon said more how he cared today, than this administration has demonstrated since the crisis in the gulf began.

And I am also thoroughly disappointed in your lack of interest in the Darfuris situation.

Special Envoy Gration is a disaster for the Darfuri people. And yet he remains the Special Envoy. The Sudan elections were a sham and yet your administration treats them like they are just.

It is difficult to remain calm with the inaction of our representative government on both of these issues. As a human rights activist, specifically regarding genocide prevention and intervention, and even more specifically, regarding Darfur and Sudan, I am thoroughly disgusted with this administration’s lack of engagement in the Darfuris’ plight.

The attending of al-Bashir’s May 27 inauguration by Haile Menkerios of South Africa, head of the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), and Ibrahim Gambari of Nigeria, joint head of the African Union/UN Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) is inappropriate. Your silence is irrefutably wrong. And our USA acceptance of this election is obvious by how Gration speaks and behaves. It just makes me sick in my heart to watch our government continue the impotent handling of what goes on regarding the Darfuri people.

This video (link included) smuggled out of Umsauna, South Darfur, shows government soldiers (Government of Sudan) beating and torturing innocent civilians this week, asking them where JEM leaders are located. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zybNoI27nJI The article about this story from Salem-New.com http://www.salem-news.com/articles/may252010/darfur-video-aa.php

With all due respect, I would like to see you be the leader that I was led to believe you would be.

Sincerely yours,

Sandra Hammel

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You can also call or write to the President:

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Darfur In the News

AFP: Sudan shuts door on more peace talks with Darfur rebel group. Sudan has closed the door on peace talks with Darfur's main rebel group, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), a top negotiator said Wednesday, warning that instead its leaders will be prosecuted. Presidential adviser Ghazi Atabani told reporters that the mediators in the peace talks between JEM and the Khartoum government -- Qatar, the United Nations and the African Union -- had been notified of Khartoum's decision. JEM, one of two key Darfur rebel groups, signed a framework accord in February in Doha that was hailed by the international community as a major step toward bringing peace to the region devastated by a seven-year war. But there was no final, comprehensive peace agreement by a March 15 deadline and JEM broke off from the talks that same month claiming ceasefire violations and resumed attacking government forces.

BBC: Sudan's Omar al-Bashir is sworn in as president. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has been sworn into office again, following his controversial win in last month's elections. President Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged war crimes in Darfur. Many international leaders stayed away from the inauguration but at least five African presidents attended the event. The UN said it was sending the heads of the two UN peacekeeping missions in the country to the ceremony. Presidents from Ethiopia, Chad, Malawi, Mauritania, and Djibouti were in the audience.

Citizen-Times: 2 Samaritan's Purse workers released, 1 still held in Sudan. Samaritan's Purse reports that two of three aid workers abducted in Sudan have been released. Here's the report posted on the Samaritan's Purse website Tuesday: Two Sudanese Samaritan's Purse workers abducted in the Darfur region last week have been released. A third staff member is still being held. Please continue to pray for continued safety and a quick release.

NPR: In Parts Of Sudan, Life Hasn't Changed In Centuries. In Sudan, voters are expected to return to the polls in January, when the South takes up a referendum on full independence from the North. But as the people of southern Sudan prepare to decide their future, it's necessary to acknowledge their present. For while some Southerners live in the 21st century, others are still in the 19th -- or in some cases, a biblical age.


Statement from Darfuris in Diaspora, North America

Regarding the latest events in Darfur

May 26, 2010

We, the undersigned Darfuris in Diaspora in North America, would like to express our gravest concern regarding the suffering of our people back home in Darfur. There are numerous indicators that lead us to believe that the international community is no longer diligently seeking a just political solution to the conflict in Darfur.

Today we see the representatives of the institutions of the international community respond to the demands of the regime in Khartoum while Darfuris bleed to death in Darfur. Over a year after General Martin Agwai, the ex- head of UNAMID, said that war in Darfur is over, the Government of Khartoum continues more fierce campaigns of aerial bombings targeting civilians and water wells. Today, following elections described by the U.S. State Department as neither free nor fair, we see delegations from the United Nations, African Union, and Arab League turn a blind eye to the killings in Darfur that were inflicted recently by the Khartoum regime while they flock to Khartoum to celebrate the inauguration of the killer as president of Sudan.

We would like to summarize here in three points the danger of such indifference by the leading players of the international community:

1) The United Nations announced that it will send the two highest ranking of its officials in Sudan to represent at AlBashir’s inaugural ceremonies in Khartoum on the 27th of May. The two top U.N. officials, Haile Menkerios, head of the U.N. Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), and Ibrahim Gambari, joint head of the African Union/U.N. Mission in Darfur (UNAMID, will celebrate with the killer in Khartoum while the blood of our relatives is spilled in Jebel Marrah and Jebel Moon. We, the sons and daughters of those whose blood is spilled there in Darfur, believe that the soft policy of the American Administration towards Sudan sent the wrong signal to the United Nation, African Union, Arab League, and other international bodies.

2) We believe that the first criterion of the international mediators in the Darfur conflict is to be honest brokers. The world witnessed and followed last week the unfolding events of the 19 hours standoff at the N’djamena’s airport in Chad. The leader of the Justice and Equality Movement, Dr. Khalil Ibrahim, was denied entry to the country, yet what was learned later was that the international mediators were pulling strings from Doha, capital of Qatar, to force the head of JEM to sit down for negotiation with the Government of Sudan. The government of Sudan has a great interest in signing meaningless agreements with Darfuri factions. We believe that the mediators are serving, knowingly or not, as tools to the Government of Sudan to suppress the Darfuri cause. In the last seven years we have seen the international mediators press the Darfuri factions to compromise and give up in return for nothing except seeing the suffering of their own people prolonged. Instead, the international mediators should be exerting pressure on the government of Sudan, the root cause of the problem in Darfur. The N’djamena standoff was part of a tactic to force all Darfuri leaders into capitulation. We condemn such acts of those mediators who, through such acts will only make matters worse in Darfur.

3) Albashir is an indicted war criminal. In the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing on May 12th, U.S. Special Envoy Gration testified that the Obama Administration is pursuing "locally owned accountability and reconciliation mechanisms in light of the recommendations made by the African Union's high-level panel on Darfur." In Darfur we have millions of our people who have lost everything, including loved ones, to the genocide. The victims hope for nothing in this life but justice. Darfuris have no trust left in Gration since he uttered the words “remnants of genocide” in his early days on the job. Now we believe that this AU panel on Darfur is nothing more than an effort to let AlBashir off the hook. We will not, as Darfuris, accept any substitute to the ICC as a venue for justice for Darfur crimes.

CC to:

- Honorable Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton.

- Honorable U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan Scott Gration.

- Honorable U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki-moon.

- Honorable The joint AU-UN mediator Djibril Bassolé.

- Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court.

Signed by:

No Name State ةيلاولا

1 Mohamed E. Suliman CA أُرىفٌاو
ْاٍُّط خذافٌا ذّذِ

2 Mohamed Altom CA أُرىفٌاو
َىرٌا ذّذِ

3 Maki Ibrahim Maki TX صاظىذ
ٍىِ ُُهازتإ ٍىِ

4 Abdulrahim Khamis TX صاظىذ
ضُّخ ُُدزٌاذثع

5 Kamaldine Moustapha IN أاَذٔإ
ًفطصِ َٓذٌا ياّو

6 Tragi Mustafa Abutalib Canada اذٕو
ةٌاطىتأ ًفطصِ ٍجازذ

7 Ismail Omar Ibrahim TX صاظىذ
ُُهازتإ زّع ًُعاّطإ

8 Dr. Mohamed Hassan NE اىطازثٔ
ٓظد ذّذِ

9 Bakri Gumaa NJ ٍظَزجىُٔ
حعّج يزىت

10 Aljazoli Sharif Haroun NY نرىَىُٔ
ْوراه فَزش ٌٍوشجٌا

11 Yahia Haroun TX صاظىذ
ْوراه ٍذَ

12 Basamat Ahmed Yahia GA اُجرىج

13 Abdulgabar Sidig TX صاظىذ
كَذص راثجٌا ذثع

14 Bakhit Shata NE اىطازثٔ
حطش دُخت

15 Dr. Adam Omar Ismail NE اىطازثٔ
زّع َدأ

16 Eizaldin Mohamed Yahia TX صاظىذ
ٍذَ ذّذِ َٓذٌا شع

17 Adam Abdallah AZ أوشَرأ
اللهذثع َدآ

18 Mohamed Adam Ali CO ودارىٍو
ًٍع َدآ ذّذِ

19 Abdulrahman Shata NE اىطازثٔ
حطش ّٓدزٌاذثع

20 Alnaim Adam TX صاظىذ
َدآ ُُعٌٕا

21 Mohamed Adam Sharaf AZ أوشَرأ
فزش ذّذِ

22 Abubaker Atim TX صاظىذ
ُُذأ زىتىتأ

23 Gedo Hassan AZ أوشَرأ
ٓظد وذج

24 Dulalbait Hassan AZ أوشَرأ
ًطىِ دُثٌا ىض

25 Nusaiba Abass TX صاظىذ
صاثع حثُظٔ

26 Douri Hamid Wadi TN ٍظٕذ
ٌداو ذِاد ٌرود

27 Mahialdin Abakar Suliman PA أُافٍظٕت
ْاٍُّط زىتأ َٓذٌا ٍذِ

28 Alrayah Hamid Wadi TN ٍظٕذ
ٌداو ذِاد خَزٌا

29 Ahmed Omar Tuls TX صاظىذ
ضٍذ زّع ذّدأ

30 Adam Idriss TX صاظىذ
ضَردإ َدأ

31 Khalid Handhel TX صاظىذ
ًظٕد ذٌاخ

32 Mohamed babiker TX صاظىذ
زىتات ذّذِ

33 Adam Babiker AZ أوشَرأ
زىتات َدأ

34 Babiker Babiker TX صاظىذ
زىتات زىتات

35 Khalil Mohamed TX صاظىذ
ذّذِ ًٍُخ

36 Abdulrazig Ibrahim TX صاظىذ
ُُهازتإ قاسزٌاذثع

37 Ibrahim Abdulrahman TX صاظىذ
ّٓدزٌاذثع ُُهازتإ

38 Alsadig Gerbreel TX صاظىذ
ًَزثج قداصٌا

39 Eng. Ibrahim Abdulrahman TX صاظىذ

ّٓذٌاذثع ُُهازتإ

40 Abdulgader Adam TX صاظىذ
َدآ راثجٌاذثع

41 Ahmed Omar Khatir TX صاظىذ
زطاخ زّع ذّدأ

42 Hamid Husain Hajar GA اُجرىج
زجد ُٓظد ذِاد

43 Ibrahim Shata NE اىطازثٔ
حطش ُُهازتإ

44 Abdulaziz Babiker TX صاظىذ
زىتات شَشعٌاذثع

45 Ahmed Yahia Abdallah GA اُجرىج
اللهذثع ٍذَ ذّدأ

46 Hawa Ahmed GA اُجرىج
ذّدأ ءاىد

47 Sidig Abdahalla Abdulkarim TX صاظىذ
َُزىٌاذثع اللهذثع كَذص

48 Abubaker Saleh TX صاظىذ
خٌاص زىتىتأ

49 Suliman Abdulrahim TX صاظىذ
ُُدزٌاذثع ْاٍُّط

50 Ibrahim Shogar TX صاظىذ
رالىش ُُهازتإ

51 Sidig Idriss TX صاظىذ
ضَردإ كَذص

52 Abdallah Mohamed TX صاظىذ
ذّذِ اللهذثع

53 Ahmed Ishag TX صاظىذ
كذطإ ذّدأ

54 Mousa Thour TX صاظىذ
رىث ًطىِ

55 Bashir Gamous TX صاظىذ
صىِاج زُشت

56 Hussain Ibrahim TX صاظىذ
ُُهازتإ ُٓظد

57 Omar Bursham TX صاظىذ
ُشزت زّع

58 Ahmed Mohamed Abdelkarim TX صاظىذ
َُزىٌاذثع ذّذِ ذّدأ

59 Omar Mohamed TX صاظىذ
ذّذِ زّع

60 Adam Abdallah MI ْاجشرُِ
اللهذثع َدآ

61 Abdallah Osman TX صاظىذ
ْاّثع اللهذثع

62 Adam Mohamed Osman TX صاظىذ
ْاّثع ذّذِ َدأ

63 Mohamed Abdallah Haroun TX صاظىذ
ْوراه اللهذثع ذّذِ

64 Adam Hassan Tubaz TX صاظىذ
ساتىذ ٓظد ذّدأ

65 Ahmed Mohamed Arbab TX صاظىذ
باترأ ذّذِ ذّدأ

66 Gumaa Abdahlla TX صاظىذ
اللهذثع حعّج

67 Bushara Ishag TX صاظىذ
كذطإ جراشت

68 Alzubair Altahir TX صاظىذ
زهاطٌا زُتشٌا

69 Khalil Bahar TX صاظىذ
زذت ًٍُخ

70 Ahmed Alshaik TX صاظىذ

71 Faisal Ishag TX صاظىذ
كذطإ ًصُف

72 Ridwan Idriss Issa TX صاظىذ
ًظُع ضَردإ ْاىضر

73 Suad Idriss Issa TX صاظىذ
ًظُع ضَردإ داعط

74 Yasir Mohamed TX صاظىذ
ذّذِ زطاَ

75 Soubhi Abdulatif TX صاظىذ
فُطٌٍاذثع ٍذثص

76 Alsadig Mohamed Hassan TX صاظىذ
ٓظد ذّذِ قداصٌا

77 Mohamed Osman TX صاظىذ
ْاّثع ذّذِ

78 Esam Eldin Omar NY نرىَىُٔ
زّع َٓذٌا َاصع

79 Alamaldin Adam NY نرىَىُٔ
َدآ َٓذٌا ٍُع

80 Abdalla Ali NY نرىَىُٔ
ٍٍع اللهذثع

81 Suliman Awadalla TX صاظىذ
الله ضىع ْاٍُّط

82 Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Tirab NH زُشِاهىُٔ
بازُذ ذّدأ ذّذِ

83 Adeeb Yousif CA اذٕو
فطىَ ةَدأ

84 Mubarak Ishag TX صاظىذ
كذطإ نراثِ

85 Abdulrahman Ahmed TX صاظىذ
ذّدأ ّٓدزٌاذثع

86 Abdulhalim Adam Abdulkarim OH ىَاهوأ
َُزىٌاذثع َدآ ٍُُذٌاذثع

87 Sidig Younis OH ىَاهوأ

88 Omaima Abdulla NE اىطازثٔ
اللهذثع حُِّأ

89 Abdulbagi Ismail NE اىطازثٔ
ًُعاّطإ ٍلاثٌاذثع

90 Abdullah Ismail NE اىطازثٔ
ًُعاّطإ اللهذثع

91 Abdulrazig Sabeel Abdalla NE اىطازثٔ
اللهذثع ًُثط قسازٌاذثع

92 Adam Sabeel Abdalla NE اىطازثٔ
اللهذثع ًُثط َدآ

93 Ibrahim Abdalla UT اذىَ
اللهذثع ُُهازتإ

94 Mansour Ishag TN ٍظٕذ
كذطإ رىصِٕ

95 Mohamed Abakar UT اذىَ
زىتأ ذّذِ

96 Hanan Atim NE اىطازثٔ
ُُذأ ْإد

97 Gamal Adam NE اىطازثٔ
َدآ ياّج

98 Aldouma Abdalla NE اىطازثٔ
اللهذثع حِوذٌا

99 Hassanain Suliman NE اىطازثٔ
ْاٍُّط ُٕٓظد ذّذِ

100 Issa Ziada NE اىطازثٔ
جداَس ًظُع

101 Abass Khamis NE اىطازثٔ
ضُّخ صاثع

102 Ibrahim Adam NE اىطازثٔ
َدآ ُُهازتإ

103 Abdalla Khamis UT اذىَ
ضُّخ اللهذثع

104 Suliman Hassan UT اذىَ
ٓظد ْاٍُّط

105 Abubaker Hassan Adam GA اُجرىج
َدآ ٓظد زىتىتأ

106 Salah Norain AZ أوشَرأ
َٓرىٔ حلاص

107 Abdulmunim Adam GA اُجرىج
َدآ ُعٌّٕاذثع

108 Adam Khatir UT اذىَ
زطاخ َدآ

109 Sultan Mohamed Haroun TX صاظىذ
ْوراه ذّذِ ْاطٍظٌا

110 Ahmed Mohamed Mousa TX صاظىذ
ًطىِ ذّذِ ذّدأ

111 Abass Gumaa TX صاظىذ
حعّج صاثع

112 Mohamed Abdulrahman TX صاظىذ
ّٓدزٌاذثع ذّذِ

113 Yagoub Adam NE اىطازثٔ
َدآ بىمعَ

114 Arbab Abdulrasoul NE اىطازثٔ
يىطزٌاذثع باترأ

115 Babiker Abdulrasoul NE اىطازثٔ
يىطزٌاذثع زىتات

116 Babiker Abakar Mousa GA اُجرىج
ًطىِ زىتأ زىتات

117 Ibrahim Adam NE اىطازثٔ
َدآ ُُهازتإ

118 Mousa Adam NE اىطازثٔ
َدآ ًطىِ

119 Zainab Abouh NE اىطازثٔ
ٖىتأ ةَٕس

120 Ahmed Mohamed NE اىطازثٔ
ذّذِ ذّدأ

121 Aydah Adam NE اىطازثٔ
َدآ ًذَ

122 Zainab Khamis NE اىطازثٔ
ضُّخ ةَٕس

123 Nasurldin Khamis NE اىطازثٔ
ضُّخ َٓذٌا زصٔ

124 Faisal Ali Abakar NY نرىَىُٔ
زىتأ ًٍع ًصُف

125 Altaib Ibrahim CA اذٕو
ُُهازتإ ةُطٌا

126 Ibrahim Abdalla UT اذىَ
اللهذثع ُُهازتإ

127 Adam Suliman GA اُجرىج
ْاٍُّط َدآ

128 Osman Dawood GA اُجرىج
دوؤاد ْاّثع

129 Ahmed Abakar UT اذىَ
زىتأ ذّدأ

130 Hamid Alrayah MI ْاجشرُِ
خَزٌا ذِاد

131 Abubaker Adam Altahir Alaska اىظٌأ
زهاطٌا َدآ زىتىتأ

132 Abdulkarim Mohamed TX صاظىذ
ذّذِ َُزىٌاذثع

133 Dr. Suliman Ismail NY نرىَىُٔ
ًُعاّطإ ْاٍُّط

134 Alsadig Gumaa Canada اذٕو
حعّج قداصٌا

135 Dr. Abdulgabar Adam PA أُافٍظٕت
َدآ راثجٌاذثع

136 Garalnabi Abass Absakeen PA أُافٍظٕت
ُٓىطىتأ صاثع ٍثٌٕا راج

137 Niemat Ahmadi DC
ٌد ٓطٕشاو
ٌاذّدأ خاّعٔ

138 Mohamed Idriss Khamis NC
ضُّخ ضَردإ ذّذِ

139 Abdulatif Omar Malik NY نرىَىُٔ
هٌاِ زّع فُطٌٍاذثع

140 Ahmed Ali Harry NY نرىَىُٔ
ٌزه ًٍع ذّدأ

141 Mohamed Adam Yahia VA إُُجزُف
ٍذَ َدآ ذّذِ

142 Gumaa Harry NY نرىَىُٔ
ٌزه حعّج

143 Ismail Jali MD ذٔلاَزُِ


144 Fakheraldin Altijani Ali NY نرىَىُٔ
ٍٍع ٍٔاجُرٌا َٓذٌا زخف

145 Mustafa Haroun NY نرىَىُٔ
ْوراه ًفطصِ

146 Mohamed Haroun NY نرىَىُٔ
ْوراه ذّذِ

147 Abdalla Ashor IA اىَإ
رىشاع اللهذثع

148 Alsadig Ashor IA اىَأ
رىشاع قداصٌا

149 Bakri Abdalla Canada اذٕو
اللهذثع ٌزىت

150 Adam Hassan AZ أوشَرأ
ٓظد َدآ

151 Suliman Abdalla Hassan UT اذىَ
ٓظد اللهذثع ْاٍُّط

152 Salah Eldin Zakaria Arbab ME ُِٓ
باترأ اَزوس َٓذٌا حلاص

153 Alfadil Zakaria ME ُِٓ
اَزوس ًضافٌا

154 Najumldeen Zakaria ME ُِٓ
اَزوس َٓذٌا ُجٔ

155 Elyas Zakaria ME ُِٓ
اَزوس صاٌُإ

156 Abdulsalam Hassan ME ُِٓ
ٓظد َلاظٌا ذثع

157 Babiker Boush ME ُِٓ
عىت زىتات

158 Ali Mudeer ME ُِٓ
زَذِ ًٍع

159 Salah Dahia SC
حُذض خٌاص

160 Kaltom Khamis NE اىطازثٔ
ضُّخ َىرٍو

161 Salma Ahmed TX صاظىذ
ذّدأ ٍٍّط

162 Abdalla Khamis UT اذىَ
ضُّخ اللهذثع

163 Salahaldin Abdalla MI ْاجشرُِ
اللهذثع َٓذٌا حلاص

164 Ahmed Mohamed TX صاظىذ
ذّذِ ذّدأ

165 Thourya Adam Issa IN أاَذٔإ
ًظُع َدآ اَزث

166 Fatima Haroun PA أُافٍظٕت
ْوراه حّطاف

167 Abdulrahman Fadoul TX صاظىذ
ًضف ّٓدزٌاذثع

168 Muntasir Nasir GA اُجرىج
زصأ زصرِٕ

169 Abdalla Mousa VA إُُجزُف
ًطىِ اللهذثع

170 Idriss Abdulrasoul Alaska اىظٌأ
يىطزٌاذثع ضَردإ

171 Dr. Adam Mohamed Ahmed VA إُُجزُف
ذّدأ ذّذِ َدآ

172 Dawood Saleh NJ ٍظَزجىُٔ
خٌاص دوؤاد

173 Dr. Ismail Abdalla MD ذٔلاَزُِ
اللهذثع ًُعاّطإ

174 Ibrahim Idam AZ أوشَرأ
َدآ ُُهازتإ

175 Mohamed Tajaldin NE اىطازثٔ

َٓذٌا جاذ

176 Abubaker Ahmed Abakar NE اىطازثٔ
زىتأ ذّدأ زىتات

177 Mujahid Adam CA أُرىفٌاو
َدآ ذهاجِ

178 Shakir Abdolrasoul KY ٍوارٕو
يىطزٌاذثع زواش

179 Awadia Nyam NY نرىَىُٔ
َأُ حُضىع

180 Amira Mohamed MN اذىظُِٕ
ذّذِ ج زُِأ

181 Hamza Adam NY نرىَىُٔ
َدآ جشّد

182 Ahmed Suliman NY نرىَىُٔ
ْاٍُّط ذّدأ

183 Ramadan KY ٍوارٕو
ٍوارٕو ْاضِر

Darfurain Associations State ةيلاولا
ةيروفرادلا طباورلا

1 Darfurain Associations in Dallas TX صاظىذ
صلاد حَٕذّت رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار

2 Darfurian Associations in Phonix AZ أوشَرأ
ضىُٕف حَٕذّت رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار

3 Darfurian Associations in Toscon AZ أوشَرأ
ْىطىط حَٕذّت رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار

4 Darfurian Associations in Fort Wayne IN أاَذٔإ

خرىف حَٕذّت رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار

5 Darfurain Associations in New York NY نرىَىُٔ
نرىَىُٕت رىفراد ءإتإ

6 Darfurian Associations in Salt Lake City UT اذىَ

هٌُ دٌىط حَٕذّت رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار

7 Darfurian Association in Houston TX صاظىذ
ٓرطىُه حَٕذّت رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار

8 Darfurian Association inDenver CO ودارىٍو
زفَٕد حَٕذّت رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار

9 Darfurian Association in Atlanta GA اُجرىج
اطٍٕطأ حَٕذّت رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار

10 Darfurian Association in Omaha NE اىطازثٔ
اهاِوأ حَٕذّت رىفراد ءإتا حطتار

11 Darfurian Associaiton in Lincoln NE اىطازثٔ
ٌٓىىٌُٕ حَٕذّت رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار

12 Darfurian Association in Alaska AK اىظٌأ
رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار

13 Darfurian Association in SD SD اذىواد زواث
رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار

14 Darfurian Assciation in NC NC
رىفراد ءإتأ حطتار


Western Darfur Aid relief
Organization. TX صلاد
حثاغلإاو حَاعزٌٍ ْادىظٌا بزغ حّظِٕ


2 Darfur Self-reliance Education CA أُرىفٌُاو
ٍذاذٌا ٍُعرٌٍ رىفراد حّظِٕ

3 Damanga Organization DC
ٌد ٓطٕشاو
امٕتد حّظِٕ

Darfurian organization for Human
rights PA اُفٌدلاف

ْاظٔلإا قىمذٌ رىفراد حّظِٕ

5 Care organization for Unity & Dev. GA

حُّٕرٌاو جذدىٌٍ حَاعزٌا حّظِٕ

6 Darfur Progress Organization TX
صلاد حَٕذّت رىفراد حضهٔ حّظِٕ

7 Mayram Dar organization MN اذىظِٕ
ضٌىتإُِ حَٕذّت راد َزُِ حّظِٕ

8 Federal Democratic Collation NY اىَزِأ ةرىِ
ٍطازمَّذٌا ٌٍارذُفٌا فٌاذرٌا

9 Sudan liberation Movement NY اىَزِأ ةرىِ
ْادىظٌا زَزذذ حوزد

10 Equality & Justices Movement NE اىَزِأ ةرىِ
جاواظٌّاو يذعٌا حوزد

Source: savedarfurma.org


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