Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I went into my heart, today.

All the love that I have is shared

with you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So many times a day I feel I have been to "church"

. . . to a sacred place

within me.

Many things

can trigger the journey to the deeply welcome experience ~

the journey felt with such brightness,

such blazing intensity,

such liberating forces ~

to where I feel so alive that I KNOW LIFE

and my Life are ONE,

are in communion

and we are all that there is,

and can be.

We are.

And never will know death

because we are already in Eternity.

We are the sunshine,

We are the soulful existence.

We are LIFE's lives . . .

those of us who
feel this.

We are forces of Nature.

Nothing stands in our way,

when we answer without reservations,



I am here ~

you can take what you will

and I will lose nothing from your taking.

because my Source is limitless,




glorious grace.

Life without End.

Many of us walk the Earth ~

We leave our mark on your hearts

and you say

"Thank you"

By Sandra Hammel
from Journal #21 ~
A Walk on the Free Side
pages 10 - 13
October 22, 24, 2009


October 30, 2009
Pages 23 - 26

If our voices won't speak for justice and for truth,
then unchecked human behaviors are free
with impunity.

We are capable of humankindness overflowing,
gentleness and empathy.

And we are capable of resentment,
acts of torture
and extermination of whole groups of people.

We can speak for justice.
We can stand for truth.

If we are silent, we speak clearly of our intention
to do no good.

There is no honor in being silent
when the correct thing to do
is to speak up.

We, each, are only one,
but we give our nations the power to represent us.

When our nations see no urgency to stop
our own wrongs ~
we give away the only real power we own.
Our integrity.

And who,
are we, then?

I do not want to be defined by the wrongs of my nation.

But, I maintain that I still have my one voice.

And there are some human injustices
which I choose to speak out about.

As long as we allow it,
injustice will reign over justice.

End of Sandra Hammel's writing, for the moment.

"You see things as they are and ask "Why?"

I dream things as they never were and ask "Why not?"

George Bernard Shaw

"Some people look at things as they are and ask "Why?"
I dream things that never were and ask "Why not?"

Robert Francis Kennedy

From the song "Imagine":

You may say that I'm a dreamer..."


Connie Talbot sings
Uploaded by SweetTinkerbelle

From my journal #21's Preface page and
also my very first post when I opened this blog on November 28, 2006:

Whatever you can do

or dream
you can

Boldness has genius,

power and magic in it.



Written by Sandra Hammel
November 1, 2009
from my journal #21, pages 28 - 31

November 1, 2009

To My Spirit ~

I am covered by the mist of your love

I am surrounded by your light,

immersed in your joy.

You carry my heart,



guiding me.

We are here to serve LIFE

and we are happy to be.

Love is given to us to give to one another.

There is no higher purpose,

no deeper joy. . .

We travel on the wings of kindness.

We know ecstasy,

liberty's free blessings.


We have been called by LIFE to live,

sharing our spirit's gifts,

not afraid to speak aloud,

to be bold,

to feel deeply,


We walk with Grace holding us.

I am because you are.

You are because I am.

We are here never to be dead,


eternally alive.

We are here

to share

our spirit . . .


Written by Sandra Hammel
November 11, 2009
from my journal #21, pages 34 - 39

Some things should bother us.

Bother us, deeply.

So much so,

we must act to make a difference.

And across boundaries.

Boundaries created by religion, by governments, philosophies, countries, politics, money.

And those things include

abusing children,

neglecting children,

selling children,

abusing selling, raping anyone,


any form of genocide.

We are defined not only by what we do,
what we directly affect ~
but by what we don't do,
what we don't choose to stand for.



We are wrong to allow genocide ~
there are no exceptions to this.

There is no political reason or any other reason,
that makes it okay
to not affect the ending and preventing genocide,
Mr. President.

And in my heart's wisdom, I think this: You know this.

What are principles, if not to live by,
even when,
specially when,
it is thoroughly difficult.

China, a country, not known to live by principle of justice and with moral integrity and sweeping humane ideals should not hold our moral compass and fortitude and our actions in the balance. As hostages of our debt to China. China owns us literally and figuratively. Your administration has not turned out to be "The Change" I can believe in.

"If we care, the world will care. If we bear witness, the world will know. If we act, the world will follow." Barack Obama, April 30, 2006, International Day of Action for Darfur, Washington, D.C.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To: The President of the United States, The U.S. Senate and The U.S. House


The Government of Sudan continues to undermine prospects for peace in Sudan.

Violations by the Government of Sudan continue, despite the “fresh” start from the US Special Envoy and the new US Sudan Policy announced on October 19, 2009. Sudan continues its dangerous tactics: Delay, Manipulate, Block, Ignore, Deny. We know of attacks on civilians, threats of forced returns of IDPs, the blockage of humanitarian aid and threats on aid workers. Three million Darfuris are displaced in camps, and time is running out to fulfill the terms of the CPA for South Sudan.

The warning signs are clear:
- "Millions could miss Sudan elections" - Reuters
- "Abyei: Bashir wants it all" - Roger Winter
- "Sudan at the flash point" - Eric Reeves
- "What to do about Sudan now" - John Prendergast

Tell your representatives in Congress and President Obama that the US must now start using the pressures that were promised as part of the new US Sudan Policy.

Please sign the letter ~ USA citizens






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