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If the loudest words and the current atmosphere of spreading opinions as facts continues without being called out for what they may very well be - uninformed, prejudice-based and racism in the United States of America - then it will take people with the backbone and courage to become loud and repetitive in our own "loop" of saying:

"This is racism and this is not how I want to be defined. This is not the direction I want this country to continue."

The agenda of this country will continue to be highjacked by this segment of the United States of America, until a saner segment speaks up and steers the agenda. Silence will not get us what we want, unless we want racists to lead us into the valley of sick.

Racism - dressed up - as normal is where we are right now.

If racists are the ones using their right to spread ignorance and hatred and the ones on the other side are being apathetic and voiceless, there is only one outcome. And it won't be a proud period of history.

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to auto workers about labor and health care at the GM plant September 15, 2009 in Lordstown, Ohio. Obama said that the economy depends on getting the auto industry back on its feet.
September 14, 2009
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Next week, eyes will be on President Obama as he gives his speech to the United Nations General Assembly.
Today, you and I have one more chance to tell him unequivocally—"Don't Forget Darfur."
In a few days, Save Darfur's president, Jerry Fowler, is meeting with the U.S. Mission to the United Nations to talk about peace in Sudan and deliver our "Don't Forget Darfur" petitions.
Ask others to add their voices to speak up for justice in Darfur

Pittsburgh - Voices for Darfur given permision to protest the G-20 meeting to draw attention to the situation in Darfur

United States Darfur special envoy Scott Gration criticized by refugees

Click on post title to go to While We Wait - a blog by a Darfuri

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