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I have just discovered the acting gifts of Gerard Butler. That is just me. Others have known for a long time of his acting talent, which is apparent by visiting one of the fan sites. But, too by visiting Youtube and seeing the lovingly made videos of his movies.

So far I have seen
P.S. I Love You, The Game of Their Lives, Nim's Island, 300, Attila, Timeline, Phantom of the Opera, Dear Frankie, Shattered and Tomb Raider 2. I only watched Shattered all the way through because Gerard was in it. Not my type of movie. And Tomb Raider 2 was not my kind of movie either, but again I watched it to see Gerard's work. His audition for Tomb Raider 2 was brilliant (it's on Youtube), but apparently he was required to tone it down in the movie. Too bad.

One big disappointment is that some movies/works are unavailable in Region 1, the USA.
Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married is one of those. I found the same problem when I discovered Ioan Gruffudd. We are shortchanged when accessibility to the USA is bypassed.

I particularly liked
P.S. I Love You, The Game of Their Lives (The Miracle Match), 300, Attila and Dear Frankie. Gratefully HBO has shown P.S. I Love You over and over - my portal to Gerard's movies. And all the other movies that I have seen - have been accessible from the public libraries. The Jury is on its way, so I can add that to my viewing list.

Youtube is a great source for such introductions. I will purchase a copy of my own of
Dear Frankie. It exemplifies what "moving pictures" should be about. Dialog should not be the core of a movie and Dear Frankie shows what real acting can do - the heart and soul of acting is in the body language.


Great selection of video of Dear Frankie
Uploaded by SoaringSpirit

I love
Dear Frankie so much. What a wonderful work of art. The commentary by the director Shona Auerbach lends so much more to the experience. You can see her aura reflected in the movie. And the deleted scenes . . . which includes the cut portion of The Dance. . . I feel this scene should have been left in the finished cut. As does Shona Auerbach. And since I am struck with Gerard, the inclusion of his interview is welcomed warmly. Emily Mortimer also treats us with an interview.

Gerard Butler is a very special actor. I admire how he makes each role so unique. So many actors play every role as themselves . . . you see the actor not the role being played. But Gerard makes each new role have special quirks, movements, looks or special silences that are unique to it. I love that about his work. He is sensitive without losing any respect for his strength in
Dear Frankie, but you even see sensitivity in 300 where his multidimensional character of a fighter for his cause is violently killing the enemy.

If he is not observed as the best actor we have today, he should be considered. Certainly under-awarded is Gerard for his work.

What I love about
Dear Frankie is all the acting that goes on without words. And that goes for each and every actor in the movie. It is the little things that allow me to discover the acting and treat me as someone with a heart and a brain. Too many movies simply don't give space for the acting to happen. They are just words that crowd out the little details, quirks, movements or facial expressions. Subtle is an overlooked art in acting. Great directing.

Consider seeing
Dear Frankie. And recommended also on the DVD are the extras that are included. Let me know what you think.

Ross the Intern speaks to Gerard Butler at The Golden Globe at 15:28 to 16:16:

www.gbnetvideo.net video and audio clips

Gerard Butler has been prolific in his work...

I saw the trailer for this movie which comes out the day after my birthday -

The Ugly Truth (Opens April 3, 2009)

I'll be seeing it.


Gerard talks about Dear Frankie
Uploaded by hispanofanaticos

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