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See the immediate impact our Playing for Change Foundation is having by building new connected music schools beginning with one featured in this video in Guguletu, South Africa. Join the movement by signing up at www.playingforchange.com and receive more exclusive content.

The song
Stand By Me produced by Mark Johnson (Jonathan Walls co-produced the film ~ Playing For Change - Peace Through Music) is fantastic. It is on my sidebar but if you go to the link Stand By Me and click ENTER, you will get the full version that is at the website: Playing For Change
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Mark Johnson, co-director of Playing for Change - Peace Through Music
(from the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival)

About 10 years ago in New York City, I was headed to work one morning, and, while in the subway, I witnessed a musical performance of two monks painted all in white from head to toe. They were wearing brown robes, and one of them was singing in a foreign language while the other man played a nylon guitar. I remember seeing about 200 people - of different cultures, races and genders - stop and listen to the music. Everyone there was so moved by the performance even though I can't imagine many of us knew what they were singing about. It occurred to me that there existed in this moment in time a strong sense of human connection and the ability to overcome our differences as people. I decided right then and there that music is the key to a better world. I also realized it was my calling to go out and find as many of these inspiring human moments as possible. This became the first event that triggered the idea of Playing for Change: Peace Through Music.

I remember asking myself a serious question before embarking on the journey of making this film. How can I make a film that inspires everyone on the planet to come together as one? The answer is found in the universal language of music. Throughout the film, we make songs around the world in which musicians from across the globe, who had never before met, unite together to make songs. This act of playing music with people of different cultures, religions, economics and politics is a powerful statement. It further illustrates that we can find ways of working together and sharing our experiences with one another in a positive way.

Before we were ever different, we were all human beings...


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