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Urge the next U.S. President to make Darfur a day one priority

When they were Presidential candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama pledged "unstinting resolve" in pursuing an end to the Darfur genocide.

Be a voice for Darfur. Join one million people declaring with one voice: President-elect Obama must make Darfur a Day One priority.

To help reach the goal of one million postcards, sign the online postcard or order yours today for FREE by simply filling out and submitting the order form below. They will ship them to your door!

Collect signed postcards and simply mail them back to the return address on the postcards and they will be added to the number that will be presented to the new president.


Contact your U.S. Senator - Contact information

Contact your U.S. Representative - Contact information

Learn Your Congresspersons' grades on Darfur: www.darfurscores.org

Senator John McCain's Grade: C
President-elect Barack Obama's Grade: A+

Contact President-elect Obama - Contact information


Call President Bush at 201-456-1111


I believe that when we are told we have to sell our souls to save our souls that something is drastically wrong. That is what we were expected to do under the outgoing administration. We need to get a grip. We need to get our noses into our government and change some things. In the movie Amazing Grace, William Wilberforce says to Thomas Clarkson, "you must never speak of revolution in my presence ever again." But Clarkson calls Wilberforce on this very issue of revolution.

Thomas Jefferson said: "Every generation needs a new revolution." And I think we have allowed our government to flail without our oversight for far too long and need a revolution within our nation. But first we must be informed. "Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government." Again, Thomas Jefferson.

Do Something to Use Your Freedom of Speech
To Stand Up and Stand Out Against Genocide
Don’t Be Complicit
Don’t Choose Silence
Don’t Choose Apathy
Don’t Choose Ignorance
Be Proactive
Be Alive
Be Aware
Be Present
Do Something To Tell Your Leaders To Lead
In This Human Disaster of Genocide
If Not You, Then Who?

The Genocide is Five Years, 8 months old
The Holocaust Went On For Twelve Years
…Before We the People’s Government Did Something Right
…Does That Mean We Are Going to Wait 6 More Years
Until We Decide Darfuri Families
Have Suffered Enough On Our Watch?!

Freedom of Speech means
if you don’t use it.



“…unless we all have plenty
one of us will become a thief and the thief will make you angry
you will hurt him

this will hurt his children
they will punish you
this will hurt your children
they will punish his children
and that’s how it begins

to believe in man is to know
peace will not work if just one man alive
is unjust
if one man alive
is ignorant
or hungry
or crazy
or ashamed
FOR we have seen if only one of us
decides to pull the plug, the millions of us can kiss
the world good-bye
whether we like it or not.”

From Joseph Pintauro’s little book To Believe in Man
Illustrated by Sister Corita Kent

"The strong can not expect the weak to placate
them and call it healing." Sandra Hammel

Don’t let weeds grow around your dreams. From H. Jackson Brown, Jr.’s
Life’s Little Instructon Book. Volume 2

“We are All the Keepers of Justice.

Or not.”

Sandra Hammel


Amazing Grace - the movie - The Voice of the People scene
Not the scene I was looking for, but still...
Uploaded by Flowbee79

Stop Human Trafficking

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