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Spain wins the Davis Cup 2008

Fernando Verdasco

Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco

Spanish Captain Emilio Sanchez Vicario
gets tossed by the Spanish Team

Above 3 screen caps from Ines - Ganda at The Forum at www.rafaelnadal.com
The other photo credits are unknown because where I got them there was no credit given to the photographer. I am sorry.


Muchas Gracias to Ines- Ganda and Tennis Bee at The Forum
Find at Rafa Nadal -> History in the making / Rafa on court: -> Rafa in the News and Other, Pages 196 and 197

Special Note: Videos are thanks to Ines, known as Ganda at The Forum (you must ask her permission to post these videos. That is what I did. Here is the link to the website: www.rafaelnadal.com

The translations are thanks to Tennis Bee at The Forum.

Sergio: Very close to his home in Manacor, a Rafa Nadal who I suppose - well now he looks very serious but we saw him smiling when we were talking to him a few minutes ago

Jaume: yes very happy here we are in the Plaza of Manacor in Mallorca with someone who needs no presentation, with Rafa Nadal, World No 1. Rafa how have you lived this final?

Rafa: well, I think it is impossible to be happier. They have achieved something really impressive to win away from home in Argentina, Argentina who haven't lost I don't know how many ties at home in difficult atmosphere, although the public I think behaved much better than we all expected. We should thank them for that gesture. Couldn't be happier. Above all really happy for them they really all deserve it. Fernando was really brilliant today, especially from the fourth set. He started off nervous in the earlier sets I think but as from the fourth he was great and that gave us the victory. Feliciano played a huge tie and above all David Ferrer who has had a tough time during the last few months is a vital player for this team.

Jaume: Sergio, I am sure you have a load of questions for Nadal right?

Sergio: Yes we have loads of questions. Rafa we are going to ask you a favour, that you hang on a bit - oh and good afternoon and a big hug first... please hang on because they are about to start the presentation of the "ensaladera" (silver bowl) in Argentina. If you don't mind we will go live over there and come back to you afterwards.

Rafa: Whatever it takes, thank you


Thanks to Ines- Ganda and Tennis Bee at The Forum

Nacho Calvo: Well Rafa, what a moment this is, no? You, who have lifted this Davis Cup in 2004 in la Cartuja.

Rafa: Yes, unfortunately right now I can't see it but I can imagine it, the truth is that they are unforgettable moments and I sincerely congratulate them because they have deserved it, a pity not to be there and I don't mean playing, but to simply hug them, what they have done this weekend is really unforgettable and spectacular, no?

Nacho: Well Alex wants to say something to you

Alex: Rafa, how are you?

Rafa: How are you?

Alex: What a delay (referring to the time lapse in hearing Rafa)... you knew perfectly how hard this tie was going to be and I would like you to explain to everyone how difficult it is to win away from home, even though it is difficult at home with the pressure, but when you play away with so many things against you like the court, the public and everything else, it makes the victory bigger, no?

Rafa: Well to win any tie away from home is really difficult. If we are talking about winning a final against Argentina, in front of their public, where they have chosen the surface and on top of that where they have a player, Del Potro, one of the players who had the best end of season, Nalbandian, who is a player that is a specialist in these type of moments, a guy who has impressive strength, I can honestly only say that they have made history, a moment that is unforgettable and we have to enjoy it because it is really difficult to repeat a victory like this.

Nacho: Well Rafa, we consider you part of this triumph, what a year for you, for Spanish tennis with titles in Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Olympic medal, you being No 1 and this Davis Cup.

Rafa: Well right now is not the time to talk about my triumphs, they have been talked aboiut enough, now is the time to talk about those four who have played a stupendous tie and I simply think that this is their moment and we have to enjoy it, no?

Nacho: We are enjoying it Rafa.

Rafa: From home, as much as I could I have enjoyed it very much, nervous as normal, but in the end everything came out well, very well.

Sergio: Rafa, I would like to bring someone in (to the conversation) the Captain Emilio Sanchez Vicario. How would you define the role that he has had in tough year, with a series of conflicts, that, well now are going to be forgotten but, how do you define the role of the captain Emilio Sanchez Vicario at this time?

Rafa: I think that the captain has been very, very good in ever moment. The reality is that there were complications... it is not the moment to say anything about all that, but yes there were difficult moments about the subject of the President (of the Spanish Tennis Federation) and Emilio has always been on the side of the players, and I think that he has always brought everyone together around the players, not only the players, the doctors, the physios, the group that always accompanies the players, and I think that everyone came together as a team and Emilio knew how to create that well, no? He has known how to forget about the problems that there were in this case the Federation, and in every moment he has been with the group and he created a phenomenal atmosphere, that the team is not just about one player, as many times people looked towards me as a leader of this team, and I have always said that I am nothing more than one more player in the team, and this weekend that showed perfectly, and Emilio knew how to transmit that to the players 100%, no?

Sergio: Perhaps this is the time to remember of course, Tommy Robredo and Nico Almagro who have contributed, for example Tommy at the beginning of the season who sacrificed part of their calendar to play in the preliminary ties with Peru, without which victory we would never have arrived here of course.

Rafa: Of course we can't forget about Nicolás Almagro nor Tommy no the others who helped. The Davis Cup doesn't always take place at the right time in the calendar. Those players sacrificed their time playing in the Peru tie, which for sure was not the best calendar for them, but they did it for the team and at this time we can only thank them for their effort. What they did in that moment. I thinkt hat we all have to be grateful to all the components of the team.

Sergio: Great Rafa, we will continue with you later...


Thanks to Ines - Ganda and Tennis Bee at The Forum

Sergio: Rafa, I was going to ask you a question. In 2000 you were there when they won the first (Davis Cup), you were the flag bearer, no? So you enjoyed that too, well a young boy - you were 13 or 14 years old.

Rafa: Well really, unfortunately this was the final that I enjoyed the least, sounds funny but in the one of 2000 I was there as a flag bearer and lived the huge atmosphere of the Palau, and in 2004 I was there with the team, which is to say that really they are very special moments because when you win any tournament, as important as it is in singles, it is different when it comes to celebrating than when you share it with your team. The moments of the Davis Cup and the things that you can celebrate with the team are much nicer and special, and those moments that you can live with your colleagues... it's incredible?

Sergio: We will be right back with you Rafa, by the way, we can see a lot of people behind you, the word is out and people are out in Manacor celebrating this win of the Davis Cup of the National Team... we are going again to Argentina. What is happening there, Nacho, Alex?

Nacho: Well here we are continuing the fiesta, the fiesta of the Spanish Team, Rosana is trying to get our attention.

Rosana: Yes I am, because Feliciano wants to talk to Rafa

Sergio: Rafa, Feliciano is talking to you, let's see if you can hear him

Feliciano: RAFA!!!!

Sergio: Feli is speaking

Feli: RAFA,can you hear me?

Rafa: Hey, yes Feli, and you?

Feli: Too much!!

Rafa: Can you hear me or not?

Feli, Yes, perfectly

Rafa: Incredible dude (giggle)

Felil: Too much, dude!!

Rafa: Great

Feli:Too much, dude, too much, no, doesn't exist

Rafa: How are you doing?

Feli: Incredible dude, I couldn't stop crying at the end

Rafa: Incredible dude, many congratulations

Feli: Thanks dude

Rafa: I saw you, b*****d hahaha, I had to come down here and I didn't see the presentation, but well, I will see it later. Incredible. Many congratulations crack, you deserve it eh, you hear me?

Feli: Thanks man. We all send you a kiss

Rafa: We'll talk later...

Feli: We are out of time, ciao...

Rafa: ehhhhhh I will call you later, answer me, b****!

Feli: Okay, okay

Rafa: Ciao, Ciao

Feli: Ciao

Rosana: Thanks very much

Sergio: Well Rafa, it's a bit difficult because there is a lot of delay, there's a delay between Manacor and Madrid, imagine between Manacor-Madrid-Argentina, but at least you could understand each other that's the most important thing!

Rafa: And if not I will speak to the team later when it is quieter.

Sergio: Yes, but well, our main objective for bothering you was, to have the testimony of Rafa Nadal... we would also have liked...

Rafa: of course

Sergio:We would have liked to have had on the line Tommy and Nico Almagro so that they could have also been here, but technically it was impossible, but well, that was what we wanted that you could in some way share with them this triumph.

Rafa: I think, I think that everyone, like me, Tommy, Almagro along with the rest of the Spanish players, although they didn't compete in the Davis Cup, are competing each week on the circuit, I think that we all have an excellent relationship. I would like to be there to hug everyone who has done something outstanding today.

Sergio: Don't miss Feli now, you can't see it but I´ll tell you, with the Spanish flag "toreando" and everyone pretending to be bulls!

Rafa: What's he doing? Bullfighting no? hahaha

Sergio: Emilio, Fer Verdasco, everyone, incredible, later we will send you the video so that you can enjoy it too.

Rafa: Many thanks

Sergio: Hey Rafa, a hug, many thanks really for being with us.

Rafa: Thanks to you all for all your support to tennis.

Sergio: A warm hug and many thanks, and a big hug too for our colleague Jaume Oliver, congratulations for all your work and for being there and living this moment together with Rafa Nadal.

Jaume: Thanks to you and to Rafa of course. Good night.

NOTE: The word "tio" as you all know is "uncle" but in Spanish it is used a lot in every day speech amongst friends. So there are several ways I could have translated it "mate" would be more English, "dude" more American and "man" more universal!!!! So you can take your pick.

Rafael Nadal thrilled with Spain's Davis Cup win over Argentina

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina Despite being thousands of kilometres away from his teammates, Rafael Nadal was thrilled with Spain's stunning Davis Cup victory against Argentina on Sunday.

The top-ranked Nadal had to withdraw from the squad just days before the final because of a knee injury, but said Sunday he closely followed the matches. He told Spanish TV that he watched Fernando Verdasco's decisive five-set victory against Jose Acasuso from his home in Mallorca, Spain, and had a huge grin the whole time.

"I don't think it's possible to be any happier. They achieved something impressive," Nadal said. "To win in Argentina, which came in behind an enormous number of home ties without a loss and in such a difficult environment, not too many would have expected it. I'm happiest for them, the players."

The victory gave Spain its third title, and snapped Argentina's 10-year unbeaten streak at home in the Davis Cup.

Nadal was part of the Spanish team which won the 2004 title, the nations' second. Spain also won it in 2000.

"These are unforgettable moments. It's a shame I couldn't be there, not only playing, but at least to support the team," Nadal said.

Team captain Emilio Sanchez Vicario said that it would be better if Nadal did not travel with the team to Argentina to avoid unnecessary distractions to the rest of the players.

Nadal also praised Sanchez Vicario, saying he was "great throughout."

In the first day of singles on Friday, Nadal called members of the team in between points to find out how his teammates were doing because the TV signal in the hotel he was at was cut.

Sanchez Vicario joked that he was lucky not to have his cell phone with him, otherwise Nadal would have tried to give him instructions.

"Winning any away tie is difficult. We're talking about Argentina where they have (Juan) Martin del Potro who has had the best second half of the season and the always dangerous David Nalbandian, we need to stress that they've made history. It's an unforgettable victory," Nadal said.

LEAVING CAPTAIN: Just moments after Spain won its third Davis Cup title with a stunning 3-1 win over Argentina on Sunday, captain Emilio Sanchez Vicario confirmed that he is leaving the team.

"I won't be the captain against Serbia," Sanchez Vicario said, referring to Spain's first tie next year. "After three years, the cycle ends here, but with a good prize."

Sanchez Vicario praised his players and wished his successor, yet to be announced, the same luck he had as a captain.

"I'm very happy to share this experience with my players these years," Sanchez Vicario said. "This is the biggest prize for me, including as a player."

Argentina captain Alberto Mancini, meanwhile, said he won't announce just yet whether he will be back next year. He confirmed that a decision has already been made, though.

NO FIGHT: Argentina captain Alberto Mancini heavily criticized the Argentine media after Sunday's loss to Spain in the Davis Cup final, calling their reports of a fight in the locker-room a day earlier "ridiculous."

"A lot of things were said, many ridiculous, like the ones about the punches in the locker-room," Mancini said. "The journalists also need to reflect ... these things affect the players."

Argentine players admitted no one was laughing in the team's locker-room after Saturday's doubles loss, but vehemently denied any altercation between David Nalbandian and Agustin Calleri as reported.

Local media cited sources close to the team on Sunday saying that Nalbandian and Calleri got into a fight after the four-set defeat to Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco. The loss was crucial, as it gave Spain a 2-1 lead which eventually was increased to an unassailable 3-1 after Verdasco's win over Jose Acasuso on Sunday.

"Nothing happened," Calleri said. "I don't know where they got that information."

Nalbandian did not show up for the mandatory news conference after the match and was fined US$5,000.

Mancini said Nalbandian left the Islas Malvinas Stadium right after the match because he was not feeling well emotionally. Source: google.com - canadianpress


Slideshow created at www.photobucket.org

Again photo credits are unknown, probably Getty Images

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