Friday, February 22, 2008


My brother, the Obamacan, voting in his first Caucus, Tuesday night on the island of Maui changed his party for this one time from Republican to Democrat so that he could vote for Barack. As you may know, Hawaii went for Barack with a spread of 52% points.

This week, I've had to limit my time blogging. You know, I've had to live a life : ) I am getting the house ready for an Obama House Party here in Rhode Island, that I am having next Monday. We have our Primary March 4 ~ the same day as Texas, Ohio, Vermont and us, the little state of Rhode Island. Wednesday, this week, Michelle Obama came and spoke in Warwick, RI. The advance press was almost non-existent, but still we had a good turn-out. I would say over 2,000 welcoming people attended. Our RI Attorney General Lynch followed the singing of our National Anthem, followed with Craig Robinson, the brother of Michelle Obama and the head boys basketball coach at Brown University. Then Michelle gave us a speech.

I volunteered to help out, which amounted to getting attendees to sign in and getting people to sign up to volunteer leading up to the Primary. Edward Mutanguha came and was so excited. Edward is from Kigali, Rwanda and is the sweetest young man. He says that the people back home in Rwanda (Africa) are so excited and watching Barack Obama's journey very closely.

I briefly talked to our past U.S. RI Senator Lincoln Chafee. Lincoln Chafee, Republican lost his reelection to the Freshman Senator Sheldon Whitehouse in 2004. Barack Obama came to Rhode Island to campaign for Sheldon Whitehouse and now Sheldon has endorsed and is campaigning for Hillary Clinton. And Lincoln Chafee has endorsed Barack Obama!

Barack Obama Espanol TV

Conozca a Barack Obama

While there, I met Hector Racine, a Spanish political journalist, who writes for a Spanish weekly newspaper with readers in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. His newspaper is New England Expreso. Hector said he would teach me Spanish and I could teach him English. We traded contact information.

Pictures I took didn't turn out well. But here are a few....

Michelle Obama speaking February 20, 2008 in Warwick, Rhode Island

This article ~ Younger set gets excited by election ~ was in our local paper ~ The Newport Daily News, Wednesday. On the same day, my little press release about my Obama House Party was also in the paper ~ surrounded by a bigger article mostly about Hillary Clinton. That night, I received a couple of phone calls. One call was from an 87 year old man who loves Barack and met him when Barack came to RI to campaign for Sheldon Whitehouse in '04. He wants an Obama bumper sticker for his car. And I received a call from a Republican who is a solid supporter of Barack Obama and volunteered to canvas for him here in RI.

Just because I feel like it ~ a song . . . .



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