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“… My parents shared not only an improbable love, they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation. They would give me an African name, Barack, or Blessed. Believing that in a tolerant America your name is no barrier to success. They imagined me going to the best schools in the land even though they weren’t rich…”


Barack Obama speech highlights from the 2004 Democratic Presidential Convention

There is a claim that Barack Obama is lacking in "experience" to be our President. The claim is by Hillary and Bill Clinton. At the core, it is a fabricated political scam reason. All of the mudslinging subjects chosen by Hillary Clinton started after Barack Obama was gaining on Hillary’s believed predetermined win for the democratic Presidential candidacy.
And apparently, not much was dug up because everything they have thrown out to be negatives for Barack Obama, have been warped attempts to make something out of nothing. Their attempts have all looked like character attacks. They have not been warranted and have had no relevance to the man. As a black man, he has “experience” that only a black person can have in the white system. Hillary can claim “experience” as a strength for herself. But to say that Senator Obama, is lacking in his life experience to become the President is naïve. You could say that Dick Cheney has the experience to be President. But does his experience make him qualified to be the President? I would say not. Experience for Barack Obama includes a different kind than we are accustomed to. In the global aspect, he has much to offer.
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"Be strong and have courage..."
Speech by Barack Obama

Hillary’s silly argument about being ready to be in charge from day one presumes that Barack won’t be. Silly, because where do you go to “experience” or “leadership” school to get your “most experience” credentials? Seriously, being a “first lady” or even in the U.S. Senate for a few more years doesn’t make the leap to “most qualified”. And Hillary Clinton’s claim to being “vetted” for me works against her and not for her. A lot of that vetting came at the expense of attention to the “real” issues (Samantha Power’s book, “A Problem From Hell ~ America and the Age of Genocide", Chapter 10 “Rwanda” page 366).

The Clintons', both Bill and Hillary, for some warrantless even, admittedly, int
ense scrutiny put our country’s and international issues’ best interests in the back seat due to all the wrangling and attempts to personally bring Bill down. Of course, Bill did put himself in “vulnerable” positions in a country that requires pretense and puritan images of our politicians over honesty and “owning up”. Ken Starr drilled Bill Clinton to the USA's detriment.

We all have our own natural gifts to lead or not. We all have our own set of experiences to bring to the "table" for whatever job or task that presents itself in our lives.

When it comes to experience, there is a certain understanding in life and the world "stage" that is available to an intelligent, educated and introspective human. Barack Obama brings an international personal experience that no other candidate can come close to. It is built into his familial experience. We have had many presidents who are not qualified in different aspects of being our president. This word "
experience" (link is JFK speaking about experience on the road to the presidency) is one of those words that is for "sound bites" and the thrower of it ~ Hillary, in this case ~ hopes that it will "stick" and bring down the opponent. The one comment was made to appear like a genuine compliment to Barack. But let’s consider, that the man who said it, had just come out for Hillary and then made this comment. But who would JUST come out for one of two front runners and then compliment the other front runner? No one. The comment was made intentionally with the hope that people would hear the connotation and think negatively about it. I choose not to say the comment because I won’t perpetuate it.

I think there are racist undertones in what Hillary's camp has been slinging about Senator Obama. If she could get away with it, I think she would be more openly racist. But the hope may be that what has been said will appeal to the bigotry so ingrained in our psyches and we will make the connections under even our own consciousness' radar. The damage therefore being successful without being branded by our covert racist, institutionalized society as bigotry.

I find it interesting that there are positive Youtube Obama uploads from people who aren't United States of America citizens. People who outside the country have already made a positive connection to Senator Obama and feel he is one who can help in the healing of international issues that are languishing. I have seen videos posted at youtube and dailymotion from France, Sweden, speaking on religion and politics with another of Jerry Triplett, 73, in Winterset, Iowa, who broke out in
song at a Barack Obama town hall meeting, Denmark, from Africa, as well as Asia. This is something that is very important ~ this already is a real sign of the headstart that Barack Obama has with international influence, illustrating that our global community is already attaching much importance to Mr. Obama. I don't believe any other candidate has this reach. The world is watching.

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