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…? That would offer some sense to the nonsense of his weird speech that painted the picture of Iraq as a democracy at the present time. And who are those 36 countries that are fighting and dying alongside the US troops and the Iraqi people? Bush said that the Iraq war is “just, right and necessary”. Yea, maybe, when wrong is right. Bush believes the only way to win the war is to declare the failure of his Iraq policies and deceptions - as success and truth. "Necessary" because he thinks he can save face for himself by keeping US troops where they are the “thumb in the dike”. He unleashed the forces innate in the region to live in civil strife as a version of Bush’s definition of democracy.

A man in a suit does not qualify you to be President. George Bush is walking and talking proof of that. If Bush was on trial in a court room, it would be feasible that his attorneys would recommend he have psychiatric tests to prove his ability to understand what the case was about and if he is mentally stable enough to withstand trial. Fortunately or unfortunately for him, he is President and he gets to decide right and wrong, not a court. The jury of his peers thinks he is wrong to continue to occupy Iraq, the country he recommended invading and bought the line that we would be greeted as liberators. Mission accomplished, right?

Tonight, Bush’s speech on why the USA must stay the course in Iraq indefinitely was a commercial for why the United States citizens must be “Dead Certain” why they are voting for a Presidential candidate.

“General Petraeus believes…General Petraeus recommends…General Petraeus says…General Petraeus expects…” all things he used tonight to convince us that The Decider in Chief is doing what The Decider was going to do no matter what anyway. The only reason we’re in Iraq is because Bush wants US to be there, not because General Petraeus wants it. But listening to Bush tonight, he would have you believe that he is doing what General Petraeus, the newly designated “Commander in Chief” wants. He’s either mentally ill, possibly suffering from grandiose illusions or he just has a bad case of low self-esteem and we are all players in his game. It may be that he continues on this course of madness because he is trying to sub-consciously prove to his Dad that he wasn’t wrong to preemptively go into Iraq after Osama bin Laden masterminded 911. Anbar apparently isn’t as safe as Bush told us. “Murder of US ally thrusts Anbar back to Iraq frontline”

Staying in Iraq doesn’t require patience as Bush asks of us. It requires us believing Bush’s take on the truth. To Bush success means avoiding failure by handing the mess he created in Iraq to the next President. As Chris Matthews said, “(he wants) to continue the war long enough not to be blamed for it”. The truth is we will never be able to leave Iraq if it means that Iraq must be stable first. How is democracy going to materialize from where we are? Bush could move to Iraq and run for President. The thing is he wouldn’t win the election there and there is no Iraqi Supreme Court that would throw it his way.

What is the purpose we are in Iraq? Are we defending the Iraq constitution? Are we defending the Iraqi government? With which groups in Iraq do we sign a treaty with?

Who is in charge? As Chris Matthews said “Does he (Bush) live in this world or just sell it?

Chris Matthews talks to Eli Pariser from Move On and Markos Moulitsas of the Daily KOS about the Move On ad on General Petraeus.

Hurricane George lectured tonight. He gave advice to the US citizens, congress, service people, Iraqis, Iraq’s neighboring countries and the world. Does he really believe that he has clout to influence all of these groups and nations? Delusion.
1. a persistent false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence, especially as a symptom of psychiatric disorder
2. a false or mistaken belief or idea about something

The bad news is that Bush thinks that he makes sense. He obviously believes that if he says the sky is rosy that we will believe it. And he has proven repeatedly that if he repeats something enough that we will begin to accept it as truth. Are we that mindless? If Bush was an illness, the diagnosis would be to operate and remove him from our body.

Our legacy is that the world sees who our President is and it reflects on us. Our influence in the world is damaged because of what this President has decided and we and the congress allow it. US RI Senator Jack Reed (my senator) said after George’s speech tonight that the course was going to change. That we would not “stand idly by” (a line that I have used when lobbying Senator Reed in his Rhode Island office regarding the Darfur genocide) and let this Iraq endless troop employment go on and on. I wish this would be true. Plans of deployment are offered by Senator Reed as well as by Presidential candidates Senators Biden and Obama. Go Obama!

What is success and can you force it upon someone? Warring as a way to peaceful life dismisses other ways and political answers.

I answered an email today from the Obama campaign and added this in the comment window: I was very satisfied to see Samantha Power speaking on TV yesterday as the Foreign Policy Advisor for Obama for President. Is this any indication that as President Mr. Obama will also step up for Darfur? I certainly hope so. I met her in Newport, RI and she signed both of my copies of her book The Problem from Hell.

I am the lead organizer for the Providence, RI Dream for Darfur event Oct 27, 2007, 3:00 p.m.
It is called CARRY THE TORCH FOR DARFUR. I sent an invitation to the Chicago Obama For President office for President-elect Obama to speak at the RI State House at our event. I know there is a slim to none chance that he will do it, but I also have the Audacity of Hope.

I also invited US RI Senators Reed and Whitehouse and US Reps Kennedy and Langevin. We are already quite certain that James Langevin is going to join us for this important event.

The Torch relays have already taken place at the Darfur border in Chad, Kigali, Rwanda and New York City. The next international Torch Relay for Darfur will take place in Armenia. And it will move onto to Germany, Bosnia. Cambodia and China. In the US we are having Torch events throughout the country with the kick-off one taking place this past Sept 9 in NYC.

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