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I like it when I find someone uses their brain to actually think. I found this at YouTube and had to post it:

.......Good point. If those who are good at heart don't change the world, there are others who will step up and change the world. And we will be the victims of change and not the champions of good change.

We can just sit back and let people like Pinocchio Bush lead us into the melting of ice, have no oversight of big business owning our government and let paid corporate lobbyists own our congress members' votes. We can let our President ignore our Consitutional rights on the grounds that it is the way to protect our rights. Or WE THE PEOPLE can step up and be our government's oversight branch of the land that does have a Constitution. Use it or lose it - is fitting to the freedoms that we have written into our Constitution. What kind of a country do we want? The one that Pinocchio Bush wants or something different?

Do we know that our media is owned basically by a few powerful people who decide what news will be allowed to be reported? The internet can be the salvation to this fact, if only we will make the effort and take the time.

Do we really want our government stopping stem cell research?

Do we really want our government ignoring problems that many or most of us know we have in our country as well as with our image to the rest of the world?

If we don't take control, people like GW Bush, Osama bin Laden, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-il, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, and on and on - will be in control. Is that what we want? Is that what we will accept and resign to?

Just asking the question. I think someone needs to ask the question. What we don't acknowledge and has happened before - will happen again. Do we really think that if we ignore the truth that it will go away?


I LOVE BEING ABLE TO BLOG, SURF THE INTERNET AND CHECK OUT YOUTUBE. It's all a miracle to me. I grew up with transistor radios and I remember the first TV we ever had at home. I learned how to do Word on an early Apple computer at the school I was teaching music. It seems I have learned a lot because I was in a way "under fire" to get something done. My first Word document was for my builder's contract for the house I designed and currently live in. I had it all done and then hit some key that erased the whole thing. Now after many years of using Microsoft Word on my first personal computer , a Dell, and others, I just bought my first IMAC. It is really frustrating because my Word documents aren't transferring right even though I installed Microsoft Office for IMACs. And my learning curve is not that fast and I am "under fire" again because of my Darfur event that I am the lead organizer for the state of Rhode Island.

I am writing this on my laptop with Windows XP because it is easier than trying to figure how to use my IMAC...I can't get the pictures to load and on and on... None of this matters, but I just got to thinking...how great it is to be able to communicate and read other's writings from around the world by typing on a keyboard and hitting one key to send it off. When it's working it is a miracle and I love it! We have such power. I hope we realize that and use the internet to network and use it to do good. I hope we don't throw it away on stupid and irrelevant things. Yes, it can be used for porn, among other things that aren't that uplifting to our humanity, but it can be used to raise the bar also.

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