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My recent posts have been about Darfur and the genocide. This is a diversion.

I had never seen The Forsyte Saga, until now. And I was drawn to it because of Ioan Gruffudd who plays Philip Bosinney, the young architect.

I was so taken with the love-making with mere eyes - between Irene and Philip before they even were consciously aware of their magnetism for one another.

This is the way it is described on the website:

The Forsyte Saga is the story of a love polygon that shifts like a kaleidoscope. Soames loves Irene, Irene loves Bosinney, and later, young Jolyon. Young Jolyon's daughter June loves Bosinney, young Jolyon loves his daughter's nanny Helene, and later, Irene. Old Jolyon, improbably, is infatuated with Irene. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/forsyte/


”This is a music video for the 2002 Masterpiece Theater miniseries "THE FORSYTE SAGA". Covering the first two episodes of the series, the video tells the tale of the arrogant and wealthy Soames Forsyte, played by Damian Lewis and his obsession with the meek and dark-haired Irene Heron. Heartbroken with what seems like a life destined to be cold and loveless, Irene falls for the handsome architect Philip Bosinney, portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd. Set to the music of Depeche Mode, "Enjoy The Silence" highlights the restrained passion of the love triangle, and Soames' bitterness of what can only end in loneliness...” From mrbnatural


Scandal at the ball


Irene and Bosinney in love.


June blasts Soames with a few home truths following Bosinney's funeral.


But the scene that personally and deeply moved and touched me is the exchange between the elder Uncle Jolyon and younger Irene Heron after Philip dies.

Uncle Jolyon to Ireeny Heron: There are things I must say.

Ireeny: Do we have to? Do we not understand each other?

Uncle Jolyon: Enough to know I don’t need to be protected from myself.

My heart is full, Ireeny. And if you never come again, so be it. But, there are things I must say…

You’re a jewel.

You’ve brought me laughter, joy

and instead of feeling satisfied, you’ve made me hungry for more.

And I despair that I wasn’t born later.

I thank you.

Ireeny: I’ve done nothing.

Uncle Jolyon: Yeah, you have. You’ve seen me. Not the wrinkles, the stoop. In here (he taps his heart). What’s inside. You’ve changed (shakes his head from side to side) everything. And I can’t be discreet anymore. I can’t shuffle meekly towards my death.

Ireeny: Uncle Jolyon you have given me much more than I have ever given you.

Uncle Jolyon: Then stay.


I loved Ioan in this role. I would have hated playing the creep husband, Soames Forsyte. Well, of course, that would have been tough, being I’m female. But hopefully, you get what I mean. He was so detestable. And Irene would have been hard to play, so understated. I would have felt like screaming at some point. That’s why I usually don’t like these period pieces. I would have been a rebel. I never can understand when I see characters who take the fall for someone else by not speaking up and stating the truth. I’m such a “now” person. So glad I’m living now and I can speak my mind.


Really enjoyed this series, though.

I so love the arts. What blessings.



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