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THE STORY MEDIA and PRESIDENT OBAMA NEGLECT DAY AFTER DAY. A story untold, news unreported STILL GOES ON and on and on.....since 2003. Eight years and counting. The holocaust lasted 12 years. Four years to go at this rate and Darfur will be the longer genocide.

On a Whitehouse conference call within the last two weeks, it was confirmed that President Obama is removing the genocide-supporting government of Sudan from the USA state-sponsored terrorist list. He has changed. "Change" with Obama has turned out to be nothing like he said he would be.

As I said in my letter to him (Dear President Obama - Defing Terrorism in Terms of Genocide and Darfur ):

Obama has betrayed the Darfur people, including most recently waiving the protection for Darfuris created in an agreement ~ The Darfur Peace and Accountability Act- DPAA (Darfur_Peace_and_Accountability_Act explained) (H.R. 3127/S. 1462). This apparently has been done so that the USA can remove Sudan from a USA list of state sponsors of terrorism. This is WHILE the Sudan government bombs Darfur civilians because of their ethnicity, which amounts to a state sponsored terrorism all by itself. Rightly so, Senator Obama complained that Bush was selling out Darfur. And at that time, Senator Obama was proud of forcing linkage via DPAA to justice being done regarding Darfur. Obama, as President, is waiving the requirements within the DPAA to protect Darfuris.


Darfur Liberation Forces continue to report ongoing bombing

By Radio Dabanga

22 Feb 2011

Darfur rebels claim that bombing is ongoing in central Darfur. The alliance of the Liberation factions (Sudan Liberation Movement - Abdel Wahid, Sudan Liberation Movement – Minni Minawi, and Karbino) said that bombing is still ongoing in areas of Jebel East and around Shangil Tobaya. The aerial attacks have been reported for weeks now.

Ibrahim Suleiman Abdullah, speaking from the field behalf of the alliance of Liberation Forces, told Radio Dabanga that the air strikes targeted the civilian populations in Wadi Mora and some of the villages there. They also caused death among the livestock and caused thousands flee.

Ibrahim described the situation of civilians who fled the bombing as very bad, noting that some fled from areas of Jebel East into Wadi Mora. They are awaiting the arrival of UNAMID and humanitarian organizations to save them, Ibrahim told Radio Dabanga.

Meanwhile, the UNAMID peacekeepers reported aerial bombardment near Sortony, approximately 110km west of El Fasher, North Darfur, Sunday at around 1730hrs.

UNAMID sent an assessment mission to Wadi Mora. The Mission “continues to evaluate the findings” of the Mission. The peacekeeping mission has not made any of its reports public, but it disclosed in a press statement yesterday that the team found “a number of villages were abandoned, and a large number of their inhabitants have moved to Tawilla and Zamzam camps.”

Rebels warn UN against using Darfur airfields


31,000 new arrivals at Zamzam Camp following Darfur bombing

By Radio Dabanga


21 Feb 2011

About 31.000 displaced people arrived at Zamzam Camp during the past days, fleeing from Shangil Tobaya Camp and the surrounding villages following aerial bombardment there on 17 and 18 February.

A witness in Zamzam described the conditions of the thousands of newly displaced people as “very bad”. He said there is no process to record their arrival or provide them with any food or tents for shelter.

Cases of diarrhea have emerged among children of the new arrivals, the witness at Zamzam told Radio Dabanga.

One of the leaders of Zamzam Camp appealed to international organizations and the United Nations to immediately intervene and provide humanitarian and medical aid to the tens of thousands of newly displaced people in the camp. In remarks broadcast today on Radio Dabanga, the leader described the situation of the new arrivals as grave.

Last Saturday, UN-African Union peacekeeping mission said there was a “recrudescence” (worsening) of violence in the areas where these 31.000 people have fled from. The UNAMID chief issued a statement saying he was “particularly disturbed about reports of the most recent recrudescence of violence between Government of the Sudan soldiers and a combined group of elements from several rebel movements, in the region of Shangil Tobaya, 66 kilometers south west of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur.”


South Sudan clashes force 20,000 to flee: official

Source: afp

JUBA, Sudan (AFP) – Over 20,000 people fled clashes last week between rebels and the army in south Sudan's troubled Jonglei state in which over 200 people died, a senior official said on Thursday.

"People have run from the fighting, and 20,000 people have been displaced," said Stephen Kuol, Jonglei's state education minister, releasing the findings of an assessment mission to the devastated Fangak region in which he took part...

...Many of the victims -- the majority of them civilians -- reportedly drowned in a river as they tried to escape the two days of fighting.

Kuol, who comes from the area and who helped to bury some of the victims in mass graves, said he witnessed "floating corpses" following the violence last week, which he described as "mass butchery."

Several officials in the county administration died, as well as the deputy head of both the prison and army based in the area, Kuol said.

Followers of the renegade southern general George Athor are accused of carrying out the attacks, which broke a ceasefire many had hoped would end the conflict.

They came just days after formal confirmation of the results of the January 9-15 referendum on southern independence, in which almost 99 percent of southerners voted to split with the north...

...Analysts have said that maintaining security in the fledgling southern nation, which is due to win international recognition in July, will be a major challenge. Read the full article: Source: afp



Official date January 30, 1933 - the Beginning of the Holocaust.

The lead up and the ending

After the 1932 elections it became clear to the Nazi leaders that they would never be able to secure a majority of the votes and that they would have to rely on other means to gain power. Leading up to the 1933 elections, the Nazis began intensifying acts of violence to wreak havoc among the opposition. At the same time, with cooperation from local authorities, they set up camps as concentration centers within Germany. One of the first was Dachau, which opened in March 1933. These early camps were meant to hold, torture, or kill only political prisoners, such as Communists and Social Democrats. Eventually, the Nazis imprisoned Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, critical journalists, and other undesirables.

These early prisons, usually basements and storehouses, were eventually consolidated into full-blown, centrally run camps outside of the cities and somewhat removed from the public eye. By 1942, six large extermination camps, located in Nazi-occupied Poland, had been established.After 1939, with the beginning of the Second World War, the concentration camps increasingly became places where the non-political enemies of the Nazis, including Jews and POWs, were either killed or forced to act as slave laborers, and kept undernourished and tortured.

The holocaust ended in specific places when the Allies liberated the camps in 1944-1945. The official end to the holocaust did not come until the end of WWII and all German troops surrendered.

The holocaust ended in specific places when the Allies liberated the camps in 1944-1945. The official end to the holocaust did not come until the end of WWII and all German troops surrendered.

December 28 1945

"We heard a loud voice repeating the same words in English and in German: "Hello, hello. You are free. We are British soldiers and have come to liberate you." These words still resound in my ears." Hadassah Rosensaft, inmate of Bergen-Belsen.

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