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Genocide flourishes when there are perpetrators, weapons suppliers and Leaders Who Lack the Will To Hold the Perpetrators Accountable.

At a time when the world is focusing on the January referendum on Southern Sudanese independence, Darfur must not fall off the agenda of policymakers around the world. Doing so could result in a repeat of history and unmentionable violence and despair for the people of Darfur.
Darfuri child's artwork of his experience during the Khartoum government's support of genocide on Darfuris


Salve Regina University student ~ Edwin Mutanguha's speech about Darfur ~ From Rhode Island Torch Relay

Camera for speech: Sally Hanchett

Note: One jpeg image of a Darfuri child's experience of what happened to him in his life (with text: "Peace is not the absence of war, but the presence of justice") is by a Darfuri child who lives in a refugee camp.

The jpeg by Lucas is a painting made by a USA boy who made it for Darfuris.


Make a Difference

Call 1-800-GENOCIDE ~ ask Secretary Clinton to immediately hire a high-level diplomat for Darfur.

Here's how:

1. Dial: 1-800-GENOCIDE
2. Follow the instructions on the recording to be connected to Secretary Clinton's office.
3. You'll probably be asked to leave a message. Here's what to say:
* Say your name
* Say the name of your state
* Then say: "I urge Secretary of State Clinton to immediately hire a high-level diplomat for Darfur."
Source: blog for darfur

Media Neglect

As has been true a lot, the Darfuri people have been forgotten and neglected in 2010 by the leaders of the world. As the attacks continue in 2010 upon the Darfuri people, most USA media neglects to cover the story. And the USA government has been a part of that neglect. With the attention on the two Jaunuary 9, 2010 referendums, where Southern Sudanese and Abyei will vote to separate from Sudan, the attention on Darfur is even less than has been the case. The website ~ stopgenocidenow

Stop Genocide Now i-ACT team is returning to the Darfur refugee camps on the Chad-Darfur border in late 2010. They will be uploading same day web casts from the camps. The SGN iAct team will also be establishing the school to school relationships for the Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program.

Help in donations for the trip to the refugee camp in December 2010. Donations are for the following ~
$20 - Rechargeable Battery Packs
$30 - Digital Cameras
$35 - Portable Video Cameras
$100 - Flip Cameras
$250 - Satellite usage for initial reporting

The digital and flip video cameras will be given out to refugee reporters (mostly youth). Through their eyes, we will learn about their lives. Information on the cameras will be uploaded and by satellite viewing will be available for the world to see. From stopgenocidenow

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