Thursday, October 14, 2010


If you have come here with any regularity, you know music is very important to me

This is special.

Dark Was the Night

The following text is from the Playing for Change website:

The Playing For Change crew first met this unbelievably talented musician by a happy coincidence eight years ago. Mark Johnson, Jonathan Walls and Whitney Kroenke were heading to New Orleans in search of musicians and inspiration, and long-time friend of the project Keb' Mo' offered to put them in touch with someone.

When Mark dialed the number Keb' Mo' had given him, an Italian man answered. He told Mark that the person he was calling for was on the road with a band, but that he himself was a street musician in New Orleans and would love to be involved in our project.

In the eight years following that initial conversation, Roberto Luti has become one of the musical pillars on which Playing For Change has been built. We hope you enjoy his hauntingly beautiful slide guitar on this soulful piece. And if you ever find yourself in Livorno, check to see if he is performing-- it's an experience you wouldn't want to miss!


I had the highest compliment ever paid to me this past summer after I had played piano and sung some songs for a couple staying with me. They live in southern France.

She didn't feel comfortable speaking English, but I understood her English and felt blessed by her expression of these words: "Your music comes from your soul."

That is how I feel about the music in the video above.

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