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Comment on this video's youtube page from my friend Johanna:

Thanks Sandra, for this lovely and funny video! What a lot of work to do the cuts, I know this very well. But I have to agree with your line:

"I don't know how to plan my life. But I do know that the only things that overflow in my heart are when I create. Its in the expression of what I feel, of what I am, that makes me whole. Brings me joy. Peace. Livens me up." It sure was a lot of fun for you to create this - and it is a lot of fun to watch it ! And I really love the music!! :)

Hugs, Johanna

You are so right with your words, Sandra - and if I could express myself better, I would say the same, but I'm sure, you know what I mean to say :)

I hope it is okay for you that I put a quote from you on my website ("me") - because you described so perfectly your feeling about to plan your life and about to create. You have described me too. I love this line, and it is so true. Thank you again for being in my life and always thank you for your wonderful words!

Love, Johanna

Johanna is an artistic, creative and gifted video maker. Here is a link to one
Here is her Youtube channel: jopicca

Comments that I wrote to Johanna at the above video's youtube page:

Johanna ~

We are one in the spirit of creating. And regarding Heath. Like souls. I thought of you while seeing the end coming of this work-of-the-heart. And in my heart, I dedicate this to you especially. Knowing we share an appreciation of beauty and the knowledge that expressing it in our ways ~ is comforting and blooms gratitude. The joy born of creating proves life asks us to live our talents. And when we answer "yes" it is then we feel full. I continue to draw inspiration and awe from Heath's spirit. I so wish him the completeness and fullness of spirit there where he flys above this plane.

Of course, anyone who loves Heath is an impetus to post our little heart gems. And on the canvas of life and our hearts, we find what is needed to express ourselves and find the stimulation for our impulses to create. It is lovely. So, too, this is for anyone who shares our love for the lovely in our human spirit, for Heath, and what makes us whole. And the fun of being a “kid” of the heart and playful is WONDERful.

I love scoring life with music….picking out the music. And Circus of Dreams made this a dream to do – giving me their blessing. Much appreciation to you, Johanna for your understanding and sharing of who you are.

Hug, Sandra

Sequel to "Celebrating Heath Ledger ~ Don't Postpone Joy"

Some touch us in brief or remote encounters and the blessings last a lifetime.

Heath Ledger was one. Thank you.

One day Matilda Rose Ledger will surely see the breadth of the love for her father. And may she know this love never goes away, but continues to ripple out in the universe reaching out with love toward all that is good.

Heath was such a joy to work with while making this video
I smiled at him and laughed right along with him.

Looking at his beautiful face and smile
is still a best thing in life for me.
I love him more after working on this.
Throw your best energy out to the universe and see what comes back.

I don't know how to plan my life. But I do know that the only things that overflow in my heart are when I create. It's in the expression of what I feel, of what I am, that makes me whole. Brings me joy. Peace. Livens me up.

At Portsmouth, Rhode Island's Common Fence Music Hall
February 13, 2010
Joziah Longo, the leader of the
Gandalf Murphy and The Slambovian Circus of Dreams
gave me enthusiastic permission to use
the bands music with my Youtube videos

I always encourage viewers to buy the music I use in my videos.

And this is especially true for the Slambovian Circus of Dreams.

Better Life
Alice in Space

Heath Ledger sings
Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Slambovian Band Members
Joziah Longo
Tink Lloyd
Sharkey Mc Ewen
Tony Zuzulo
Orien Longo

Check out the bands schedule, get the lyrics and buy the bands music at www.slambovia.com

Available at Itunes, too


standalone player
Radio Slambovia provides multiple free player embed codes at
Above is one example
and below is another

Electronic press kits

Facebook ~ Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams


The ghosts Americana have all gathered here today
To dream their dreams together and to try and find a way
To get the hope we used to have to come back into play
Oh desire, oh desire come again

There's giants roaming in our streets the workers fear their din
They swing their heavy bottom lines they threaten life and limb
They kill their loyal labor slaves at some financial whim
Oh desire, oh desire come again
Oh desire, oh desire come again

There's terrorizing strangers knocking downstairs at our door
They threaten everything we know to even some vague score
Where they began and where well end its hard to say no more
Oh desire, oh desire come again
Oh desire, oh desire come again

Whoa light of love what can you send
Whoa light of love we need a friend
Sometimes fear that its the end|

A land of milk and honey, a land where there's no fear
That's built on love not money oh how can we bring it here
A land that is for everyone lets wipe away each tear
Oh desire oh desire come again

Oh desire, oh desire come again
Oh desire, oh desire, come and bring your holy fire
Oh desire, oh desire come again.

Facebook video uploading

facebook upload of this video. I have found facebook to have wonderful visual clarity of the video uploads but the lips are not in snyc. Same upload I use at Youtube, where the lips are as I synced them.

The opening video shot is at Third Beach five minutes from my house. The waves at the end were shot in 2009 at Ruggles Avenue here in Newport, Rhode Island. Surfers love this Atlantic Ocean spot. The camera is not high definition.

This video was especially difficult to make. Most difficult was editing the deleted scenes that needed days of editing. It was necessary to separate every one or two seconds to get the English and the French divided. And even then the audio didn't line up at all. A second of audio could be missing easily because the audio for the English would overlap and be in the French second or two and vice versa, at best. That is the reason for the words sounding mispronounced, while in the movie, they were really pronounced correctly. The audio had to be extracted twice for the second car outtake scene. It was perfect, then it wasn't. Sometimes, it is just a mystery and you keep trying. Syncing the lips with Heaths song, Cant Take My Eyes Off You was a challenge. I am crossing my fingers that Youtube allows Heaths song from the movie. I did the best that I could and then some. I included a cut with the English and French still entwined, as well. I thought it was fun to watch. The yellow and white lettering are used respectively for the English and the French.

We are a reflection of what we hold dear and who we love.

Previous post on creating

You Should Always Be Creating


Rafa is in Madrid, Spain

Round 1

Rafa had a bye

Round 2

Rafa defeated Oleksandr Dolgopolov

6-4, 6-3

May 12, 2010

Round 3

Rafa defeated John Isner

7-5, 6-4

May 13, 2010

Rafael Nadal of Spain reacts in his third round match against John Isner of the USA during the Mutua Madrilena Madrid Open tennis tournament at the Caja Magica on May 13, 2010 in Madrid, Spain. Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe

Pictures ~ Mutua Madrilena Madrid Open of Rafael Nadal

Quarter Final

Rafa Nadal versus Gael Monfils

Friday, May 14, 2010

Not before 9:30 a.m.

Manolo Santana Court


Better sites for information:
tennis channel

atpworld tour

TV viewing
The Tennis Channel

There is better TV coverage of tennis tournaments on USA TV,
when they are outside the USA

Fan Support Sites ~ Great sources of information

vamos brigade

Rafa's Babolat-sponsored forum

Online viewing to try (for free)



For a fee

Need a Translation?

Translating site


My facebook

My twitter

We can use our voices to prevent
and end violence and genocide:


The font is varied on this page and I apologize it is such a visual mess. However, I am tired due to staying up all night last night with no sleep at all. But I saw the end to this multiple days project of the video posted above and I wanted to finish it. And I am behind on posting for Rafa's tournament in Madrid, so this will have to do.

And the quickest way to post this was to copy and past texts, which always makes the texts come out this way. A visual mess.

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