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We need to speak the truth, no matter who is or isn't listening. Truth is our ally. Certainly the weak lips of Gration - Obama's representative of his administration for Darfur and Sudan issues, is a disaster that just keeps the disaster going for injustice in Sudan. Obama is wrong to keep Gration. But he knows what Gration is saying and Obama, himself, is silent. Obama is wrong. We are on the side of truth. And Obama already has a legacy regarding Sudan that he should be hanging his head in shame about.

Sandra Hammel

First African American president to Promote Injustice in African Country

By Mohamed Yahya


May 01,2010.

As the victims and survivors of Darfur genocide, we are not surprised by the results of the Sudanese rigged, flawed elections that have been announced earlier this week, to declare a victory for Omar Al-Bashir, as a re-elected president to Sudan. But we are extremely shocked, and terribly annoyed for the support of some of the international community members, especially, the USA, the UN, the African Union, the Arab League, Muslim world and some of the European countries. It is so painful and enormously unbelievable moments for us, after all this agony, grievances and those beloved families, friends, relatives and people we lost, villages destroyed, our money, properties and animals lost.

We have worked very hard for many years to fulfill justice and promote lasting peace, freedom and democracy in our country. Suddenly, our hopes and dreams were gone without becoming true.

A man who orchestrated and perpetuated a heinous crimes against humanity, committed war crimes, genocide, by wiping out more than 450,000 people in Darfur alone from 2003 to the present day, was set to get away with it. He was to escape justice without accountability, even though he was indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) March 4, 2009 with arrest warrant passed against him and other suspects such as Ahmad Haroun, who promoted as a Governor of South Kordoan, Ali Kusheeb, the Janjaweed Leader.

In the peak of the 21st century, before the eyes of the world, Mr. Al-Bashir and his National Congress Party (NCP) have been rewarded and promoted for what they did in Darfur for over a decade, including killings, raping, displacing and enslaving the innocent, for no reason other than their ethnic identity, culture, language and beliefs.

People born free and deserving to live free on their land - have been targeted and their oppressors are set to be let go free of charges. When Dr. Martin Luther King said:" I have a dream, " our dream doesn't comes true. He also said: "Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last".

But this time, not for us...it is for Al-Bashir and the rest of the NCP, who are killers. They are the ones who are set free at last. It is history repeating itself from America to Darfur of Africa today.

As humanitarian and civic rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King voicing powerful words, said: " It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note in so far as her citizens of color are concerned.Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check; a check which has come back marked 'insufficient funds'. But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt."

And guess what?

Who has turned a blind to the suffering of Africans in Darfur?

* A man who claims to be in charge of change, democracy and civic rights movement and inheritor of Mr. King's legacy.
* A man from the same African decent, and the first African American president of the United States of America.
* A man called "Obama" who promised to do as good, as Mr. King asked for.
"The United States has a moral obligation anytime you see humanitarian catastrophes. We can't say 'never again' and then allow it to happen again as President of the United States, I don't intend to abandon people or turn a blind eye to slaughter." Presidential candidate Barack Obama

Unfortunately, President Obama and his administration, specifically, General Gration have deliberately, ignored and turned a blind eye to Darfur and supported the indicted President Al-Bashir and his notorious regime financially, logistically,and technically for the Doha negotiations and the manipulated and stolen elections that were boycotted by Darfuris and major parties in Sudan and by most American people. But Obama's White House says: "Okay" to the Sudan's rigged elections despite the frauds, harassment, blocking the opponents, forcing for voter registration, bribes, intimidation and all kinds of rights violations and free choices.

Therefore, Al-Bashir has been given a green light to win an election without any competition, and he later claimed victory to wash his bloody hands. This happened while the so-called United Nations Security Council remained silent following USA's example with no rejections or objections.

At the end of the day, only the people of Darfur are paying the price because the Sudan government and the Janjaweed are continuously attacking Darfur still now, bombing more Darfuri villages. They have escalated the situation significantly after the election's results were announced Monday April 26, 2010, after threats of demonstrations by the angry civilians rejecting election results declaring Al-Bashir's victory. Since then, extensive troops are surrounding all cities, villages and camps and are blocking roads with people kept hostage in their homes. The forces of injustice are declaring de-facto martial law and affecting restriction of movements, especially in El-fasir, Al-geneina and Nyala. This is in addition to unidentified numbers of causalities that continue to be reported.

Regarding Darfur and Sudan, at this time, there is no clear indication that the USA and its allies' polices are going to protest such vicious actions. But it seems to be that their focus is on the Comprehensive Peace Agreement's (CPA) implementation and the 2011 Southern Sudan's referendum. That is more important to this Obama administration than Darfur and the rest of Sudan. They want to separate the country and keep it apart instead of being united in one Sudan. They have ignored the best and logical fair solution by isolating and changing Al-Bashir's NCP regime, which is the real threat and the reason of Sudan's separation. The USA-led world is determined to pursue a foreign policy path that will lead to the Southern Sudan secession.

It is obviously about interest of oil resources, as well as a religious factor that draws the attention of some in the Obama administration. There has been a significant growth of religious lobbyists' groups who have an interest in Southern Sudan, who are influencing events behind the scenes, as well as, others who are shouting "Save Sudan" not "Save Darfur." Some have even further outrageous views and are jealously claiming that Darfur gotten more attention than it deserves.

Some have ignored the fact that Southern Sudan has it's autonomy governed by Southerners, enjoying a peace that Darfuris lacked under the control of dictatorial fascist government of Al-Bashir, who has made Darfuris' lives suffering a hellish nightmare on a daily basis.

It is bitterness to discriminate against one nation in terms of religion, culture, language, ethnicity, or beliefs, repeating the same policy used by their oppressors. It is terribly sad to see things moving to the opposite direction at the expense of Sudanese people specifically Darfuris and South Sudanese themselves. No wise person would think for a moment that a separation of Southern Sudan from Sudan will gives them more privileges than unity. Sudan is a unique country because of it's strategic location, solid united capacity, riches and spectacular land in its holiness, and a significant amount of a rare resources.

Some are trying to take an advantage of CPA, as if it is a Bible in everything, which was not and never could be perfect. It is a man-made law and could be amended for such useful adjustments to benefit with respect and dignity for all, not just a few. It is totally unjustified when you know the SPLM leader, such as the late Dr. John Garang, who fought for over twenty years, for one united Sudan from Nimoli south to Wadi Halfa north, and Algeniena of west Darfur to the Port Sudan at east. His priority fight and principals were for a united Sudan. He could have been satisfied with a referendum from the beginning and stopped fighting and had what he wanted without more bloodshed. He was one of the most charismatic and farsighted leaders Africa ever had. Therefore, his famous statement is still ringing in our ears: "I need to see Sudan like a dish of salad" - all different colors green, red, white, yellow and black. He died in a mysterious helicopter crash, gone with his secrets forever. God rest his soul in peace.

It is stunning and compelling when political decisions are directed against the people's will. We are against the policies and politics that defy human dignity, human rights and liberty. It is sham to see those shouting "YES, for Justice"
yesterday and saying: "NO" today or remaining silent, Mr. Obama. History will never forgive them. The whole world will never forgive them. It is shameful to accommodate the criminals and forget the victims.

We urge and ask President Obama of the most powerful country in the world, America, to reject this sham election and support the International Criminal Court (ICC) to enforce justice in Sudan against the barbaric fundamentalism before it was too late.

We also urging the Special Envoy General Scott Gration to stop promoting the corrupt government in Sudan and its stolen elections. It is unfair to held what so-called "off the records meetings" in certain places to support the rigged elections and Al-Bashir government.

We are so offended to hear the head of South Sudan Mission in the USA, Mr. Ezekiel at the Corner Stone Church of Virginia last April 25, 2010, supporting what general Gration emphasizing about the elections as fair and free.

"We must do it on time to keep the referendum on time. We all knew who was going to win a year ago...if you don't know the results going to be,then you don't know anything" as General Gration stated responding to audience questions even they knew it wasn't right.

Supporting the wrong outcome to justify the referendum regardless how it will affect the whole situation in the country and will make a mockery of our shared commitment to justice, human dignity and our universal human rights.

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