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Heath as Tony in Terry Gilliam's currently released film,
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
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It took me seeing Dr Parnassus for the 9th time to hear ALL of the ring tones at the end of the movie. This is the third theatre that I have seen it in and it is the FIRST theatre that let the movie run all the way to the end! The first theatre never let one ring tone sound and the second theatre only let one ring tone ring. So, imagine my delight when I heard them all.

I saw The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus....Sunday, February 7, for my 9th time. It was the first time in my local theatre. They gave it their very huge screen of the 3 screens. It was fabulous....bigger than the other two theatres I saw it in, even the modern one with the wonderful sound system at Providence Place. So this one was best because of the size of the screen. I sat so close - it was just grand. I always wondered about the ring tones at the very end of the credits, when I read that Theresa, the administrator of www.imaginariumofdrparnassusheard them coming repeatedly from different directions in the theatre. So, I was pleasantely surprised when I heard them all for the first time. I searched out and thanked the manager for letting the movie go to the end...told her too, that I loved it on the huge screen. I think she thought I asked to talked to her because I had a complaint! I shared with her that this was my 9th time to see it.

Oh, and I saw Heath's blue eyes with the huge screen. Something I knew about, but hadn't been so easy to observe before. This theatre uniquely positions seating and screen in an intimate and close proximity.

EXCLUSIVE! Dr. Parnassus: Ledger’s Eye Color And More, Gilliam Answers Trivia Query

Today, I went back to my local theatre - The Opera House - in Newport, Rhode Island to see Dr. Parnassus for the 10th time. The manager that I thanked yesterday, recognized me immediately, when I bought my ticket. I asked her if she knew how long the movie would be playing here. The answer was something close to this: “I can tell you this, it (Parnassus) will be playing at least until February 25th. Beyond that, I can’t tell you.”

Every time, but the first time, that I have seen the "Imaginarium" - as my ticket calls it - the audience has been small. I love to know the scenes that are coming up and what always makes me laugh. And I love to listen to what others pick up on and laugh at, too. When I first saw Heath Ledger’s final film, I kept my eyes on Heath completely. And I now feel I can look around for more in the scenes, which means I notice new things, new details.

I tried to write down in the dark to the best of my ability my favorite lines in the movie. Heath, as Tony, to Valentina “…What a fool I’ve been to think that I could have changed the world. Made a difference, given people hope. How arrogant...”

Yesterday, two people stood even after the last ring tones sounded for awhile....I think they must have been paying their respects in doing this. Or having their own heartfelt moments.

Today, after the last ring tone sounded, the manager was in the theatre cleaning up rows behind me and called out to me while I was leaving to "have a nice night". When I bought my ticket, I asked her if she knew how long the movie would be playing here. The answer was something close to this: “I can tell you this, it (Parnassus) will be playing at least until February 25th. Beyond that, I can’t tell you.” That is great news as we are to get snow Wednesday and I may not get out Wednesday. It shows daily at 4:15 p.m.and 7:00 p.m. and on weekends it showed two matinees and two nightly screenings daily. boxofficemoj Matinees are $5.75. Evenings are $8.00.

The Boston Globe's review ends this way:

The film will outlive Ledger’s death, obviously, and on its own terms it’s of a piece with Gilliam’s recent work: overstuffed, understructured, dingy to look at, but vibrant with ideas half- and fully baked, which is already more ideas than most films consider. (Among other things, “Imaginarium’’ rescues Troyer, the onetime “Austin Powers’’ prop, as an actor to be taken seriously. The pessimist of the troupe, Percy turns out to be its stalwart heart as well.)

Mostly, though, “Imaginarium’’ is about the possibility of magic in the modern world, a topic near to Gilliam’s own big, fitful heart. In a way the director never intended, his movie now stands as evidence of the magic we’re lucky to capture on film and the magic we have to make for ourselves. See it for both kinds.

Read the full review Morality Tale Works Its Magic in Imaginarium

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Tribute: Artist's Comments
Not the red baron - deviant art - Heath and Heather

I met Heath Ledger in 2000. I was working on From Hell and he was shooting A Knights Tale which were both being shot in and around Prague.

It was one of the best and worst times of my life - I was in a Hollywood movie, shooting scenes with Johnny Depp and Robbie Coltrane but behind all the glitz and the glamour there was a sour taste to the whole experience: I (unlike many of the other actors working on the film), had been out in Prague for nearly three months, it was lonely living out of a hotel room and I had terrible anxiety and self doubt with regards to my part in the movie itself - coupled with some unpleasant incidents on set, I felt very isolated and vulnerable.

One evening during that time, some of the actors from my film had arranged to meet some of the actors from the other film at a night spot in Prague and I happened to be in that very same bar when they arrived. Out of everyone who was there, it was Heath who asked me if I would like to join their party, some of the guys had said hello to me when they arrived and Heath had deduced I must have been working on the other film and that I was on my own.

I had a really great time that night, and on a couple occasions Heath invited me over to his apartment to hang out with his friends. It was on one of those occasions that this photo was taken. Heath had discovered that I was an artist and that I was also a photographer and he had with him an old bashed up camera which he handed to me and asked if I wouldn't mind taking some shots of him and Heather Graham.

That will be my enduring memory of him - how he was completely genuine and his startling kindness - he made me feel included when I had been excluded and made my memories of Prague a great deal happier than they might have been... I can't imagine how devastated the people who knew him well must be.

I wanted to share this with the dA community as it's been reported that far right extremists intend to picket and disrupt his funeral. Know this, Heath Ledger was a good person, a kind person: please don't let anyone persuade you otherwise. His loss should be mourned, not mocked.

Rest in peace Heath...



EXCLUSIVE! Producer, Amy Gilliam, Shares Memories And Stories Of The Making Of “Dr. Parnassus”

Monique Prudhomme Nominated For Costume Designers Guild Award For Dr. Parnassus!

Dr. Parnassus – A Tribute To What Movies CAN And SHOULD Be

Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus Wins Movie Poster Of The Year

EXCLUSIVE! A Trip Through Dr. Parnassus’ Mirror With Concept Designer, Daniel Auber

While reading the wonderful EXCLUSIVE interviews provided on this site, it is clear that the humanity brought together for Parnassus is where any true artist would relish to be. Dave Warren and Monique Prudhomme are the names that symbolize that humanity for the purpose of Oscar night and the whole team must be beaming with pride. And Heath's smile always lit up a room and our hearts. So here's a nod to Heath.

I love what Terry says
We are so grateful to Terry, and all those on the Parnassus Team to finish this creation.

Dr. Parnassus Nominated For Two Oscars!

Terry Gilliam’s Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus has been nominated for two Oscars! Dr. Parnassus has been nominated in the categories of Best Art Direction and Best Costumes. Congratulations! We are so proud of you!

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus stars Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Jude Law, Christopher Plummer, Tom Waits, Verne Troyer, Lily Cole and Andrew Garfield.

What was that line that Heath’s Tony says "Can you put a price on your dreams?"

Well, here’s a dream!

Oscars for Parnassus?

2010-Oscar Nominees Vancouver District 9 Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Meanwhile, Montreal-born Vancouver resident Monique Prudhomme is nominated for a costume-design Oscar for her work on the partially Vancouver-shot feature The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, for which she has already won a 2009 Satellite Award. She’s also up for a Costume Designers Guild Award for excellence in fantasy film (February 25). She had been previously nominated for a CDG award for Juno.

She was involved in helping to maintain character continuity when lead actor Heath LedgerTerry Gilliam decided that his character would subsequently be portrayed by three actors (Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp, and Jude Law) who each wore an identical white suit that Prudhomme had made for them. died, and director

When asked what she will wear on the red carpet, Prudhomme’s philosophical. “They say in French a saying that would be translated more or less like, ‘It’s the shoemaker that has the holes in the soles’.…So for a costume designer to try to dress herself, it’s always a challenge. But I will rise to it!”

The Academy Awards will be handed out on March 7.

Oscar Nominee, Dave Warren, Talks Dr. Parnassus Design



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