Sunday, August 16, 2009


We need an education of the heart and spirit,

The most important things belong first, not last, or never.

In search of a new world,

the wings of the spirit must not be clipped.

The days of our lives must become precious.

In all heaven and earth,

there is this one thing to do:

take your time

Enjoy the perfection of what you are doing.

Enjoy accomplishing it exquisitely.

Human life must know ecstasy.

Intense beauty is liberation.

…Here again, as everywhere,

the great river passing –

I passing,

you passing . . .

. . . forever flowing down

through time,

flowing through many channels,

fading out of the embraces of

its names . . .

. . . simple as the voice of a child

and never to be quite known.

In this light and breeze are resurrection echoes.

Suddenly one becomes aware one lives in an eternity,

And hears strange footsteps

ascending anciently trodden pathways.

Our lives like dreams endure

and reach out over the universe.

Nothing real is to itself alone.

There are sidestreams to rivers,

there are overtones to thought.

Great love reaches out

and is involved in the world’s


Our loves are only symbols of

an unknown immortality.

Where communion is deep,

there exists no separation at all,

for what needs telling those we

love is understood already,

and what is supposed to be

gone and past is often more real than ever.

Through the sculpture of experience,

that part of ourselves

which survives, like cloud, resolves continuously.

This is the spirit of my hope and my religion.

Cedric Wright

Words of the Earth

As I am writing my will and the words and music that I want to be included after my mortal body dies, I went to Cedric Wright's book of Words of the Earth. I have typed a portion of the book that I love. This book includes the beautiful photography art of the High Sierra wilderness country of Cedric Wright accompanied by the beautiful prose that he wrote.

On the inside book cover which was written by David Brower, San Francisco, September 28, 1960, a quote by Cedric Wright includes this:

I have been unusually privileged in knowing intimately those wilderness areas where the intangible values sing clearly......The artist seeks fundamental beauty, the voice of concord, in a world which is presently dominates by opposite types of understanding. Beauty and understanding are the foundations not only of art, but also of a peaceful human world. It is imperative that in such times, as these the artist should use his words and his thought in addition to his art."

Websites: http://www.wildnesswithin.com/cedric.html



There is a spirit of life that runs through each

and all of us.

If we could each one spend our energy

connecting with that beauty

we would have our world of peace.

And yet, if we meet just one

who lives connecting to the eternal, unending spirit

we know we have been blessed.

And that time is endless and precious.

Sandra Hammel

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