Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am fasting tomorrow with Mia Farrow and many others.


There will be 2 fasting options: water only, and refugee rations that mirrors the rations people get in the refugee camps that we have observed.

To join Darfur Fast for Life for one day or more, send an e-mail to join@fastdarfur.org with your name, date(s) fasting, hometown, and form of fasting you will participate in (water only or refugee rations). Please be sure to check with your doctor, if you intend on doing any extended form of fasting.

Water only fast

In this fast only water is consumed.

Refugee rations fast

Cracked Wheat - Daily, 7 oz. (weight not volume) (686 Calories)
Farina Wheat Cereal - Daily - 1.17 oz (weight not volume) (123 Calories)
Yellow Split Peas - Daily 1/6 Cup (82 Calories)
Oil - Daily 2.4 TSPNs (96 Calories)
Sugar - Daily 2 TSPNs (30 Calories)
Salt - Daily 1/10 Teaspoon per day.

Total of 1,017 Calories

People Fasting in Solidarity are listed at

Darfur Fast for Life was created so that you and many more around the world can participate in saying no to the status quo on Darfur. Mia will be blogging here and at MiaFarrow.org. Others will join by participating in water-only and/or “refugee rations” fasts to bring attention to the immediate humanitarian crisis in Darfur created by the expulsion of aid organizations by the government of Sudan. Darfur Fast for Life demands from our leaders around the world to be ambitious and work on creating lasting peace in Sudan and guaranteeing the respect for the human rights of all.Darfur Fast for Life

Larry King talks with Mia Farrow, about why she is going on a hunger strike in efforts to raise awareness about Darfur. April 28, 2009
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Write to President Obama
Tell him we need his leadership for the short and long run
on the issue of genocide and the
6 year old genocide on the unarmed Darfuri civilians, families.

President Obama can be called:

Find USA elected politicians contact information at this link:

Check this out
Your elected officials get graded on Darfur


Urge UN and Sudanese Ambassadors to use their influence to press the government of Sudan to fully restore humanitarian aid in and around Darfur.

Part Two

As I was taking a moment's break from my aerobic exercise tonight, I picked up a book to read from the bookshelves beside my contraption. The book was Listen to Love - a collection of poems and excerpts. But in between the pages I found a newspaper clipping, yellowed with jagged edges - the paper, Boston Herald Traveler, Monday August 3, 1970. It was a letter in the Dear Ann Landers column.

Dear Ann Landers,

This is an answer to the reader from Port Jervis, New York, who wrote about a friend who committed suicide. Last December a pal of mine killed himself. Another friend attempted suicide three times in the past 14 months. I tried to take my own life a few years ago.

We all had promising futures and financial security, but we lacked one thing - the ability to relate to others. I stopped wanting to kill myself when I realized my death would make a difference. That somebody really cared.

If people want to help, they can. Here are a few things everyone can do: Smile more - even to people you don't know. Touch people. Look them in the eye. Let them know you are aware they exist. Be concerned about those you work with. Listen when they speak to you. Spend an extra minute. If someone has a problem, let him tell you about it. Sometimes just listening means more than you'll ever know.

To those who are in a depression say this: "Everybody has highs and lows. Nobody is on top of the world all the time. You'll crawl back up again if you give yourself a chance. Tomorrow will be better."

You could save a life without realizing it by letting a depressed person know he has value. He counts. Somebody cares. I care. - Age 27

It takes so little to be kind. It costs us nothing. It makes you better and it certainly brightens others' day. The energy we put out to the universe can be positive or negative. I tend to think no energy we put out is neutral. We affect those around us as we are affected by others who we see or hear in passing.

Take a moment to consider how much richer you would be to be kind throughout your day. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. And then at the end of the day - consider how that kindness was better than negative, angry or cold thoughts or words that you could have chosen to put out in the world.

Recently, I notice how nice it is to actually call a business and talk to a live person, not some automated voice on the other end. And then have the person, be kind, take their time with me and actually listen to my questions and attempt to directly answer my questions. And also to walk into a local business and be treated with respect and get thoughtful help.

Maybe, feeling alienated by all the technology that has no person, texting as on Twitter, automated "assistance" or told to go to a website and go to "frequently asked questions" to hunt for the one question I have - all this makes person-to-person kindness seem rare. When calling a business, I halfway expect to get "automated" people and am surprised when a real person "appears". It is really nice.

Being human is more pleasant when actual people are, well, human.

Part Three

Round 2 match with Seppi photos
Photo credits: Unsure but possibly
REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi,
Julian Finney/Getty Images
and AP Photo/Carlo Baroncini, CBS Sportsline
and from

Round 3 ~ April 30, Thursday, Rafa will play Robin Soderling
Stadio Pietrangeli

Rafa Nadal d Andreas Seppi Wednesday, April 29, 2009
6-2, 6-3

Websites to check out:
The Original Forum at Rafa's Site

Watch it live at


A typical Fantastic point by Rafa and the ending of the match today in Rome
Round 2 with Seppi
Uploaded by NadalPower

Rafael Nadal vs. Andreas Seppi - Part of the match
6-2, 6-3 Round 2 ~ Rome Masters 2009, April 29
Uploaded by tennis24TV

A note about the photo credits: I retrieved the Rafa pictures at a site that didn't credit the photographers. I did see some of the same pictures other places and these names were given for sources for those pictures: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi, Julian Finney/Getty Images, and AP Photo/Carlo Baroncini, CBS Sportsline, internazionalibnlditalia.it website.

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