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Monday Nights on PBS

April 13, 2009


Monday, April 13, 2009 at 9pm on PBS (check local listings)

Amex wsr1 sigNearly five years in the making, WE SHALL REMAIN comes to PBS this Monday, April 13. The first episode in the landmark five-part mini-series is After the Mayflower, which begins in New England in the 1620s, at the time of the so-called “first Thanksgiving.” In March of 1621, Massasoit, chief of the Wampanoag, negotiated a diplomatic alliance with a scraggly band of English settlers for the benefit of his people. It was a gamble that paid off for several decades, as Indians and colonists coexisted in relative peace.

A half-century later, as a brutal war flared between the English colonists and a confederation of New England Indians, the wisdom of Massasoit’s choice seemed less clear. From director Chris Eyre (Smoke Signals, Skinwalkers) this 90-minute film explores the polar strategies—peaceful diplomacy and warfare—the Wampanoag people employed in the struggle to maintain their identity.

To get a sneak preview of After the Mayflower, watch the first chapter online now!

Go Behind the Scenes of WE SHALL REMAIN

Watch these bonus clips, designed to take you onto the set of WE SHALL REMAIN, and listen as cast and crew reveal their personal stories about working on the project.

Amex_CassiusbtsIn this video, Cassius Spears, After the Mayflower cultural consultant, explains his collaboration with make-up artists, tattooing artists, and the wardrobe team. Spears focused on keeping the details accurate for the Wampanoag tribe in that time period and notes that each and every element “plays an important part of identifying us and telling a story about us.”

ReelNative Featured Video: "Hill High Low"

“Fear’s the only thing that stops creation.” Michael David Little


Watch this inspiring, quirky, and touching story of one Navajo man’s journey from homeless artist to painter and gallery owner. "Hill High Low" is part of WE SHALL REMAIN's contemporary, personal, short film project ReelNative.

Coming Up Next
WE SHALL REMAIN: Tecumseh’s Vision

Monday, April 20, 2009 at 9pm on PBS (check your local listings)

tecumseh's visionTecumseh’s Vision tells the story of the Shawnee leader Tecumseh and his brother, Tenskwatawa, known as the Prophet. In the years following the American Revolution, the Prophet led a spiritual revival movement that drew thousands of followers from tribes across the Midwest. His brother forged a pan-Indian political and military alliance from that movement, coming closer than anyone since to creating an independent Indian state.

Heard on Set

"I think in the series what you find is that nothing is simple. And nothing is black or white."
Director Chris Eyre

Producing this five-part series took the hard work and collaboration of hundreds of people — from filmmakers and actors to historians and cultural advisors. Here’s what some had to say about the importance of the series and what the phrase "we shall remain" means to them.


On Monday, tune in to All Things Considered on NPR for the first of five companion radio stories airing in conjunction with WE SHALL REMAIN, produced by Native Public Media.


This episode features David White, a member of the Nipmuc tribe in Massachusetts, and one of fewer than ten people who still speak the Nipmuc language. Hear how White must balance his day job as an electrician with his mission to single-handedly save his people’s language from extinction and examine the peculiar challenges posed by reviving a moribund language - for instance, having to rely in part on records and dictionaries preserved by white colonists.


Tennis is in Monte Carlo

The time there is the same time as in my sidebar for Spain

Here is the website:


And is custom, USA has no TV coverage.

Rafael Nadal has a bye in Round 1

Here is the link for the Draws


Pictures of Rafa and Andy Murray in front of the palace:


Tennis online starts at 10:30 a.m. Monte Carlo time, Monday, April 13

which is 4:30 a.m. USA EST

Rafa doesn't play on Monday

Prince Albert II of Monaco (3rd R), poses with (L to R) Feliciano Lopez of Spain, Novak Djokovic of Serbia, Rafael Nadal of Spain, Andy Murray of Great Britain and Fernando Verdasco of Spain during the ATP Masters Series launch party at the Grimaldi Forum on April 11, 2009 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Prince Albert II of Monaco (C), Rafael Nadal (L) of Spain and Andy Murray of Great Britain attend the ATP Masters Series launch party at the Grimaldi Forum on April 11, 2009 in Monte Carlo,Monaco.

Rafael Nadal of Spain attends the ATP Masters Series launch party at the Grimaldi Forum on April 11, 2009 in Monte Carlo,Monaco.

All photo credits: Michael Steele/Getty Images Europe

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