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ABN AMRO Rotterdam Tennis ATP World Tour Tournament Schedule for Sunday, February 15, 2009 - The Final
Times listed are Rotterdam time

14:00 Rafael Nadal vs. Gael Monfils
(that is 8:00 a.m. USA EST)

Note: I have seen the start time at 14:30 (8:30 a.m.) somewhere, but the time listed at the ATP site is the 8:00 a.m. USA EST

Below are some free live streams that I have found - it seems that is what you come here for - Good Luck!





Not Free Live Streaming:

You see the same thing at the first link above, maybe just not as clearly

Rafa won the Semi Final match against Gael Monfils
6-4, 6-4
February 14, 2009

Photo credits of first four pictures: Getty Images
Photographer is unknown, but probably Hamish Blair


From www.rafaelnadal.com

14th of Februry

Rafa Nadal had no need to fight for his life last night as he breezed through his semi-final encounter against Frenchman Gael Monfils is straight sets, 6-4, 6-4 after and tour and a half of play at the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam.

It is Rafa’s first time in the finals of the event, as well as the first time in a week that he didn’t play more than two sets on a surface that is possibly his least favourite in terms of the potential damage it can do to his body, (specially his knee). However, that was no excuse for the champion, he was out there blasting his shots with all his power and showing an incredible fitness level. Without doubt, a ‘key factor’ that contributed with Gael running out of gas at the end.

Once again, it goes to show just how difficult it is to keep up with the world number 1’s ability to recover and mental strength.

Next up for the Australian Open champ is another amazing tennis player, world No.4, Andy Murray. The Scotsman knows really well how to play and beat Rafa, which is why it is going to be a very difficult match. Nevertheless, we know he will go out there to win and hopefully take home the title.


Monfils, the player who beat Rafa this year in the Qatar Open quarter-finals last month, made a poor start by dropping his first service game.He broke back but then surrendered his serve again in the fifth game.

Rafa, who went to three sets in his previous three matches this week, only needed a single break in the second set to close out Monfils.

Vamos Rafa!!

Above photo credits: unknown, but probably Hamish Blair of Getty Images

Two above screen caps credit: Boo Boo aka Mary of the fan site

The Original Forum from Rafa's Website - Before NIKE took it over and created a new Forum


Dream Final in Ahoy: Nadal vs. Murray

Source: www.abnamrowtt.nl

The dream final is a reality. On Sunday Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray will play for the title. This is the first time since 1984 that the number one and two of the seeding secured a place for the last day of the tournament. At that time Ivan Lendl played Jimmy Connors in Ahoy. It was never decided though, as the final had to be stopped due to a bomb alarm.

After Murray beat Ancic in the afternoon, Nadal jumped over the last hurdle Saturday evening to reach the final. He didn’t need three sets as the matches before, but his two set win (6-4, 6-4) over Gaël Monfils wasn’t that easy either. The match was full of long baseline rallies most of the times in Nadal’s favour as he was taking the initiative.

Monfils didn’t start the match in his best shape. He was still suffering from a soar throat and had some stomach problems; he even had to throw up a couple of times. Run-down from a long rally in the second-set he laid down on the court and symbolically surrendered. The next long rally led to the decisive break. Nonetheless the athletic Monfils scored some great points. With some devastating forehands he surprised his opponent, who wasn’t impressed or in danger at any time.

Nadal was extremely happy with his place in the final. He would love to see his name in Ahoy amongst the gallery of champions.

“It won’t be easy. But if I don’t succeed tomorrow, maybe next year then.” That sounded like music to the ears of everyone in Rotterdam. The ticket sale for next year’s edition starts at Monday February 16.

The Draw www.abnamrowtt.nl

Photo credit is unknown, but probably Hamish Blair of Getty Images

Photo credit: screen cap by Bee of the first fan site link just below

Two Fan Sites for Rafael Nadal:

Above photo credits: unknown, but probably Hamish Blair of Getty Images

Photo credit: Henk Koster

See you at the match

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