Monday, November 3, 2008


Today, in my state there is a TV ad running with Wright as the only subject. Of course, the reason it is running is to drum up votes for whom I consider ~ the Wrong candidate.

Last Friday night a story was illegally leaked that was for the purpose also to steer people toward the Wrong candidate. I have been disappointed before with the USA being fickle and attaching themselves to what amounts to non-issues ~ so we will see what effect this has on the election.

There is some man who is claiming on Youtube that he has proof that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. The problem is that Barack's mother would have had to be in Kenya for that to happen. And she wasn't.

It will be a very sad day if we don't get a chance to see a change.

I sent this email out today to USA citizens who want the genocide on the Darfuri people to end:

Dear Person of Conscience,

If you have voted already - Thank you. If you are planning to vote election day, please don’t allow anything to keep you from it. As someone who has been active in trying to bring our politicians along regarding the well-being of the Darfuri families and the genocide, you know how important it is to have a President who actually will do what needs to be done.

As someone who has never volunteered before in an election before this one, I know first hand - millions of hours by volunteers are presently and have been working in the primaries and the general election months to get people to the polls. It is startling to realize that we have to work so hard to get people informed and then get them to actually vote.

Please, vote. And encourage all you know to vote. And make sure you know your rights: http://www.aclu.org/votingrights/gen/36695res20080909.html

I have information below for my home state of Rhode Island, as well as Massachusetts and Connecticut.

If you want to help out, contact me and I will give you the phone number to call and address where you can go today, tonight and/or tomorrow to help out all the over-worked volunteers here in Rhode Island. This work includes calling to battleground states, as well as standing out with signs for visibility.

Thank you.

Let’s give peace a chance.

Rhode Island voters


There are last-minute alternatives for Rhode Islanders who missed the deadline to register to vote or who find they will be out-of-town unexpectedly on November 4.

"Same-day" Ballots
If you missed the October 4 deadline to register to vote, you will not be able to vote for statewide or local races on Election Day. However, you will be able to cast a "same-day" ballot for President and Vice President if you are otherwise eligible to register to vote. In most places, just to go to your community's city or town hall on November 4.
Four cities and towns have set up special locations instead of town hall on Election Day: Coventry Town Hall Annex, 1675 Flat River Road; Little Compton, Wilbur McMann School, 28 Commons; Providence, Dunkin Donuts Center, 1 LaSalle Square; and Smithfield Senior Center, 1 William J. Hawkins Jr. Trail.

Whether you go to town hall or a special location, local elections officials will be on hand to help. You can register to vote and cast a ballot in the presidential race on the spot. And you are officially registered in Rhode Island for future elections.

Emergency Ballots
If you unexpectedly find you will be out-of-town on Election Day, you can go to your community's city or town hall and request an Emergency Ballot. You must be eligible to vote on Election Day in order to qualify. You will fill out a ballot at town hall and seal it in a privacy envelope. Your vote will be counted on Election Day the same as absentee and voting-machine ballots.

Massachusetts voters

Connecticut voters





From www.savedarfur.org:

Daily News: Monday, November 2, 2008

Reuters: Darfuris march in The Hague to back court's action. More than 100 Darfuris marched through The Hague on Friday to show their support for the International Criminal Court's (ICC) move to indict Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. "We've come here to support the ICC and to support justice because without justice, there will be no peace," said Mohammed Ismail from the Darfur Union, a civil society group that helped organise the demonstration. The ICC's top prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo asked the global court's judges to issue the warrant in July, accusing Bashir of orchestrating a campaign of genocide in Darfur that has killed thousands and forced millions from their homes.

Agence France-Presse: JEM to mull Qatar proposal for Sudan peace talks. The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), militarily the most powerful rebel group in Darfur, will send delegates to Qatar to sound out plans for possible talks with Sudan, a JEM official said on Saturday. "JEM has made it very clear that its delegation will go to Doha to give a first-hand explanation, and the position of JEM regarding the Darfur problem, and the Sudan problem as a whole, and at the same time listen to the Qataris to see what their initiative is," Tahir el-Faki told AFP by telephone from London. Darfur rebel groups have been critical of Arab-led peace efforts, saying they were designed to save Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir from international court proceedings for alleged war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.

Daily Press Briefing: Friday, October 31, 2008


The daily press briefing by conducted by Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto did not mention Darfur.


The daily press briefing conducted by State Department spokesman Sean McCormack did not mention Darfur.


The noon briefing by Michelle Montas did not mention Darfur.


Daily Media Monitoring Report for October 31:



The morning press briefing from the Prime Minister’s Spokesman did not mention Darfur.

Richard M. Stazinski

National Outreach Coordinator

Save Darfur Coalition


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