Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We Are All Keepers of Justice...We All Have A Voice

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Save Darfur includes 176 organizations, including the most recent to join the coalition, Human Rights Watch, www.hrw.org.

There are 700,000, including myself, who are administrators of Save Darfur’s “Communities United” with www.savedarfur.org.

www.STANDNOW.org is the high school and college equivalent of savedarfur.org. I don’t have the numbers on their participants. But the number is HUGE and vital. In many ways they outdo those of my generation and younger. You know, the established adults, who no longer can claim youthful zeal by virtue of age.

The report on the conference call of the recent visit to Eastern Chad according to Mia Farrow:
They visited a couple of refuge camps and a “hospital”. Three countries have now been included in the terror of genocide: Sudan where Darfur is, Chad (the eastern part that borders Sudan) and the Central African Republic. 90,000 Chadians are internally displaced along with the Darfuris who came to Chad to get away from the trauma and hell over in Sudan. In the week of November 5th, 60 villages were burned by the Janjaweed in Chad. I can’t spell the places that she named in the hurried pace that the call necessarily had to take, but here are some of the visuals that she saw: “3 men with their eyes gouged out”, a woman that she talked to who while running with her small child tied to her back was shot in the back and the child therefore was murdered. She learned of a one story where a woman was thrown into a burning hut……children were burned alive….children had not eaten anything for 9 days. Shelter if any was a scraggly tree. More than food, they need safety, one mother told Mia.

“It is clear that U.N. Peacekeepers with a robust force, well-funded, well-equipped and with an effective mandate is way over due.” As Miss Farrow said, Sudan’s President Omar al-Beshir rejects having the U.N. forces come into his sovereign country, but Chad does not.

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