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Click twice to enlarge the image
that I printed out and then made a tiff from the ALEC_Exposed zip file.

Read above the small red print at the bottom:
In June 2009, the Rhode Island House Finance Committee approved legislation similar to this model.

Yes, they did and now it is what you have as law, Rhode Island taxpayers. I wrote about this before, including Jim Hummel's blog post about it. Mr. Hummel's video report is included. Find the links at ~
Rhode Island Petition for Reinstating Itemized Deductions for Income Tax RI-1040

I will repost part of my previous blog post at the bottom of this post.

I found the above at ALEC_Exposed

by following these steps~

on left I clicked
Taxes and Budgets
and then at
Read the "Model Bills" HERE
I clicked the following and uploaded the sample bills by ALEC

Click here for a zip file of Tax and Budget bills


ALEC sends out SOS Breitbart bloggers

Repost part of my previous blog post at the bottom of this post ~

Jim Hummel states (he also has a video with a report at the link Hummel) -
"Taxpayers filing a return in Rhode Island face huge changes this year. Reforms the General Assembly passed two years ago - but just now taking effect - include the elimination of itemized deductions, meaning there will be some winners and some losers. Jim Hummel finds that the losers include those with huge medical bills - who now can't fully claim them as a deduction."
This Hummel report states that
100,000 Rhode Islanders pay more tax
300,000 Rhode Islanders pay less tax

I wonder about this.
Homeowners? How have you found this to be for you?

My RI tax for 2011 went up 40% over 2010. If you would like the return of the itemized deductions to RI, sign the petition for this action.

Petition for Rhode Island Governor, Treasurer and Legislators - Reinstate federal income tax itemized deductions to Rhode island's RI-1040

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