Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coup d'état in Michigan


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Great report- lluminating reporting on Michigan state legislature’s coup d'état. A U.S. story, the nation, the world would be wise to continue to follow. Gutting human rights in a country that claims freedom and justice as center pieces to our way of life seems like the wrong path. Trusting blindly will lead us off a cliff where democracy lost its way and, one day, we will wonder how this happened under our watch.

We need well informed voters. So often, those we put in office, don’t want constituents to know what they are putting in our ordinances and laws, whether it be local school committees or U.S. Congress, U.S Supreme Court or the Administration. Often, they would rather we don’t get involved, so that they can get away with things, while we are ignorant. As long as we trust them to do the right thing, while we are just getting through our days, they can usurp our assumed freedoms. Do our politicians really want us to be well-educated and involved in our “We the People” government?

The CEO’s, who put millions of dollars in the coffers of elected politicians’ campaigns, are buying our “elected politicians” and having their way. And the U.S. Supreme Court made it “ethically” acceptable in Citizens United.

Low and middle income U.S. citizens need to inform themselves of who we put in office and be aware of what they do, once there. Otherwise, we will become less and less empowered. And figuratively will be “slaves” of the CEO’s who “own” our “elected” politicians.

Benton Harbor takeover sparks furious reaction

Opponents mobilize protests, repeal campaign

By Eartha Jane Melzer | 04.20.11

A portion of the article (click the title of article to read full article):

The impoverished former industrial town of Benton Harbor has become a flashpoint in the controversy over the new law that allows the governor to appoint Emergency Managers with virtually unlimited authority over local governments.

On Thursday the state-appointed Emergency Manager Joe Harris used the expanded powers granted by the new law to issue an order banning the city commission from taking any action without his written permission.

Benton Harbor City Commissioner Juanita Henry says her constituents are angry and looking for help, but without the power to hold meetings the city commission can’t even provide an official venue for citizens to ask questions and get answers.

“They are using Benton Harbor as a test case,“ Henry said. “If they have disenfranchised the people so badly they just don’t respond to anything, they can do this all over the country.”

Community activist Rev. Edward Pinkney said that many Benton Harbor residents only learned that their city government had been sacked by reading about it in the paper days later.

Read the full article: Benton Harbor takeover sparks furious reaction

Facebook page - Rick Snyder Wrong for Michigan

Judge removes Flint emergency, restores mayor and city council; State planning appeal


LANSING, Michigan -- A judge ordered Flint emergency manager Michael Brown out of office today, ruling that the state violated the law in appointing him to oversee the cash-strapped city.

In her ruling, Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina also reinstated Flint Mayor Dayne Walling and the City Council, who lost their authority under state law after the emergency manager was appointed.

Read the full article: Judge removes Flint emergency

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