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I made the video at the link from the movie cameras' footage that our family had when I was growing up.

Ferne Jane Wiles Hammel
My Dad's Mother
My Grandma Hammel
Grandma had a disease that enlarged her bones after my Dad was born

It is so special to have these videos, though no sound was available in those days. I love seeing Grandma Hammel laugh, dry glasses in the Michigan home's kitchen, just as I remember seeing her do at the Gragg Street homestead. I love seeing Grandpa Hammel put his arm around Grandma Hammel while laughing like jello - the way my Dad also laughed. I love seeing Grandpa Hammel take the Sunday dinner roast out of the oven - and in his hat - as I saw him do more than once. I love seeing myself chew on one of Grandma Hammel's cookies, while sitting beside her. I love that Dad caught all of this through the lens of his camera....Grandma hoeing, Grandpa with his fire, Grandpa laughing behind a pole thinking my Dad was actually shooting the camera at his wife.

I love the Ring-around the Rosie with Nannette and Heidi. I love the picture of Nannette and Heidi in the red cart pulled my the pony Tony. I love all the family get together meals at Gragg Street. Just some special gems. I hope others do find some joy in watching these little clips, as I certainly do.

HAMMELofHuntingtonIN Youtube channel
My Dad's birthday was August 3rd and the Hammel Reunion would have been tomorrow (cancelled due to the Indiana heat index), August 7 ~ so how fitting to have this ready to share now. I hope everyone is okay that I made it "public". I explain below why I did that, instead of making the video "unlisted".

This is the text that I included with the video at the youtube page:
I am Sandra "Sandy" Kay Hammel. This video is a tribute. A tribute to my father Mark O'Keith Hammel (August 3, 1924 ~ May 10, 2007), third child of five that Audry Harold and Ferne Jane Wiles Hammel raised in Huntington, Indiana on Gragg Street. A tribute to Ferne Jane Wiles Hammel, a wonderful mother and grandmother. A tribute to my first cousin Nannette Hammel Stump, who I always felt a spirit kind of connection, although our actual encounters have been rare. Really a tribute to all the Hammel descendants and ancestors of which I am one. This has been a labor of love over three weeks plus. After making the video and being rejected because I was a little over the 15 minute youtube limit, I edited out some of the original and here you have what I now present.

I combed through our disorganized family movies (which my mother and brother had transferred to dvds) and edited as a whole for the extended Hammel Family. I hope you enjoy. And I hope you are okay with my including you in this little family movie. I originally made this "unlisted" so that it wasn't "public", but it wouldn't show up on the "HAMMEL of Huntington IN" channel page, unless is was accessible as a "public" youtube video. If others want to upload a video to this channel, contact me.

In this video, you will see featured the August 1, 1999 Hammel Reunion at what was the home of Vic and Freida Hammel. The photos that I shot of the grave stones were taken in late August or early September of 2005. You will also see the home of Audry and Ferne Hammel when they lived a short time in Michigan. I don't remember the town. They eventually moved back to Gragg Street where they raised 5 children beside Audry's parents' home.

The house I was born in at 910 Ray Street, Huntington, IN is down the hill from their house which is included in many shots. Featured are the five siblings of my father oldest to youngest: Ted, Jed, (Mark, my father), Dick and Evalyn and their children, my first cousins. Also, you will see brothers of my dad's father, Stanton, Victor, Meredith (Byno), Stanton's wife, Melba, their daughter Diana, their son, Rex, and maybe Stan "Bub", Meredith (Byno) and Marian's boys, Ron, Terry, Steve and Brent. (I need some help on who is at the Rook card game on our front yard in Columbia City, Indiana to be able to name more precisely the children pictured), Vic and Freida's children: Karen, Kendal, Duane, Royce, Jolene. Nannette Hammel and Gerald Stump and their children, Tara and Reggie sometime in the 1970's I believe it must be - when they lived in Colorado. My son is also pictured, Jonathan M Erickson Hammel. He just graduated May 6, 2011 from Northeastern University with Bachelors and Masters in Engineering.

See Connie Evans work of listing our ancestors and descendants at familytreemaker.genealogy.com

The pdf files of family members, pictures and stories are well worth time to look through.

The HAMMELofHuntingtonIN Youtube channel's logo picture is of my dad's parents and siblings. See below the Video Credits for the names.

❧ Video Credits ❧
❧ Music ❧
"From Here"
Written and Performed by Sandra Kay Hammel
"Did Trouble Me"
"May I Suggest"
"Help Somebody"
Written and Performed by Susan Werner
Used by permission
Susan's music at susanwerner.com, itunes & amazon

❧ Photo Credits ❧
Sandra Kay Hammel
Harold Theodore "Ted" Hammel
Contributors to familytreemaker.genealogy.com

❧ Video Credits ❧
Sandra Kay Hammel
Mark O'Keith Hammel
August 3, 1924 ~ May 10, 2007
Evelyn Viola Mickley (Michelet) Hammel
And anyone who held our camera

❧ Editing ❧
Sandra Kay Hammel

❧ Special Thanks ❧
Mark O'Keith Hammel
Evelyn Viola Mickley (Michelet) Hammel
Gregory M Hammel
Connie Evans


Audry and Ferne Hammel's Five Children and their children:

Harold Theodore "Ted" Hammel and Dorothy King children:
Nannette Hammel
Heidi Hammel

Jerald Hammel and Freda Richards children:
Michael DeWayne Hammel
Patricia Alice Hammel
Ralph Edwin Hammel

Mark Hammel and Evelyn Mickley children:
Greg M Hammel
Sandra Kay Hammel
Nancy Jo Hammel
Richard Hammel and Arlene Funk children:
Terry Lee Hammel
Crystal Ann Hammel, born 21 Sep 1947 in Huntington, IN; died 01 Apr 1952.
Rodney DeWayne Hammel
Brenda Sue Hammel
Lynette Ann Hammel, born 21 Jan 1965 in Huntington, IN; died 27 Jan 1997 in Columbia City, IN.

Evalyn Hammel and Charles Wohlford children:
Sharon Lee Wohlford
Eric Lane Wohlford

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