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This is a picture I wanted to include in the video, but when I got around to finding it, I was at the end of making the video and couldn't find an appropriate place to slide it in. Dad always "enjoyed" in a humorous way what he was giving Mom for Christmas. When I was there, I always was asked by Dad to wrap the gift. So, I am sure I wrapped this gift. Photo credit: Sandra Hammel

Huntington, Indiana
Dad's man-made lake
Photo credit: Sandra Hammel


The lake was made out of a field by my dad, where he also located a natural spring. The house was drawn by my mother and built by my dad. It is the third home that I lived in overall before moving out as an adult. The other two houses in the family childhood videos and photos were also built by my dad and the plan of the second childhood home was also drawn up by my mother. The first home was built right after WWII during the Depression.

This video at Youtube is "unlisted". Please, honor me and do not embed this video anywhere.
I have made this video in three versions. The above video is the second version. The third version is still processing at Youtube. Unlike the first version, there are audio glitches in the youtube uploaded video above.

I love pictures and videos and taking them. One thing is all the "unpleasant" times of a family are not in the pictures and videos for the most part. I made this video for my mother that I haven't talked to since my dad's funeral. But I have been emailing and sending youtube videos to her over the last months. It works well.

Story behind what brought me to making this video

My brother who lives in Hawaii, called my sister in Indiana recently because he felt mother must go to the hospital with an extremely low blood pressure. She has always had a very high blood pressure. The hospital kept her for a few days, ran tests and sent her home finding nothing. Then she went to her doctor and he had a test ordered, which was done June 24, 2011. Then the doctor "quit", as my brother put it. It took my sister pursuing the test results and Wednesday, June 29, my brother called to tell me the results: 75% blockage to one artery to the brain and 50% blockage to another artery to the brain. So the 75% blockage apparently is getting a stint and the 50% is getting medication. She was born in 1925, so it is surely risky that the stint will go well. No one has let me know when the stint is being placed in the artery.

So, I made this video for my mother. It is something I can do for her. Even though, there were some very hard words and actions about my dad the couple of years before he died...in 2007. I can do this. And give her some comfort.

My father's name is Hammel. And very little history has been passed down about my ancestors on his side. It is either Swiss or German, I believe.

My mother's family ~ the Mickley family's name was Michelet in Europe. And before one of the ancestors came across the Atlantic Ocean, they were from the area around Metz, France.

There is a book of the Michelet ~ Mickley history ~ The_Genealogy_of_the_Mickley_Family_of_America. There are some very interesting stories in the book, including the name (last) changes down through history. Some ancestors are listed as being killed by Indians. (See my blog post about the Indians: Neglected story of discrimination) There is a story about the Liberty Bell. Pages, I particularly like are: (Page 95 (Joseph Jacob Mickley ~ Biographical Sketch, 100, 102, 117-118, 150-153. My name is listed in the hard copy that I have. But my sister was born after the time that new children's names were added.

The first link is to this book put online by Cornell University ~

Other related links ~

archive.org/search/Minnie Fogel


Click on the image to enlarge
It has the Coat of Arms of the Michelet family and the motto of the family.

For Me ~ Raw title of the third version: Indiana The Lake July 14, 2002 #9 Hi 8 D 1 Edit Color of Video, Added Pictures and Video 720x480 (640x480) What A Wonderful World.mov

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