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A midnight deadline neared for a government shutdown. "I feel strongly that my Republican colleagues are wrong in trying to move toward deficit reduction solely on the backs of working families and the middle class – cutting education and head start, cutting community health centers, cutting the social security administration, cutting LIHEAP and other important programs," Sen. Bernie Sanders said. "In my view, with the wealthiest people in our country doing extremely well, the people on top should also be asked to contribute toward deficit reduction. Further, the idea that the Republicans are prepared to shut-down the government over the funding of women's health care is totally absurd."

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I received the text in the email pasted below from my US RI Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and found the page to sign the petition unclear. Therefore I sent an email to Senator Whitehouse to this address ~ sheldon_whitehouse@whitehouse.senate.gov ~

Subject Line: I stand with saving lives of poor people and the middle class

I clicked the link to sign the petition sent from your office, but when I went to the page, it was unclear. Unclear because the four blanks meant for us to sign didn't designate what to put in the four blanks. I assume the first two blanks are for our first and last names. Just wanted to let you know it needs to be clear what you want in the four blank spaces to sign the petition.

Sandra Hammel
Use Your Voice to Stop Genocide RI
Genocide will only stop with us demanding it - Our leaders have taught us this
"The most important things belong first, not last or never."
Words of the Earth by Cedric Wright

If you want peace, work for justice
إذا كنت تريد السلام ، أعمل من أجل العدالة

President Obama: 202-456-1111 or 1-800-GENOCIDE

Senator Whitehouse's email message ~

Dear Friend --

This is outrageous. What we are witnessing is a government being held hostage by Tea Party extremists. Extremists so intent on pushing their ideological agenda that they are willing to shut down the Federal Government.

We need to tell them no. Sign the petition to tell the Tea Party that the federal budget is not the place to push their social agenda.

This is no longer about spending. Last night Democrats agreed to $38 billion in budget cuts -- $5 billion more than the original Republican request -- and over three-quarters of the way toward their new request.

Today, Tea Party extremists came back to the table and revealed the real reason they've been holding up the federal budget: Planned Parenthood and Title X funding.

Let me be clear, by law no federal funds go to abortion. None. And they haven't since 1976. The funds in question provide cervical cancer screenings, diabetes testing, breast cancer exams and birth control for over 5 million low-income individuals each year. The Title X program has had such mainstream support that it was even signed into law in 1970 by President Nixon...who said that "no American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance because of her economic condition."

Title X funding has enjoyed such widespread support because Title X provides basic primary and preventive care for low-income women.

And yet this is the reason we haven't reached a budget deal, because Tea Party extremists think they can use the federal budget to shut down Planned Parenthood.

I hope I can count on you to stand with me and sign the petition to defend Title X women's health services.

I'm standing with a group of Senators who can sustain a filibuster to send a strong message: The federal budget will be about the federal deficit -- not about an extremist ideological agenda.

Will you join me? Sign the petition to stand up for women's basic health care.

I will let my fellow senators know that you are standing with us as we stand up for a federal budget that's focused on the deficit --- not extreme ideological agendas.

Best regards,

Sheldon Whitehouse
U.S. Senator

P.S. I voted to give up congressional salary during the shutdown, but the Republican members holding up the budget? They did not pass the congressional salary bill. They want to keep getting paid even though a shutdown forces Americans out of work. So I am giving back my salary to stand in solidarity with all Americans whose salaries are being held hostage by the Tea Party's agenda. Join me in standing up to the Tea Party.

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