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While the Olympics go on in China, Russia invades Georgia, the USA fights in Iraq - the genocide by Sudan and "sponsored" by China is in its sixth year. The USA has done nothing more than lip service to the dire crisis of the Darfuri people. And the USA has lost credibility in the world and when President Bush speaks, no one is listening.

How much media attention is being given to Darfur in your local and national media? Not much at all here in the USA. It is shameful that this huge story is so under reported.

Did you know....

In Darfur, men are often killed or captured when they leave refugee camps to collect firewood. So the women venture out instead—and regularly fall prey to a targeted campaign of rape encouraged by the Sudanese government.

China blindly backs the Sudanese government and allows this brutality to continue. While the Chinese government basks in the glow of the Olympic Games, it is still selling Sudan weapons that enable these atrocities.

This week, Save Darfur's partner organization, Dream for Darfur, is highlighting China's role in this deteriorating situation as part of their alternative "Darfur Olympics." Will you join them?

Click here to help Dream for Darfur raise awareness about China's role in violence against Darfuri women. And urge Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to take immediate action.

While China hosts the Olympic Games under the banner of peace and brotherhood, Dream for Darfur's daily webcasts are revealing the devastation enabled by China's weapons. Each day this week, Dream for Darfur is focusing on a different crisis facing the people of Darfur. Today, they're turning the world's eye to widespread sexual violence.

Sexual violence in Darfur is not just a series of random acts. It is a weapon of genocide. Peacekeepers have tried to protect women, but they have failed because they are short of resources and stretched too thin to do the job.

Show your support for Dream for Darfur's efforts. Click here to support the Darfur Olympics and urge Secretary Rice to help protect Darfuri women.

The world cannot sit by while sexual violence rages in Darfur. Today, Dream for Darfur is speaking out against this weapon of genocide. Add your voice, and demand protection for the women of Darfur. Source

Day 3: Caring for Families

Be an advocate to STOP GENOCIDE

Refugees have insufficient food, shelter, clean water and medical attention.

In Darfur, there are roughly two million people who have been outside the reach of humanitarian aid for years.

As the violence in the region has worsened over the past few months, humanitarian groups have been forced to scale back their operations, leaving a greater number of Darfurians without assistance.


Urge the State Department to help deploy peacekeepers for Darfur, and to equip and enable them to protect the women of Darfur.

Write to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice by clicking here.

Deteriorating humanitarian conditions and access, amidst deepening insecurity, present unprecedented threats to civilians previously displaced or affected by ethnically-targeted violence

Eric Reeves
August 9, 2008

Despite what amounts to a humanitarian “news black-out” mounted by UN officials in Khartoum, a host of indicators suggest that Darfuris have entered the most perilous season of destruction since the advent of major humanitarian operations in summer 2004. Significant malnutrition is already in evidence according to numerous confidential reports from the ground in Darfur and from well-informed humanitarian officials. This occurs as the population in need of food grows by approximately one million human beings during the current rainy season/hunger gap. Prospects for harvests in the fall are gloomy, and this follows the disastrous harvests of last year, especially in South Darfur and North Darfur. Food prices have increased by 150% in some areas. Because Khartoum refuses to escort UN World Food Program convoys in sufficient numbers, WFP is still unable to provide full rations to individuals weakened by more than five years of conflict. Other threats to civilians include a growing lack of potable water, diminished access to primary medical care, and a continuing climate of violence and impunity, threatening not only vulnerable civilians but humanitarian workers.
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At August 15, 2008 at 2:11:00 PM EDT , Blogger D-Man said...

Sorry to leave this message on your Darfur post, but I wasn't sure how to get in touch. Are you going to the convention? I will be there as an Obama delegate, and was hoping to see you there! Let me know.


At August 18, 2008 at 1:32:00 AM EDT , Blogger ilovemylife said...


Did you receive my email response?

At August 21, 2008 at 6:48:00 PM EDT , Blogger D-Man said...

Yes, and I just wrote back. Sorry it took so long!


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