Thursday, November 29, 2007


Town Hall Meeting with Barack Obama in Marion, Iowa

Date of the Event:
Nov 19 2007
Darfur Q&A
Was the question on Darfur asked by you, or someone else?:

What was the question asked? :
I stated that I had just recently returned from Darfur and had met with many victims of the brutality, faced the rebels, and worked with the humanitarian aid workers who are being beaten and killed in unprecedented numbers. I further stated that Sen Edwards and others believe that establishing a no-fly zone was an answer in Darfur even though many NGO's state that a no-fly zone would make it more difficult to deliver services. Senator Obama was asked what he would do to stop the atrocities and force Sudan to be more accountable.
Summary of the candidate's response:

The Senator responded that there are several things he would do as President.

First, as President he would ensure that more than 26,000 UN forces be deployed to Sudan to ensure the safety of the residents in the camp.

Secondly, he would ensure logistical support for the UN forces to ensure the delivery of food, medicine, and supplies. He stated that our ability to be more active in Darfur is impacted by out commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thirdly, he would use strong diplomatic measures to get the Sudanese government and rebels to agree to sit down and negotiate even though the rebels are fragmented and do not have a lot to loose.

Fourth, he would encourage China to put pressure on Sudan to cease hostilities.

Finally, he stated though many NGO's are against a no-fly zone others say a no-fly zone would not be a problem so as President he would evaluate the pro and cons of a no-fly zone and then make a determination.

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