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National Seashore (USA) on Cape Cod
Photo taken October 1, 2011
Photo credit: Sandra Hammel

I am making affirmations be a part of my day, every day.

I started when I had been given a diagnosis that the medical profession doesn't appear to have any real remedy for. After seeing several doctors, googling, going to a support group for this specific diagnosis, finding meditation society, I found Louise Hay's affirmation book You Can Heal Your Life a great portal to my own exploration with affirmations.

Centrally Louise, maintains that we love and accept ourselves just as we are. And the statements and thoughts are to be in the present, not in the future. The reason for this is that if you state that it will happen in the future, you are setting it up to happen in the future, and the future never becomes the present. So, state it as it is already happening.

I have had some powerful experiences during my times of meditating on the affirmations. My times of doing this are very personal and they sometimes lead into thoughts that just blossom out of other thoughts. They may not strike a chord with you, but I offer some of what I have written down in my journal following some of my times. I never remember exactly what has come to me, but close.

Affirmation results from the last several days ~

My body is restored to its natural state of good health and positive energy field. Everything else will follow.

Love enters me, moves through me and radiates out from me.

I have created a safe space

to be myself free of judgment.

I have created a safe space

to use my talents,

to use my talents out loud.

I have created a safe space where I can feel vulnerable,
where I can let the guard down,
where I can be gentle, I can be kind
and not fear being attacked.

(Yes, I know it is supposed to be only positively worded, such as "free of attack" instead of "not fear being attacked".)

I have created a safe space to be whole, calm.
I am protected here.

I can love myself here, the ways I had been wanting you to love me.

I have created a safe space to be everything that I am, feel, am drawn toward and dream of.

I have created a safe space.

I can relax.

I breathe now.

I can let my breath go now.

I have created a safe space where I don't hold my breath.

I am okay here.

I don't judge myself.

I let go of my need for you to love me.

I let go of my need for you to stop judging me.

I create a safe space for me to be me.

I am grateful for this.

My voice is in a safe space now.

I am healed.


Imagine the baby you were,
the little girl
who was afraid of those who were supposed to love, encourage and protect you.
You can give her everything needed to be you.

This is the beauty of your power.

I love myself.

I am accepted in the safe space I have created.

I adore who I am.

I am grateful.

I attract people who support me.

I create a safe space where there is no resistance to my being me completely.


The pain that came and did its service to me is let go into the Universe and becomes positive light and energy.


I release the toxic statements to the Universe to dissipate into positive energy.

I let go the toxic experiences that I hold, have been holding over time.

All the judgment that I have been holding in my body is given to the Universe.

I have created a safe space
to be me
to be vulnerable
to be gentle
to be kind.


I deserve to be happy and calm.

I deserve to be whole.

I accept acceptance
I accept abundance
I accept love
I accept gentleness
I accept kindness
I accept all good
I accept wholeness
I accept healing
I accept life
I accept gratitude
I accept all the things that I once feared losing,
not having or keeping - are now mine
I accept that I am awesome
I accept joy
I accept forgiveness
I accept power
I accept prosperity

I am love
I am gentleness
I am kindness
I am goodness
I am healed
I am life
I am gratitude
I am all things I once feared losing,
not having or keeping.

I live love
I live gentleness
I live kindness
I live goodness
I live whole
I live healed
I live life
I live gratitude
I live free of fear
I live


"Uncomfortable" had become my familiar place to be. Now I want to take "it" off, like a heavy coat that I 've been wearing.

Why is is so hard to be a place so soft?
Not leaving,
stepping back into the familiar?

I have created a safe space
where I am whole
I can be child-like
I can be vulnerable
I am free of restricting thoughts and language.
It is gentle,

I am free of what you think, say, judge.

It is comfortable to be only me, as I am.

I am healed.

I only want to live in this space.

I don't want to step out of this space to manifest anything.
It is here I want to always be from this moment on.

I want to live only in this space.
It's where I always have been moving toward.

It's where I can finally be home and breathe free.

I am grateful to be here.

I'm me in this space and that is all.


I am peace
I am calm
I am love
I am the holder for acceptance
I am kindness
I am awesome
I am whole in my save space
I am just as I am perfect
I am gentleness
I am vulnerability
I am protected here
I am grace
I let go of my need for you to approve of me.
I love me
I can be myself here outloud.

I welcome you in my safe space.


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