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Haunt Me by Sade
Uploaded by MihaelaFlorenta from Romania


Haunt me
in my dreams
if you please
your breath is with me now and always
it's like a breeze

so should you ever doubt me
if it's help that you need
never dare to doubt me

and if you want to sleep
i'll be quiet
like an angel
as quiet as your soul could be
if you only knew
you had a friend like me


Ariana is accepting messages for Heath Ledger and she is taking a trip to 421 Broome Street in New York to leave our messages there for him and his family.

You can go to her live journal page for her message about this:


I think she is accepting them until at Tuesday, January 19, maybe even until January 20, Wednesday. Her email address can be found at the link above.

I sent my message tonight and she has responded to me already.

She is going to post all the messages that she has received for Heath Tuesday, January 19, at the link above.

Here is my message

For Heath Ledger
who continues to touch my life

Human life must know ecstasy.

Intense beauty is liberation.

…Here again, as everywhere,

the great river passing –

I passing,

you passing . . .

. . . forever flowing down through time,

flowing through many channels,

fading out of the embraces of its names . . .

. . . simple as the voice of a child

and never to be quite known.

In this light and breeze are resurrection echoes.

Suddenly one becomes aware one lives in an eternity,

And hears strange footsteps

Ascending anciently trodden pathways.

Our lives like dreams endure

and reach out over the universe.

Nothing real is to itself alone.

There are sidestreams to rivers,

there are overtones to thought.

Great love reaches out

and is involved in the world’s purposes.

Our loves are only symbols of an unknown immortality.

Where communion is deep,

there exists no separation at all,

for what needs telling those we love is understood already,

and what is supposed to be gone and past

is often more real than ever.

Through the sculpture of experience,

that part of ourselves which survives, like cloud, resolves continuously.

This is the spirit of my hope and my religion.

Cedric Wright

Words of the Earth

With love and affection,

Sandra Hammel, Rhode Island

January 22, 2010

Daneil Auber's work for

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Daniel was a friend of Heath Ledger's
Click to enlarge - it is fabulous enlarged

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Heath's final film has a support site, if you can click this post title to go there. To go directly to the post about Daniel Auber - it has fantastic information and wonderful pictures - click here for

More of Daneil Auber's work for

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Click to enlarge

Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus Support Site) on the Daniel Auber's works

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