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After I read the article below, I had a better understanding how Darfuri's structure their communities, correct injustices within these communities. I already knew that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir cannot be trusted. I have watched his behavior regarding Darfuris and know he is not a man of his word. Justice is not important to him, unless it is his life he is saving.
When Obama's Special Envoy to Khartoum leaves his current postion, watch and see if he gets rich. Bashir could be paying him to throw the metaphorical softballs and to pedal lies to the world who doesn't want to hear about the story in the first place. Or he could be promising Gration how he will help him get rich one day.

Gration has not been clued into the Darfuri's problems with this wanted criminal, Bashir.

We need a special envoy we don't have to educate so much. One who isn't already off in a ditch with his thinking and with such a steep learning curve even if he were capable.

Darfur: Liquidation of Traditional Leaders in the Camps

Published August 08, 2009 @ 08:32AM PT

Source: genocide.change.org/blog/view/darfur_liquidation_of_traditional_leaders_in_the_camps

The Chief of the sheikhs (leaders) Omdah Omer Adam Ishag was killed last Sunday with his wife in their home in AbuShouk camp for internally displaced persons (IDP). Last year Omdah Ahmed Hagar Karam Eldin was murdered in the same camp. Similar killings of Omdas (tribal leaders) have occurred in IDP camps of Zalengie, Kassab, and El Geneina area in western Darfur, in addition to other camps in the past few years.Last year in August, Government troops attacked Kalma camp and killed 86 people.

These violence incidents are not random. They are designed to break the will of the Darfuri people so that the rulers in Khartoum can have their way in Darfur.

The regime of Khartoum is so cunning that it resorts to devious ways in carrying out its plans to further destroy the people of Darfur. You will hear innocent denials coming out from Khartoum. In the outset Khartoum looks far removed from these assassinations, violence incidents, kidnappings of humanitarian aids, lootings and terrorizing of the camps by armed militias, and banditry operations. Yet this chaotic security environment in Darfur is the creation of the regime in Khartoum. The Government of Sudan controls and manipulates the insecurity level in Darfur effectively, since it is the sole beneficial of such situation in Darfur.

The social structure in rural Darfur for centuries is based on tribal administrative governing system. Traditional leaders and elders are the backbones of these tribes through good times and bad times. They are the means of their survivals.

Those who had underestimated that system came to regret it at the end, starting with the British, and then the national governments since the exit of the colonial powers in 1956. During peace times, the people rely on their Omdas, Sheikhs, and Sultans, to keep peace and resolve their problems, which range from disputes in farms or businesses to marital quarrels. During hard times the people rally around their leaders for guidance and solidarity.

That is the source of resilience of the displaced people who, after witnessing the most brutal acts human being can endure, are confined for six years to camps amid horrible living conditions.

The Government of Sudan was confident that, in executing a savage campaign of terror against unarmed civilians, it would oppress them and subject them to its hegemony. Knowing that the Darfuri society is a matriarch and a patriarch one, the regime in Khartoum resorted to rape as a weapon to damage the social fabric of the Darfuri society.

These horrible atrocities were intentionally perpetrated knowing the nature of the family structure in Darfur. Raping mothers in front of their children, husbands, brothers, is meant socially to break up the family and shame family members for life. All such actions are meant to turn Darfuris into broken and submissive herds of people.

By confining the Darfur people in these refugee camps, initially the Government of Sudan (GoS) thought that the camps would be the perfect recycling human factories for destruction of the Darfuris as people and as human beings. To the shock of the regime six years later, Darfuris in these camps are still standing up in defiance and refuse to give in to the oppressor. Now the regime in Khartoum is seeing these camps as liability to its grip on power and to its very existence.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has millions of genocide witnesses in these camps. The mere existence of these camps is blatant evidence against the rulers in Khartoum. Now it is the Government of Sudan who is eager to dismantle these camps through "voluntary return" programs, terror, deceit, and other forms of shams.

The displaced people in these camps are holding up and holding together relying on and rallying around their traditional leadership: the tribal leaders, Omdas, and Sheikhs.

The Government of Sudan thinks that these leaders are standing on its way from being accepted back in the international community, so in its desperation, it is targeting these traditional leaders, one at time, to liquidate them.

[Photo from Sudan Tribune: Sudanese displaced at the Kalma Camp in south Darfur, in 2005 hold a banner urging deployment of UN forces in Darfur.]


Mohamed E. Suleiman is a Darfur native currently residing in the San Fransisco Bay Area, where he is an active member of several activist endeavors, including the San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition. Mr. Suleiman translates news from Darfur for the While We Wait blog, and travels across the U.S. to advocate for the Darfur cause.

Source: genocide.change.org/blog/view/darfur_liquidation_of_traditional_leaders_in_the_camps


ASK Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the U.S. Sudan Policy:

This week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's 11-day trip to Africa does not include a visit to Sudan. But, questions such as those from the press on her stop in Kenya can elicit her views. See http://tiny.cc/pSwYB for her comments on the ICC's indictment of Sudan President al-Bashir.


U.S. Backs Implementing U.N. Doctrine Against Genocide
Read at online.wsj.com/article


Fast for Darfur

Contact Information for Key U.S. People
Regarding Darfur, Sudan

President Obama

You can also write to the President at:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

President Obama can be called:


The White House comment line is available
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. weekdays


Vice President Biden

When I went to his link and contact information, it took me to this

Vice President Biden's mailing address:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Main address:
U.S. Department of State
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Link to contact information:

Email form for Secretary of State Clinton:


UN Ambassador Susan Rice

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Link to contact information:


Scott Gration

may not be worth the effort.


Foreign Relations committee members


USA elected politicians contact information at this link:

Senate Sub-Committee on African Affairs
At this link are the members' names, email addresses and phone numbers:

Sub-Committees listed:


Secy. Clinton wants to hear from you, too. We suggest any or all of the following, phrased as questions, to which she will respond:

1. Do you agree that the U.S. Policy on Sudan is urgently needed and must include specific negative consequences for nonperformance of steps necessary to achieve peace in Darfur and implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement?

2. Do you agree that Sudan must remain on the U.S. list of State Sponsors of Terrorism at this time?

3. Are you telling the African leaders you meet that refusing to arrest Pres. al Bashir upon a visit to their country pursuant to the ICC warrant could complicate their relationship with the US?

Visit http://www.state.gov/ (top right corner of the screen) for all the ways to contact her:

1. Text to 90822.

2. Email using the form at http://tiny.cc/oyk83.

3. Post on the State Dept. Facebook page.

4. Use Twitter.

Thank you, and please tell a friend!

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