Thursday, June 26, 2008


In Round 2 Rafa defeated Ernests Gulbis at Wimbledon 08 June 26, 7-5, 2-6, 6(2)-7(7), 3-6

Rafael Nadal rolls up his sleeves to subdue Ernests Gulbis
This is a funny article title, since Rafa doesn't wear sleeves when he plays his singles tennis matches.

Rafael Nadal plays Nicolas Kiefer next in Round 3
Bracket: www.wimbledon.org

Rafa's blog at Times Online ~ you can even ask him a question
Last year he answered mine during Wimbledon.

Home Page: www.wimbledon.org


Credits for photos in slideshow: Daylife, Getty, el Mundo, CBS, Yahoo

Rafael Nadal Breaks Down His Round 2 Win
Rafael Nadal talks to Chris Fowler and Darrin Cahill about his second round win

For the best collection of articles and other fun stuff go to The Forum at www.rafaelnadal.com

Benefit from my mistake (I paid the $25 without this discount offer):

Source: www.tennis-x.com/watch

I haven't been that happy with the streaming, as it sometimes has been unreliable. However, you can watch Rafa play by downloading his match from the Wimbledon site and it is an excellent picture. It doesn't accommodate IMAC. One benefit is that there are no commercials.

Wimbledon is listed in the schedule at TVUNetworks.
This doesn't work on IMACs.
Free streaming.
You can set the time to your area when reading their guide
which is for one week forward. Use 10006 STAR SPORTS (click Sports)
and when there, the schedule guide
will appear at the lower left location on the streaming screen after the commercial.

Also, you can catch some of the matches live on Justin TV for free
and it works on both PC and IMAC.
This is good because on the first link listed below, at least, it is the very same as what
I can see on the Wimbledon site where I paid $25.

Why do you want to watch Wimbledon online instead of ESPN?
Because they jump from match to match and you don't get to see the match you want from beginning to


Rafael Nadal interview
at Wimbledon
June 26 after Round 2 Gulbis match
in Press room
Uploaded by justicebf2s


Rafael Nadal ~"He's On Fire" flame.gif nod.gif
If you wait until the very last 40 seconds Rafa is discussed (a little over 2 minute clip):
"...The biggest thing here is his movementsprint.gif...he was very solid."

Rafa ~ Marquer l'histoire


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