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Barack Obama Top Ten Funny List on David Letterman

I watch the nightly TV politico-pundits tell me what is important and what we all should think is important in the candidacy for my President. Our President. And I have to admit that I am a Democrat. I was raised in the Bible belt, in the northeastern part of Indiana, near Fort Wayne. Born in all-white, Huntington, Indiana, home of the Vice-President Dan Quayle Museum ~ you remember him ~ the choice of VP by George H W Bush. Probably one of the most inept VP's we have had my whole lifetime. My family was transparently Republican and probably never voted for a Democratic candidate for President. And our family got down on our knees every night after a Bible story was read with follow-up questions. So I have an inside perspective on conservatives, fundamental Christians and Republicans.

I am a Democrat. I have never voted for a Republican Presidential candidate, although I have voted for a Republican for other roles. And I am very worried with what is going on with the Democratic Presidential candidacy right now. I am a proud supporter of the man Barack Obama for President. I voted for Bill Clinton, twice. I once was a supporter of Hillary. I now have lost all respect for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I think she is a liar. I think she lacks the most important quality for what we need as our President ~ someone who operates from truth, integrity. I believe Barack Obama operates from truth and has the integrity I am looking for.

We have had a President who would do anything to win. One who lies. George W Bush. Dick Cheney. I don't want Hillary because I believe she lies when she finds it at least convenient for the moment.

I have gotten sick of the pundits, even one I like ~ Chris Matthews. I turn off any show that has Pat Buchanan on. Pat Buchanan admitted weeks ago that he wants Hillary to win the Democratic nomination for this reason ~ she will unite the Republican party. So Buchanan continually repeats the distortions and lies of Bill Clinton and "Hillary's representative mouths" who have spewed intentional, "power of suggestion" covert racist statements just to keep it all alive out there for his not so hidden agenda. He might as well be a paid employee by the Bill and Hillary campaign.

The truth is that all of the candidates are fallible. So the minute, pundit and media selective parsings really muddle up what already lacks clarity on the campaigning stage. The candidates are human. And the populace is busy living daily lives. Many hate or avoid politics and find it a challenge just to get to the polls to vote. And being immersed enough to sort out the truth is not a priority. So. We have some problems that are in place and easily seized upon by inscrupulous candidates campaigning.

We had President Bill Clinton, who loves to campaign, but takes his womanizing and extra marital affairs into the Oval Office and allowed his human flaws to get in the way of doing the right thing at times due the country's and media's attention to such things as "I never had sexual relations with that woman." Then we get George W Bush who also lies. I am so tired of getting Presidents who have a pattern of lying. We could have known that both of these men operate with lying as a part of their character before we voted for them.

We can know that Hillary Rodham Clinton lies before we vote for her too. But many will vote for her anyway. It is a puzzle to me.

I detest her at this time due to how she has run her campaign. She runs her campaign with lying a central part of it. She runs it with intentional distortion as a part of it. She uses the psychological behaviors of transference and displacement in regards to Barack Obama. At the last debate she said that Obama had come rehearsed to the debate. She is the one who uses rehearsed statements as a major tactic. The "slum lord" comment toward Barack was rehearsed.
Hillary Clinton, Tony Rezko, the accused slumlord of Hillary and Bill.

On paper I keep hearing that Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are no different. Hillary stood behind Bush in striking first for the Iraq war. Obama was against going to war.

But all aside, the one that I believe operates from truth and integrity is Barack Obama. And Hillary Rodham Clinton operates from "I'll do anything to win and hope you'll forget it later". I know that Barack Obama has run his campaign with integrity, from a place of wanting to stand in truth. I saw that first-hand when I volunteered in New Hampshire in the run up to the New Hampshire primary. And I have been watching how Hillary has run her campaign. And I loathe it. And that loathing goes to her ~ from me.

The division that Hillary and Bill Clinton are utilizing, generating and perpetuating about racism in South Carolina are politically, for me obscene, sickeningly calculating and bigoted. How does anyone believe it is a good thing to "use" the black vote in South Carolina as a divisive campaign strategy as Hillary and Bill are doing? Barack Obama has been trying to bring together America. Hillary has not.

Hillary is a divider and not a uniter. We have a current President who claimed to be a uniter and really is a divider. What are people thinking to vote for a woman who has no reservation about dividing people along race lines, using it to pave her way to the Whitehouse and sleep on the President side of the bed?

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